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  1. PLanning a trip to Germany next year and of course I wanna jump while there. Do most other countries just look at your USPA license and letcha go or what? Thanks for the info.
  2. I thought it was good overall. You are going to have small technical errors and such on any mainstream media type coverage of anything. I catch it all the time on shows about other things I know alot about. As said above they did a good job of portraying it as a safe fun loving sport full of good people. I wonder how much tunnel time he got before they shot the footage of him in the tunnel cause the footage the footage they showed I think he was doing pretty well for a first timer in the tunnel. I was laughing about the tandem coming in that a couple guys on the ground had to dive out of the way of to avoid getting hit.
  3. Will be coming on at 7pm here in WI. It's a good show from all the episodes I've seen.
  4. as stated above...i lay them into the bottom in the direction that your next stow would be.
  5. One thing that helped me alot when I was having issues with poised exits the first few times was to learn to look at the plane. In fact the first time my instructor held up a number of fingers after i came off the step and i was supposed to tell him how many he held up. If you are trying to continue to watch the aircraft it will almost force you to arch. relaxing does help quite a bit too.
  6. Yea I need to know if it's just for skydiving related metal or just metal in general. I got four plates in my head. three hold the left side of my face around my eye together and one is on the top left side of my head. I was in a bit of a motorcycle accident.
  7. Had a white truck once and i say NEVER EVER again. White never looks clean when you look up close. there is always tar, bug shit, tree sap, and tiny metal particles that rust on the paint. If you take the vehicle to a drive through car wash it will never get fully clean. there is always a dust haze that stays unless you actually touch the pain and knock it loose. So if you have a spot where you touched or brushed up against the paint and drive through a car wash you have a quite evident whiter spot. Also most white cars I know of turned kinda yellowish with age. On the other hand I LOVED my cts in silver. what tiny dings or scratches there were you couldn't tell unless you looked really close. It never really looked dirty unless it was REALLY dirty. Upkeep to keep it looking good was easier. To keep the white in tip top looking shape you had to clay bar it often to get the crap listed above out of the paint.
  8. Harley Davidson just opened a beautiful new museum. Their factory tours are kinda neat too. Gotta hit up the Miller brewery for some free booze too.
  9. Let me guess...camp indian trails?
  10. I roll the nose in first because the PD manual i have says to if the canopy is new, and secondly because a couple of the packers at my DZ said to when I asked them if the spectre required it. I will pack it without the nose rolled in next time and see how it opens. It has seemed like it was taking a little long to open. Thanks for your input guys I do appreciate it.
  11. Thats part of where I have difficulty. I have a nearly brand new spectre. I've been trying a bit at home. i do fine at flaking and such. The only difficulty i have is that I can't easily roll the nose in as deep as i have when using a hook, and I have a hell of a time when it comes to getting a nice tight roll when I'm forming the cacoon. I'm sure once i get the hang of it it'll be like anything else i've had a problem with in skydivng. I'll get ok and wonder "what the hell was my major malfuntion?"
  12. yea checking and looking over other peoples gear is fairly common. I find myslef in the plane looking at other peoples chest strap routing, three rings, etc. all the time. everyone at my DZ is pretty ok with checking others or having the guy behind them in the plane checking their main closing pin when we are getting close to door time. I have seen people that get moody if people touch their gear without letting them know first though, so it's pretty common to ask just to let you know that they are going to put thier hands on your gear so you don't get pissed. Oh and I had a riser cover flap come open once in freefall and HOLY CRAP does it hurt slapping you in the face. you never forget to ckeck to make sure they are well tucked after that.
  13. I have a question about packing. The DZ where i have pretty much always jumped ,and where I recently attained my A license, has hooks for hanging your canopy to pack. I am just curious why this is not more widespread? I have packed over the shoulder but really find it alot easier to to use the hooks and allows a cleaner pack job and more thorough inspection of everything as you are packing. In my opinion this makes packing safer. so in this safety driven sport why don't more DZ's have packing hooks? they aren't expensive by any means. When I have asked around it almost seems like a pride thing or something like that. Input anyone?
  14. one thing that helps alot is to do penetration checks and find a point directly on the ground below you and see which direction you are moving and at what rate. I typically do this while in the brakes. penetration check it basically seeing how fast you are moving with no brakes. if you are not braking and are moving backwards you are obviously facing the wind and a pretty strong one at that. if you are absolutely cruising forward than the wind is most likely at your back. if you are not moving at all and just dropping than you are facing the wind and a wind speed is pretty much the same as your canopies forward drive. if you are moving forward and right (crabbing) than the wind is blowing from your left and possibly rear. Ths is just one of those things i have kinda picked up and have a sense for, so it's hard to put into words. I'm sure more experienced jumpers have better advice.
  15. I found the easiest way to find the right "feeling" when i started was to hang from a bar or like an i-beam in the basement and almost stretch your stomach. get your belly button out there. think of your belly button as your go button. you wanna fall fast and level push with your go button. or as my instructor said "push with the bush". lol oh and I found that getting laid the night before or right before going to the dz does wonders for loosening you up. lol
  16. I bought a full rig one here and was very satisfied. Although I didn't use a DZ as an intermediary I would recomend doing it. I was scared shitless that I was gonna get ripped off. If someone is a good faith seller they won't have a problem with doing that.
  17. I second that notion! Atmosphair is my home DZ and I love it there. Bo is a great guy. I've been meaning to travel to East Troy and Midwest to check them out though.
  18. DON"T DRINK THE NIGHT BEFORE!!! Jumping hungover is about the worse experience i have ever had. +++ to the hydrate comments. I was having just TERRIBLE headaches when I started jumping and it ended up being de-hydration. Once i started drinking alot of liquids the night before and day of jumping it went away.
  19. I have been an AFF student up in Wisconsin. I was visiting family down in Dallas and decided to get in a jump or two while i was where it was warm for vacation. The crew at Skydive Dallas was very warm, friendly, professional and welcoming. they gave me a quick recurrency course and had me on a load as soon as the wind would allow. the Caravan was the best jump plane I have been in yet. Everyone was great and made this an experience i won't soon forget. A packer even took her time to give me some personal tips and experience which was a little difference from back home and helped give me a different view and perspective on things. I will definitely be going back whenever i am in the Dallas area.
  20. woohoo on to solo and coached jumps!! Just did level 8 today..man i gotta say backflips are a blast. lol
  21. Thanks for the warm welcome. I hope to finish but am very doubtful I will. I dunno. You never know with WI weather. In previous years in the fall I have been deer hunting in a t-shirt and other years been inside of 6 layers. lol
  22. Hey everyone hows it going? I'm new (and addicted!!) to the sport. I am an AFF student, and hopefully will be completing my level 5 and 6 this weekend and have 10 jumps in. I've been reading articles and the bit for a little while on here and just thought i'd come out of the shadows and say hello. I jump with the friendly folks at Atmosphair in Ft. Atkinson WI.