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  1. Saw a woman at the DZ today. Tube top, big tat all down the side of her torso and down to thigh. Perfect body. Incredibly sexy.
  2. LOL he goes from wide awake to unconscious instantaniously.
  3. Are the veteran jumpers on the load annoyed with constant hop and pops because of the extra time it takes or is it generally liked because of the extra space? I just get the feeling that if I buy a hop and pop block and do one on every jump people will start to get annoyed with me... or am I just tripping?
  4. Good info Spot, I'll bring mine just to get your opinion but if it's better for me I have no problem renting a suit that's just right. I want it to be perfect. not worrying about if my suits to tight you know. can barely reach up. its tight. i'm dong my FFC 30mar-2apr.
  5. Finally. Now the talking heads can start talking about North Korea again. Joy
  6. Just my 2 cents, you should check with your first flight instructor or school after you decide on a suit but before you pay for it, just to make sure it's SUITable for a beginners. It would suck to shell out all that dough just to find out you chose a suit that is too big ya know.
  7. I'm not sure dude, Just listen to your instructors and you will figure it out. Try to relax more and if you feel that left spin turn right. Kentucky windage is bad in shooting and golf but here I think it will help just till you get it down.
  8. I have rented gear there. They're gear is top notch. They're gear was brand new. My rental was a very nice camo rig I was super impressed.
  9. That's funny I had the exact same problem on my level 4. Slow spin to the left and could not stop. Tunnel helped a lot.
  10. My bad it's a Shadow 2.
  11. Not sure how long it has been out.
  12. Sweet, thanks so much. I think I can make it work if I let it stretch and get some minimus shoes with extra thin soles. I really love this suit so I want to make it work. It was the best day of my life when I got it in the mail ( don't tell my wife that ) LOL I nearly shed a tear of joy. I can't stop smiling just thinking about it lol my life is complete