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  1. That place is legal, but very technical. 2 ppl have lost their lives there.
  2. Regarding packing a (BASE) parachute I've heard, "they're like women, you show them too much attention and they'll f*ck you over every time!"
  3. She's only too skinny if she has tiny tits.
  4. They make it look so easy!
  5. Broke my femur and compressed a few vertebrae some years ago while parachuting. Was back in the saddle in about 3.5 months. Am working through a sprained/fractured ankle injury right now and it's an incredible bummer...the weather here in Colorado is so beautiful right now!
  6. Try Moab, Utah. It's like jumping over Mars...
  7. I love WTF toggles! they are compatible with the new V8 wingsuit!
  8. Hop Rising from Squatters Brewery or Devastator by Wasatch Brewing Company They DO manage to make good beer in Utah!
  9. My life fucking rocks! I spend my weekends wingsuiting or BASE jumping with my hot husband and the workweek at a job I enjoy. ...and I have an awesome pug.
  10. I recently downsized from a PD 170 (WL = 0.82) to a Sabre 1 150 (WL=0.93). I hear all sorts of horror stories about people’s heads snapping off during opening with these canopies. I’m a meticulous packer and do not deploy from full flight. Is it possible to jump this canopy with a wingsuit and NOT have my skeleton shatter into a million pieces upon deployment?
  11. Maybe she is a polygamist?
  12. The Secretary starring James Spader and Maggie Gyllenhaal is a pervy little love story and a decent movie for kinksters
  13. Illusions and Jonathon Livingston Seagull are both amazing books! Illusions tends to read more like Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance though...
  14. Just out of curiosity, how many wingsuit jumps should the bird have? Is 50 appropriate? 100?
  15. I'm 5'1" and most of my parachuting girly friends are tinier than me. Once you get your license, get into CRW, then you can do a "short stack"!
  16. My huzbun falls into the Red/Black/White category and I fall into the pink girly girl category. However, he's been known to rock more serious colors for belly flying...
  17. Utards, dude. We're called Utards. There are 2 DZs nearby, one in Ogden and one in Tooele (pronounced too-will-uh)
  18. Have you taken the Professional Engineering exam and gained your licensure yet? Studying for the PE made engineering school seem like summer camp! But what would I know? I'm just a lowly civil engineer (and a size 5)
  19. Empire is the chiller, friendlier, smaller, more economical of the Northern CO DZs. The only drawback is that load frequency is heavily dependent on how many folks show up (as are most small DZs). Camping, covered packing area, occasional specialty jumps and all disciplines welcome make this a worthy little DZ.
  20. Mile High Prices: Full Altitude = $27 Hop-n-Pop = $20
  21. As of right now, "boobies" received more votes than any other category. Interesting poll! Not sure what conclusions to draw from the data.
  22. M, You were one of the prettiest girls I have ever known and such a kick ass coach. Had a good jump on Sunday...couldn't help but think maybe you had something to do with it. I cannot remember a more sunny, clear and beautiful December day. Fly Free Emily.