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  1. Trev_S

    sponsorship canopy ?

    This already happens. Not sure what the arrangements usually are but I'd jump a bright pink "my little pony" canopy if some1 else paid for it :D
  2. Trev_S

    Bigway Wing Loading

    Isn't that like saying we should all drive faster on the highway when there's more traffic on the road?
  3. Trev_S

    The original dream.
  4. I'm jumping a jav from '97 and an old raven reserve. main and cypress is 2012 though. Rigger says it's in good condition and perfectly fine. Just get it checked out before you hand over any cash.
  5. Trev_S

    Any tips for my first 4-way?

    Just have fun. I just finished mine and found the difficulty was not much greater than the earlier B rels it just takes a little longer between points. I did however find I had to put more work in on my fall rate as I think on the earlier B rels the instructor inadvertently helps you a bit too much by matching your natural fall rate. My instructors were pretty good explaining all the basic fundamentals of 4 way, I'm sure yours will too. It's nothing daunting.. just how to approach a formation, quadrants, what to do if you sink out etc. It's heaps of fun though, you'll love it.
  6. Trev_S

    Tandem skydive vs. solo?

    Regardless of whether tandems are more dangerous or not, would you really want to spend $200ish dollars per jump to be a sack of potatoes? Go do the first jump course and go from there :) If you think the risk is too high then you can always walk away.
  7. Trev_S

    Perception of time

    There was a study done on time perception recently that I was reading the other day. I'm not qualified to explain it but the short story was time perception is related to working memory or temporal memory or something, i dunno. Basically when you recall a stressful event the memory created actually gives the illusion of time being longer than it actually was. Time doesn't seem slower in the moment, only when you recall the event/experience does it seem longer. Anyway, my first few jumps seemed like a couple of minutes but now it feels too fking short! and im still a noob...
  8. Trev_S

    Sydney Skydivers

    I did my AFF there, now doing B rels. Love it.
  9. Trev_S

    Brel 1

  10. Trev_S

    Help With Gear Selection

    Hey man, I've just bought all my gear. I spent $1200 on Alti + audible + helmet and a few other things but you can do it for far less ($500ish new or a couple of hundred 2nd hand). I'm buying a 2nd hand rig for $3500 I think gear wise you can get away with 3k all up if you go real cheap but honestly, would you feel confident jumping some dodgy $1500 rig? Don't forget to factor in your training. AFF in Aus costs about $2500 and B rels are 10-15 jumps at $195 each. For me to get my B license + my own gear is costing me about 10k.
  11. Trev_S

    Neptune N3

    NOTE: I'm a student so don't take my comment as advice. I'm a noob to skydiving so I'm basing this thought purely on physics - I would assume that your helmet would need to be pressurized for it to have an affect on the readings. I would think that any noticeable difference in air pressure inside and outside the helmet would require instrumentation far more sensitive than a skydiving alti. I could be wrong. NOTE: I'm a student so don't take my comment as advice.