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  1. I've spent a long time rehabilitating dogs in some very extreme abuse cases. I don't have time to argue with people who know nothing about the subject, but I will just say I recommend you take some time and volunteer at a local animal rescue. You might actually learn something.
  2. I'm sure the kids will be fine, it's not like they live in poverty in Alabama or something, LOL
  3. Good job trump voters, America will soon be the shithole you deserve.
  4. There's unfortunately no way to know for sure since we don't know what telecoms will do, but we do know that we are now placing 100% trust in them to maintain the integrity of US infrastructure. Some of my biggest fears are that Amazon's us-east and us-west house a major piece of all online platforms. They are seen to be the gold standard of integrity and availability on the internet. If neighboring backbone providers install "toll roads" (which was why so many millions were spent to lobby the GOP), I imagine there will be a major relocation to Europe and Sao paolo zones. I'm not an economist, but I believe a downsizing of aws-us would scare the absolute shit out of institutional investors. It's so scary because a loss of confidence will have a major ripple effect. We will never know if providers will start blocking traffic to xyz. We will never know if a new political issue will influence traffic slow downs and censorship. There's really no way know what to expect - and that alone will have a major impact on tech investments. At the end of the day this is a major risk that every tech business must deal with. In my business we're investing to expand in Europe and India where there's less risk. I think there are going to be a lot of US tech businesses looking to fill niches in emerging markets. Modern tech is like water, it will flow in direction of least resistance. When telecoms build damns and restrictive streams, the water will flow out. It's truly sad what is happening to this country.
  5. Next month it looks like the FCC will repeal net neutrality rules. ISPs will then be able to block and slow down access to websites as they please. They will also be free to collect and sell things like your browsing history and web traffic. If you think the state of privacy is bad now, just wait until your entire online history is traded on big data exchanges. There is absolutely no benefit to the consumer, or anyone besides the telecoms which have paid congress to repeal neutrality rules. This is one of the most egregious sell outs of citizens and businesses to lobbyists. This has the potential to screw your life up, cripple american technology, and create a business landscape so hostile that we push new businesses out of the country.
  6. We are all well aware of the values you hold. Is that a bad thing? Yes.
  7. The 0>6 age group has traditionally not been a large consumer of firearms so that may account for some of that gap. Perhaps because manufactures have not dedicated enough R&D to engineer smaller guns for their tiny hands. If we have any luck this event may provide an initiative to finally get quality gun access for all americans.
  8. Do you pray not to get shot? Perhaps the people at these churches forgot to pray for that.
  9. The whites are making a strong effort to win this one. 27 apparently killed in Sutherland Springs Texas today:
  10. I'm always curious how so many people grow up with no sense of social responsibility. Most people teach their kids to clean up after themselves, not to throw garbage on the ground, etc.. yet these principles seem to be lost on so many Americans. You say "the enviro people" as if it's a strange concept to want future generations to live healthy lives. Is this a completely foreign concept to you?
  11. Are you suggesting that temperature is not affected by greenhouse gasses, or that humans cannot change the amounts of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere? Or both?
  12. Don't feel bad, he knew what he signed up for.
  13. Predictably, absolutely zero rage from conservatives. I wonder why?
  14. Trump and his supporters are just pure garbage, truly a cancer to civilization.
  15. There is no hurricane. It's all another hoax by scientists looking for research grsnts. just follow the money.
  16. Is this any less stupid than believing in god?
  17. I'm genuinely curious how conservatives really think the Trump presidency is going. Now that polls are at all time lows, the Russia investigation is still heating up, the country is divided and violent as ever, and international relationships are deteriorating fast... how do you feel? Are you tired of winning?
  18. This is one of the most sad and disturbing stories, and I'm surprised even conservatives are ok with this. We now have the government directly targeting dissidents.. like what the actual fuck? So much for that freedom thing they claimed value so dearly
  19. Obviously Barack Obama and solar eclipses are the problem.
  20. Gotta love how trump supporters rationalize their support now that most of the talking points have lost their value. Just pretend every politician is a piece of shit and it's not wrong to support him.
  21. So solar generates 300 times more waste than nuclear. It's pretty convenient to ignore that nuclear generates almost no waste to begin with. It's also convenient to ignore the fact that despite being even 300 times in volume, is still vastly safer than nuclear waste. To me it would only make sense to compare the waste to other technology and electronics manufacturing. But I'm guessing that won't get you want to believe so badly.
  22. ..says Jeb Bush. Who would have thought this would happen when we elected the embodiment of american white trash as president?
  23. It takes a special kind of low class to title this thread "The Island of Doctor Moreau". You act like the tiny amount of money you put into a health plan is some validation of your opinion. I don't blame you for being sheltered, but maybe it would serve society better if you could find other ways to feel better about yourself on a weekend.
  24. Spoiler alert I stopped after Kevin Spacey made out with the SS guy. Call me what you like but I really am not interested in seeing that. Poor little sheltered snowflake. Perhaps some day you will venture out into the world where they have more than Budweiser, cheeseburgers, and heterosexual missionary sex