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  1. I never thought about naming a canopy , until I just bought my first canopy, a brand new pilot. I am learning to pack this new canopy...the canopy's name is now "Slippery Bitch".
  2. Hello again, Just finished my A license today. This sport is AMAZING!
  3. any opinions on the difference between a triathlon vs silhouette for a beginner. I've just been told that a triathlon may be a good starter canopy as well.
  4. I go to a DZ that is 2hrs drive from my house. I never thought twice about. It's absolutely worth a 2hr drive (each way) to jump out of a plane...even once.
  5. Babydoll, What day are you scheduled to jump? Please let us all now how it are going to LOVE it!
  6. I would think it wouldn't read more than 6000ft or whatever they keep the cabin pressurized to.
  7. Well, I am almost done with my A license and have been considering options for getting my own gear. I know this topics has been done often and I have done searches, talked with instructors and other jumpers. Just though I'd see if anyone here has any additional advice. I am 5'10", 48 yrs old, weigh 205lbs and have been using a student PD Navigator 260 (which has worked great so far). I'm not looking for anything too "sporty", just want to get something I can continue to learn on and have fun with (soft landings and soft openings preferred). From what I hear so far, a PD sillhouette seems like a good choice (probably 230). So if anyone in a similar situation has any words of advice I would appreciate it, like: would this be a good canopy? would this be good size? how do you go about possibly finding a used one (I'd buy new if I have to, but used seems to make sense if I could find one that I could trust)? Thanks.
  8. peregrinose, He has achromatopsia, with 20/200 vision. He can see enough to do many things. He can't drive and bright sunlight almost complete washes out his vision. He is pretty amazing with how little he let's it affect him from doing things well (he is a freshman in college now and doing very well). It's pretty cool to hear some of the examples here about sight limited folks doing solo skydives. He'll do some more tandems and then we'll explore some of the possibilities with a local DZ. Thanks
  9. texascrw, Thanks for the advice. I have read that there are examples where blind folks have learned to jump (the DZ has to be very well equipped and willing to allow it). I do tell my son he can do ANYTHING (but some things take MUCH more effort and do boarder on unrealistic...but achievable if you're willing to work out the issues). I have a hard time understanding how a blind or sight impaired person could safely judge the condition of their canopy after opening to know if they need to take action (could radio help them with that as well?). I have almost no experience (student) so I can't judge that sort of thing. For now tandem is still a big thrill for him. Thanks.
  10. My 19yr old son is sight limited (he can't drive) but he can see enough to do many things. We did a tandem last summer. The only special thing they did was allow him to wear sunglasses under his goggles. They nomrally don't want the tandem studnet to do that at the DZ we jumped at, but the sun light makes him almost completely blind. Even without anything special, he LOVED IT. He has been asking when we can go again (now that the weather is good again). He would really like to jump solo, but understands why he can't.
  11. I do have a couple grand to spare (I'm sure my wife disagrees with that) and plan on throwing it at the DZ for AFF training in APR. But somehow I bet that's just the tip of the skydiving cost iceburg.
  12. Thanks for the info. I live in St Louis. There doesn't appear to be a tunnel in easy driving distance from here. I guess the TN option is out.
  13. I would love to go now, but I had surgery 2 days ago for an inguinal hernia. I expect I'll be ready to go again by April (I hope). I am walking around now (sore though), so I hope to heal and get back to working out soon.
  14. Hello, I hope to do AFF traininng in April 2012 (I did 1 tandem and 4 static line jumps last fall), Is there a big advantage to going to a wind tunnel prior to starting AFF training? Has anyone been to Flyaway Indoor Skydiving in Pigeon Forge Tennessee? I am thinking about driving there in Mar for their 15min (5 three minute flights) Coached session (maybe two) in Mar.
  15. Thanks for all the responses. It does sound like a great place to train. The "April showers" don't sound like a bad thing. Maybe they will soften the ground, so that combined with my newbie PLFs, I will get through learning how to land without any serious injuries