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  1. Is that a cutaway chinstrap as a standard feature?
  2. Forgive my noobie question - I understand the arguments for the d ring in terms of easy to grab even with a single digit but how come this argument is not also applied to the cutaway handle?
  3. I use to jump a sabre2 190 from 2012 with 60 jumps on it and now jump a sabre 170 from the 90's with an unknown number of jumps. Not much between them in my limited experience. Sabre opens a bit more briskly but it's smooth and controlled (I do have a larger slider fitted). Can't comment too much on the flight characteristics as I don't really have the experience to explore the performance capabilities but the flight and flare feels similar to me. I did get my rigger to check it out before I spent any money though.
  4. also had a spectre (7 cell) 210 which actually fit more easily than the sabre2 190.
  5. I use an XXL but would also prefer an XXXL. Helmet sizing in this sport is ridiculous.. I usually take a M-L for helmets in other sports... A friend jumps a XXL or XL G3 with some of the lining taken out, may be an option.
  6. ^This. So I have been right since 2008 when I started promoting them.. and paid the price (esp at nagambie Australia) But its nice to be right! Will be as common as AAD in a few years !! I don't think many people disagree, Greg... But we didn't remove all cars that didn't have an airbag installed from the road the day after airbags were developed.
  7. Intrudair recommended "teslan" which is apparently a new material (must be very new as google returns nothing) which is supposed to be like nylon but more comfortable and breathes which makes it preferable for summer. sounds alright. be nice to see it though.
  8. Decided to try be a cool kid and get a freefly suit but I need some advice on what sort of material to get or what combination of material to get. I'm 178cms and 80-85 kilos (5'11 and 180lbs) and fall pretty fast on my belly in what I would call a mid range rel suit @ approx 125mph on avg. I'm looking at the intrudair free fly comp suit and don't know whether to get all pollycotton (and cordura) or a combination of poly and nylon. I was thinking of getting nylon torso and polycotton arms and legs. I was also going to get regular cut rather than tight or loose if that make any difference to material choice. I've only got 80 jumps and haven't attempted any freefly or tracking jumps so I need to keep my lack of skill in mind when deciding which material. I've been told slower/baggier suits are more forgiving and to save the tight suits for when you can actually fly properly. Anybody able to explain the pros and cons of different combinations of material? Cheers, Trev
  9. Seems more a question for a financial advisor... Everyone wants multiple rigs but do you have money to throw around? Fuck If I was loaded I'd have one rig for each discipline that requires certain types of set ups. I'd also have a garage with every type of motorbike (dirt, sport, road, cruiser etc.) I'd have a yacht and a powerboat. A private jet, turbine and a helicopter (for when I need to make an entrance). 6 victoria secret models desperately in love with me, or my money ;) (not seven, even superman needs a rest day).
  10. I think they're taking the piss. Looks like a stunt for laughs to me...
  11. ^^ What he said. I do this when I'm at the DZ (when I turn my cypress on i also Zero my N3A).
  12. Awww, Australian skydiving will be a dull place without you, Greg!
  13. Trevor, Two questions. Which model Tork do you use, I'm guessing that the base model would prolly do the trick. Secondly, doyou think it is practical to do a semi permanent mount a N3-A and speakers. I was thinking that I could mount the N3 on the outside of my Z1 and put a small hole for the speaker wires. Thanks mate. I can't remember which model I bought (doesn't say on them only the packaging which has since been thrown out) but I think they'll all do the trick. I just have the speakers stuck to the inside of my helmet (The speakers come with adhesive protected by a peel off piece of tape, alternatively you can use velco which is also provided). I route the excess cable under the D30 liner in my cookie ozone and the N3A sits in the internal pocket. If you have to mount the N3A externally then yeh, you may need to punch a hole or something but you may want to ask somebody else whether or not it's a good idea :) Doesn't the Z1 have an internal pocket though?
  14. Alti-2 actually states on their page that the drivers and Batterypower is not sufficient for the use with speakers. i have tried it myself and could tell that during a "reading" the display would "flicker" and in FF i could not hear a thing even in my FullFace. Mine lasts for days using speakers. I use these ones: They don't require much power to run.