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  1. I pretty much stopped paying attention after that Damn didn't know it was wrong for me to express how I feel about my canopy, while still staying positive throughout my entire post on every other canopy on the market and recommending variety not bashing on other canopies. Peace love positivity to you :) Also OP I forgot to mention, try to test out all the canopies before you buy one. Nothing like your own feelings at the front of your decision. Flock & Dock 2017 will be a great place to test out all these canopies, I'm sure every canopy in this thread will be there and people would be happy to help you out.
  2. I would agree with everything said here. I myself own a epicene and just know that the lifespan is much shorter than say a ZP canopy. To me, it all comes down to what you value more. When I bought my canopy, I asked myself, what do I value more? buying a new canopy every 500 jumps but have the peace of mind that when i pitch, i no longer fear having to fight line twists or spinning on my back; or do i value having a canopy that i can buy that will last me 1000+ flights and the openings will be a little more unpredictable. I dreaded flying big wingsuits for that matter. I stopped the whole ABCD method of deployment after a couple hundred jumps on wingsuits and started dumping with arms out legs extended after a flare and it will give you wonky openings and will lead to cutaways eventually on ZP canopies. The epicene basically got rid of this fear and I actually look forward to my openings because of how awesome they are! 50+ jumps on the canopy and have never had any issues, always on heading It is ZP nature that the canopy will have much less predictable openings, however the material will last for a very very long time and have much better performance in flight and while landing. It is also better for long spots although to be honest you shouldn't be landing off in a wingsuit if you're responsible. F-111 or 0-3cfm is definitely shorter lifespan, however the openings are very predictable and quick, which is key to having a lesser chance of linetwists rather than letting the canopy sit back there forever trying to inflate. Openings are on the quicker side, but good technique on flaring before deployment will grant you a soft opening. Pilot7 from what i have heard and seen is a great canopy, however it still is part ZP and that gets me away from it after having jumped a hybrid like it in the past. the openings are definitely quicker but nowhere near as quick as a f111 0-3cfm canopy. If you value doing all parts of skydiving, I would recommend you get something like this, it gives you the best you can get in terms of Wingsuit, and belly deployments Roll the tail tighter during belly deployments and lesser on wingsuit and this will be the perfect all around canopy for you Winx I have heard great things about it however seen videos of deployments and again, longer snivel. It comes in all ZP or all ultralight ZP. Spectre i have jumped myself for about 200 or so jumps and it was a great canopy but i had to pack it to open quicker. Jumped a storm twice and openings were not bad for a ZP canopy however it is very ground hungry. Ive flown side by side with my buddy after deployment and he unstows his brakes and off he vanishes into the green below me. If you enjoy canopy flight a lot this may be the canopy for you as you can swoop the shit out of this thing and have a lot of fun. Epicene is basically a base canopy just slowed down on openings a bit. The flare is poor compared to ZP canopies all you need to do is give it a nice flare about 50 feet off the ground to build up some speed and you can land it straight in no problem, even on no wind days. It really comes down to how many jumps do you plan to do per year, can you afford a 2100 canopy every 500 jumps, and what do you value most in a canopy? Longevity and fun or a bit boring but predictable? everyone values different things. Hope this was helpful
  3. Hello everyone! Nice to meet you all, I'm a soon to be new wingsuiter. I really got into this sport to one day finally be able to wing suit. I've got 170 jumps and am trying to get some information for the future (Im not trying to rush into anything, I have my whole life ahead of me to do this, but its been my dream since day 1 to get into any suit 1) what should my WS progression look like? my goal is to touch every possibility in this discipline, but for now i just want to learn how to fly and fly small suits to their limit. I weigh 170 ish 5'8 I know that wicked wing suits rents out suits, what would be your recommendation as to buy/rent etc on WS? I know that in the end i'll have a plethora of suits in my closet to chose from, but for beginning, I've heard the T-Bird or R-Bird? not sure, just looking for some advice =)