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  1. Serious question, what exactly is your point?
  2. Nice to see your congregation admit that the science isn't settled. Heretic. Indeed; but sadly in this lifetime you are just a heretic. Despite all the years and years of scientific research you and this guy have dedicated, the scientists of this generation just will never be at your level. Hopefully you will leave enough of your research online so your grandchildren may appreciate your work, and will thank you for deciding that we don't need to reduce pollution. Hopefully someday, future generations will praise your noble decision to do nothing, but for now most of the world will think you're just an uneducated layman that the world would be better without.
  3. Disgusting. This is one of the lowest things I've ever seen in skydiving.
  4. Nice to see your congregation admit that the science isn't settled. You should go tell the morons at NASA they've got it all wrong
  5. I am surprised that with so many active and retired US military that populate our sport (and here on DizzyDotEtc) that this hasn't generated more, ummmm, "interest". After all, he is their Commander-in-Chief, representing a grateful and sombre nation for the men and women who have perished in service of their country, seen at the annual ceremony at Arlington. Just imagine the "interest" if Obama did that.
  6. This is the American white trash idea of "winning". Sorry world, we fucked up
  7. Don't worry, Trump has a 30 day plan to eliminate ISIS. They will be gone weeks ago.
  8. Could you elaborate on "follow the money"? I'm curious what kind of scheme you believe exists that would make scientists across the world devote their lives to a big lie. government grants are the easy ones that come to mind. How many $'s do you think went to MIT in the last 4 years? Ok so "government grants" and "MIT was given money". Does this explain how 99% of the world's scientists have become involved in a global scheme to create a fraudulent scientific sector? Surely there must be more to this. Help me understand, please?
  9. Could you elaborate on "follow the money"? I'm curious what kind of scheme you believe exists that would make scientists across the world devote their lives to a big lie.
  10. Incest has been a long standing elephant in the room in deep rural America. Since Trump has already brought so much of the worst of America to the world stage, I'm curious how many of his supporters would also date their daughters? (assuming they "weren't your daughter", of course ;)
  11. Already 20% of what Obama spent in 8 years
  12. Robots are not "stealing" any jobs. This is simply the realization that we've failed to invest in education and provide people with the means to contribute and compete in a meaningful way. Most working class jobs exist purely because of trivial inefficiencies in their sector. It's a shame that people feel they deserve these jobs and the rest of society should slow down to keep their salary coming. Just like all these unemployed coal miners should.. People need to grow the fuck up, quit bitching, and learn a skill that's valuable to the rest of society. Otherwise they are going to have a bad time
  13. Out of curiosity, what exactly makes Hillary "evil" to you?
  14. And here are the pieces of shit that made it happen, as well as how much they were paid.
  15. Here's a non-opinion background of the issue. I really don't see how this issue is political. If anyone thinks it's ok to dump waste in streams they're just a fucking asshole. Edit: grammar
  16. Funny how every white supremacist describes themselves likes that. I am curious how you can demonstrate another culture is less tolerant than yours? This view tends to be a unifying belief held by the uneducated and lower class of almost all cultures.
  17. Trump knows religion is critical for his influence on stupid people. The more they flourish the better he'll be able to stay in power. Everyone knows knows Trump doesn't give a shit about church, but it's a great strategic political move.
  18. Well yes, actually
  19. Pssst, want a hot deal on a new reserve canopy. I can save you a lot of money. It's not certificated but it should work. Jerry Baumchen Seriously.. if the trump voters truly had their way they would dismantle the FAA, fire the pilots because they talk like fags, then replace them with guys they want to have a beer with and "tell it how it is". Get ready for takeoff America
  20. I run two fast growing businesses and deal with lots of compliance. But it's painfully obvious that every compliance framework has a damn good reason for it. Yes there are inefficiencies in dealing with non-applicable requirements, but it's a small amount of waste compared to the cost of building a house of cards. We have learned time and time again when shitty businesses fail, it comes as a massive cost to others. If someone cannot run a business and meet basic regulatory requirements, it's a shit business model and they deserve to go out of business. It's too costly to the general public and the people hurt by negligent practices.
  21. I have no doubt that there are antiquated regulations, however there are pretty good reasons for these. Any civilized population also understands recycling is mandatory. You probably don't care about the environment, but anyone who gives a shit knows recycling is the right thing to do. This is just a handful of regulations that doesn't impact anyone on a large scale. To stay on topic, we're talking about regulations that are "hurting" business on a large scale and if it's actually a benefit to the population as a whole.
  22. All of them have a cost Regulations exist so that small groups of people do not profit at a greater expense to everyone else. There is a cost to not having regulations as well, surely you understand that, right?
  23. I'm curious what regulations specifically you think are excessively burdensome to small business?