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  1. Your heart pressure will go up, so this is a small concern. Even if you do start bleeding, It may create a irritating situation, but not very dangerous. You'd get to the ground all bloody with a good story, but not in bad shape. You may want to wait a week or two. I doubt that I would wait.
  2. great video. I love how the guy pukes, and then gives two big thumbs up.
  3. I don't know. I've noticed that some cultures aren't very well represented at swimming areas either.
  4. I think people may have forgotten the format. The last published number was 112833/ 217 = 519.98 So: 112833 + 490 = 113323 217 + 0 = 217 113323 / 217 = 522.2
  5. I have had constant problems with nosebleeds my whole life. They are not a big deal, when you get them in freefall, you clean off your goggles and face when your done, and go on with your life. If they get to happen fairly often, you can look into getting the offending blood vessel cauterized. Your general practitioner should be able to help you with that. As for the thumb issue. You think it is related to skydiving?
  6. Ahhh! found it. Thanks for the replies everyone. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6klvGVtw-HA
  7. That basic description does seem right. I'll look around for it. Thanks!
  8. Well, that one looks like it may be the one I wanted. Though, the resolution on this copy is incredibly low. I do not think I can use it. I think I have some better search terms to work with now. Thank you! And the video seems to work pretty well with sounds and video using mplayer for linux, and with vlc for windows.
  9. I've got a talk coming up where I am talking about different gear, skydiving gear included. I've seen this video of a jumper that is shot from the ground(I think). It is a video of a jumper getting out of a plane for a hop-n-pop or possible a static line jump. Right at deployment his body swings back up and tangles with the canopy or the lines somehow. The video has a happy ending with him clearing it. I seem to remember the video not being in full colour, but I may be remembering incorrectly on that point. Does anybody know of this video, and know where to find it? Thank you in advance.
  10. I remember my first solo pretty well. It was so long! Congratulations on the accomplishment! Hopefully I see you at a boogie somewhere.
  11. Here is another from 2007 with Ken. As I remember it, this CL attempt didn't get very far.
  12. I really like that picture of Ken. If I remember correctly, this was taken on the way to the tower. The tower where Ken liked to participate in cunning linguist events. The attached picture is from 2007 with Ken participating in cunning linguist while sporting a lang. LP will forever be different without you Ken.
  13. That was nice....Mr. Bill + Camera Helmet + RSL connected ...And...what's your point? Besides doing a Mr. Bill, who cares is he's wearing a modern side-mounted camera helmet and an RSL. His response seems to suggest that he feels that the camera helmet is making things more unsafe. Safe and risk are subjective terms. In general people have a very hard time quantifying risk. I have seen a jumper call somebody else crazy for doing something as dangerous as use a side-mounted helmet, and then jump on his motorcycle to ride home. Those guys in the video are comfortable with their level of risk, lippy is not. It's not a problem. Anyhow, watching those videos makes me think that it's about time that I go try a mr. bill. BTW, I'm not trying to stir the pot here.
  14. So there is a lot of posts in reply to you already. This thread is likley getting out of hand. To answer your question, I am troubled by this. Bill and Kathy do not deserve the lawsuit that they are getting over this guy. I do not find myself at lodi often enough as it's a great place to be, and I highly respect how Bill and Kathy run that place. The indications are that the injured party referenced in this lawsuit was told several times not to do what he was doing when he got hurt. I am sorry that the guy was injured so badly, but he had enough jumps in him to know what the deal is. Also, I have a lodi ticket with me right here, it says right on it "THE PERSON USING THIS TICKET ASSUMES ALL RISK OF PERSONAL INJURY AND LOSS OR DAMAGE TO PROPERTY" Anyhow, I hope that this does not seriously effect The Parachute Center, it's management, or it's customers.