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  1. Hey Everyone, I got sick of constantly having to disconnect my CX-100 from the hypeye to charge the batteries, and I never bothered to get a standalone battery charger. I built a power receptacle to plug a wall charger directly into my helmet. If you want to do it, here is how: 1. I bought this connector at radio shack: http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2062133 along with some appropriate sized heat shrink. 2. I bought this charger for the CX-100 http://www.amazon.com/Power-Adapter-Charger-HDR-CX100-CX100/dp/B002RW47TY/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1326586903&sr=8-4 3. I had to carve out a bigger hole in my helmet and box, using a dremel. Rawa, just widened the hole on the side of the camera at the top of the hole using a dremel. 4. I plugged the charger into the camera, and ran the wire from inside the helmet back out. 5. I measured how much of the wire I wanted( about 8" so I would have some excess). then I cut it and stripped it. 6. After cutting the premanufactured connectors off the connector piece, I connected the female piece to the wire that was coming from my helmet. taped the wires, and sealed it all with heat shrink. 7. I then connected the male end of the connector to the charger, taped the wires, and again sealed it with heat shrink. 8. I taped the female end on my helmet in place on top of the camera box, and am good to go. This can be done with any camera with the charger hookup on the right side of the camera. I havent checked any of the newer models to know if the power is still on the right side. It is not the most elegant solution, but it keeps me from ever having to take my camera out of the box again. Hope it helps, feel free to send questions. Jeff D-16906
  2. Chris, I am curious to know how the GPH2 does in the still arena. Any tests or info on that yet? Jeff D-16906 BASE 1531
  3. Whenever, I go to the used bookstores around, I look for some copies. I pick them all up, and give them away to the Fletchers and Jonathans I come across. I'm a huge fan of most of Richard Bach's books. One and Gift of Wings are others on top of my list. I found that being like Jonathan in the ways of being able to teach (Fletcher) and being able to learn (Chiang) makes me very content. Challenged by what I dont know, and happy to look back and see a student's progress from what I was able to pass on. Jeff D-16906
  4. Jeanne, those pics are awesome! Very very cool. Must have been some good moments.
  5. Anyone? That book has had a profound effect on my outlook on life, skydiving, aviation. If you haven't read it, I highly recommend it. It is US. If you have read it, you know what I mean. Jeff D-16909 Resident, Far Cliffs
  6. Thanks for the good intel. cheers, jeff D-16906
  7. Hey all, I will be out in the Austin area for a bit with work. What are the best dzs around? Opinions wanted. Any places needing some weekend help, in the pilot, video, or AFF I category? Thanks, jeff D-16906
  8. Very nice. I went with homebuilt option for my Hakweye. This built and designed by my good friend Bill "Gizmo" Liebhart. He is also my neighbor and a former AFF student of mine. Many thanks, Bill. I formerly had a PC9 with the aluminum box from Hawkeye. This setup weighs 1oz less...smaller/lighter camera, heavier/heavier duty mount. I also have the benefit of complete lens protection (my old skool Kenko .42). The last pic shows that you can change the battery without taking the camera out of the box. Also, it is pre-wired for a modified battery charger whenever I get a spare one. Thank you Sony for putting the charging port on the inside!! Bill built me a spare backdoor that will also accomodate the HUGE battery that I most likely will never need or use. Two jumps so far on the system. No issues at all, solid as a rock. Bill said he would be happy to build more of these if there is interest. [email protected] New camera for a new season, it should be good, I can't wait. jeff D-16906
  9. Exactly!! Still...LMAO jeff D-16906
  10. Actually, I laughed harder at that part. Clearly wasn't intentional...the dude meant to land up top. But still funny. I am still laughing as I type this. jeff D-16906
  11. Hell yes, Jake the adventurer, his fat sidekick Corky. Good classic from back int he day. jeff D-16906 Editred to add this link: Goldenmonkey.com
  12. Plus, once you have it, you can log in to it and listen online. Sirius is great, worth every penny. For any of you Howard Stern fans out there who haven't got it, in case you are wondering, the show is SO much better, freer, it is great. Plus it loops all day long, so if you miss it, you can catch it agin later. You go to Sirius.com and log in as a guest and they let you listen for 2 or 3 days for free. Check it out, Howard Stern is doing great,. jeff D-16906
  13. Not a beliver, or a disbeliever really, however... There was a hilarious episode of Penn and Teller's "Bullshit" that delves into the world of the paranormal...it was so effin funny. I highly recommend it. jeff D-16906
  14. sweet, that should help to boost the value of property in AZ city then... jeff D-16906