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  1. PD Spectre... If you pack it right it'll snivel for 1,000 ft and open like falling into a feather bed. The snivel will, on occasion, freak the everloving $%^& out of people watching you... But, iof you plan for the snivel its a great canopy for fragile folks.
  2. UpstateBonehead

    Age of active TIs

    Some what related (I hope) but how old is too old to become a TI? It seems that there are still active TIs well over 60 (hell, my TI during my student progression was in his 60s) but they all seem to have gotten their Rating in their 20-30s... Is there an age that you guys and gals think is just too f’ing old to take the Rating Course?
  3. UpstateBonehead

    Reverse S fold pack job

    I jump a big canopy and after struggling with getting it into the bag for too many pack jobs to count, my DZO took pity on me and introduced me to this method. Works like a charm and I've never (knock, knock) had any issues with openings. Blues!
  4. UpstateBonehead

    Neck Injuries and the Physics of Hard Openings?

    Hey Andy: Happy to say that things have worked out pretty well (knock on wood). I made my first post-surgery jump in April of 2016 (about 4 1/2 months after the fusion surgery) which didn't "feel" quite right. Before that jump, I did have a follow-up visit with my surgeon (with an x-ray of my neck which confirmed that the fusion was healing up well) and his exact words were "I'd never recommend that any patient of mine jump out of an airplane but your fusion should be the least of your worries." On that first jump my neck felt sore for a couple of days and I attributed it to the fact that I'd been in a neck brace for 3 months and had probably lost some muscle strength. I decided to not push it too hard and only made about 10 more jumps over the next five months before the winter lay-off at my home DZ. Last year I made up for lost time. Starting in April, I made 189 jumps over the next 7 months with zero issues with my neck. Even got my Coach Rating in December!
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