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  1. ffejdraga

    Shooting CRW Video

    Hey Walt, A couple of years ago, i did CRW video for the New England record, a 25way. I was also going up all weekend videoing 8 ways and whatever. I was jumping a xaos 21 120, loaded at 2.1. I had all the range I needed, although at first I definitely was riding brakes a lot. No front risers for me! You have to rememebr that if you are zoomed in, it will magnify all your head movements, so the real key is to move your head as minimally as possible. Also, key to have a good sight for it. That being said, I was shooting pretty close, because I wanted to get some more unique shots. I have attached 2 of them to show you. These were scanned from slides, and then way dumbed down so I could upload them. It was a 16mm full frame fisheye lens on a 35mm camrea. I was closer than it appears.
  2. ffejdraga

    Nikon D70s I need a remote?

    HERE YOU GO Should get you started,... jeff D-16906
  3. ffejdraga

    Portable cd burner

    This is the one I bought: Alera CD Cruiser It is awesome, takes about 30 seconds to burn a jump onto to a cd, super easy to use, and it is even $30 cheaper than when I bought it. I have used it for at least 500 tandems so far. Plus, you get to make copies for yourself. It does automatic multisession, so you just have one cd for yourself which you keep adding to every time you want. jeff D-16906
  4. ffejdraga

    Nikon D70s with cable remote!

    I knew it when I was buying that camera that they would do something like that!!! Bastards. Oh well, i have been very happy with my modified D70, and I appreciate the work that harbortronics did, even though it was a bit expensive. Still, that camera allowed me accessibility of taking lots of shots, and a bunch of them got published in Parachutist and Skydiving No complaints! jeff D-16906
  5. ffejdraga

    AFFI pov video

    I jump a pC101 with a kenko .42 lens sidemounted on a hawkeye. It works sweet for AFF, you can see my hands, and the students bpdy, and the other JM really well. I have about 400 AFF jumps with that setup. jeff D-16906
  6. ffejdraga


    I just got my new XAOS 21 120. This canopy rules! I am loading it at about 2.1 or 2.2 pounds per sqf. Before this i had an Icarus FX 122, and the most noticeable difference between the two is the front riser pressure. The Xaos has light riser pressure that be adjuted druing the turn. You can enter a nice carving approach, and it does not take as much strength to hold the riser down, or add more riser if you need to. The canopy is fast and smooth, and if you are used to other crossbraced canopies, it will be a piece of cake for you to fly. As I get more jumps on this canopy, I will have more info to write, but for now it is enought to say I like it. BTW, The lines are freekin TINY!!!! very low bulk lines.