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  1. FallloutboyDAoC

    BASE - Freefly - nice

    Nevermind. Awesome video :)
  2. FallloutboyDAoC

    Tandem IE Thoughts

    If you don't think they're safe, don't let them jump.
  3. FallloutboyDAoC

    Coming back from an injury

    Try your doctor also.
  4. all im seeing is a guy talking with an r2d2 behind him. sad face :(
  5. FallloutboyDAoC

    Love of risk?

    depends on what that mode of landing safely is, how long it would take, and how much it would cost.
  6. FallloutboyDAoC

    ow do i

    ask your rigger
  7. FallloutboyDAoC

    Skydive Pennridge

    I originally called skyride, thinking I was calling the actual dz. I thought I was in trouble, but everything seems to be working out. It was a great day, but there were supposedly bad winds so I couldn't do aff. They offered to give me a tandem, and deducted the cost off the money I paid for aff which I thought was great. I was in the air within 20 minutes. I don't know the whole story of how they got in business with skyride, but it's too nice of a dz to be associated with those people from skyride. in my opinion anyway. my aff course got rescheduled to 2 weeks from then. Just make sure you're calling the actual dz and not skyride