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  1. whereas I agree with you to an extent... I did find a few things dumbed down a bit too much... like when the introduced the Stig... But, but... There's already an American Stig! Funny stuff. Saying that though, surely the UK cant be far behind the US in terms of obesity? I was driving through Liverpool the other day and started counting fat people - out of the first 20 I saw, 12 were fat and 5 were standing at bus stops.
  2. I start licking my hands on jump run to warm them up. I lost my gloves.
  3. Damn right I'm watching it! Looking extremely forward to giving you Yanks a bit of a pasting tomorrow COME ON ENGLAND!
  4. There's something wrong with me. Nope. You just have mad skillz. Good job Rambo. Thanks but please, call me John :)
  5. This is a sculpture that was placed in my town in 2004, just before we were struck by 4 hurricanes later that year. Cost in the low 6-figure range. trainwreck We call it a hurricane magnet around here.
  6. You know you're a skydiver when... 1) You dirt dive and practice EP's in front of the fan in your house. 2) Instead of "waving bye" to people, you "wave off". 3) You constantly drive with your windows open, sticking your arm out of the car and changing the shape of it to perform several maneuvers. 4) When your whuffo friend brags about a bungee jump he once did, you tell him "Bungee jumping is to Skydiving as you are to me. Far inferior in every way." 5) You pick the seat that seems to be malfunctioning on a roller coaster and leave the harness slightly less secure than what you feel safe with... just to make the next minute or so mildly entertaining.
  7. HEY callin' me OLD!?!? Yeh but at least you've done something fun in your life
  8. Is that illegal in the UK? I thought I read that once upon a time, prostitution was illegal in the UK because to pass a law making it illegal they'd have to admit to the queen what hookers were / did and they didn't want to offend her "delicate" sensibilities? I'm pretty sure Queenie watches enough television to know what hookers are.
  9. They spun through the air turning circles and doing flips Drogue entanglement round the neck of the TI leading to unconsciousness and firing of the ADD.
  10. Because life short. I've seen, and still do see as we all do, too many people get to the latter stages of life having accomplished nothing, wishing they would've done things differently - done the things they wanted to do. We're all going to die sometime, and even if we die at a grand old age, it still aint that far away. Our existence is nothing but a tiny little spec in the grand scheme of things and serves only as a way to continue life on this planet, so I'm more than happy to risk my life to do something special that makes me appreciate exactly what I have right now, and what little time I still have left. Its something that going to the pub every weekend with mates to spend all my wages and get drunk only to forget what happened the night before can't give me.
  11. When I first started jumping, I always used to "pop" my ears on the plane ride up. After a while I started getting excruciating pains in my ears on the way down, literally to the point that I just stared at my alti all the way down waiting for the relief of pulling so I could pop them again. I started getting nose bleeds after doing this. Although I used to pop my ears on the way up, it wasnt because I was in pain - it was purely because they felt a little funny and I wanted to make them feel better. Some people suggested to me on here that because it wasnt pain I was experiencing on the way up, I shouldnt pop my ears on the plane ride up to try and keep the pressure levels similar to sea level. I took the advice, and since then Ive had no more discomfort on the way down and no more nose bleeds :D No idea if you can relate to any of this in your scenario though.
  12. Then you simply didn't pay attention to the words being said or the code words (subtext) that Evangelical Christians use, you simply aren't tuned into. Just off the top of my head, Mrs. Touhy says she's a Christian woman and taking care of Oher is the Christian thing to do (or words to that effect). They also say table grace, which is pretty uncommon for most folks these days on any day that isn't a religious holiday. Disney isn't trying to "convert" anyone. They are making films that Christians will be able to more closely identify with and take their kids to that demonstrate their same "morals." If you click on the link Shotgun provided to the Christian movie review web site, you'll see the kinds of things that turn that market off and on. Like I said, it's subtle. I should mention that I have a memory like a goldfish and you just jogged it mentioning all of those things.
  13. I didnt see any mention of religion in this film . I think its crappy to try and promote Christianity with a movie anyway... it sort of suggests that the only type of people willing to do nice things as seen in the film would be "religious" people, when the truth is probably something more along the lines of "nice wealthy people". Im 100% atheist and cant bring myself to believe in fairy tales for adults, but I could quite easily do nice things for people in need if I was minted. Dont need to be a bible basher to be a nice person! Great film anyway, glad I didnt watch it at work or they probably wouldve sent me to see the psychiatrist.
  14. This guy obviously doesn't believe in divine intervention. The omens are looking seriously grim for him and he wont give it up! Good lad.