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  1. So first of all I will tell you this... Tracking doesn't really build any skills. People who mainly flat-track generally aren't great overall skydivers. That being said, if you want to do tracking specific jumps, start with 2 ways with a qualified leader. have them show you what to do, where to do, the different concepts you need to understand while tracking (route/direction/other groups/safety/breakoff) Once you have a good handle on it, start doing 3 ways (again with qualified jumpers), then keep going... good luck. :)
  2. Hello, I am interested in Skysurfing. Does anyone have any information about instructors/coaches or who I might speak to for someone for instruction? There must be a couple locations where it is still done. (FYI - I don't need beginner detail, like how many jumps you need to start, or that you need to freefly first, etc, I am aware of most recommendations, but I do not know anyone specifically who can teach it.) thanks, -Dave
  3. [I do think I have to pay a little more attention to how I pack it than a newer Sabre though.] when you say "pay more attention to how you pack it".. can you elaborate? What kind of attention and extra care do you give it? I have only packed my own chute about a dozen times, so any info would be very helpful. Thanks!
  4. Hello, I am relatively new to the sport, and have about 70 jumps in 3 months. I have ordered a container, and am looking at a main parachute. I have spotted a Sabre 2 190ft^2 which is from 2002. It is roughly $1250 with around 700 jumps on it and a new(er) lineset. First (and main) question: has the Sabre 2 parachute changed in the last 12 years? I plan to have this parachute for at least this year and next year, before I downsize. While I would like to save the money, I am a little hesitant that the technology may have changed in the last decade, and considering that maybe I should spend a little more, and get a parachute that was manufactured within the last few years. Secondly, according to the post, the brake line may be a little frayed from the alti strap. Is this normal? am I going to have to spend an additional $200 immedately to get new brake lines? (assuming fraying not too bad) What should I keep in mind when looking at the possibility of purchasing this parachute? Any thoughts would be appreciated... thanks very much! -Dave