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  1. The undisputable historical fact is the Church added the celibacy law to protect their property. It had nothing to do with Christiantiy, and Jesus never told anybody that you couldn't spread His word if you also had the task of raising a family. Dude, it's just wrong. What's so ungodly about wanting a wife and kids? Nothing, that's what. There are more priests over 70 than there are under 35. This wouldn't be the case if priests could marry. There are plenty of protestant ministers under the age of 40. I don't think there's a sign on the front doors of the church that says "Pedophiles, Cum On In!" There's a ton of bad apples in there for a reason, and this seemes the most plausible cause. ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  2. Oh, just take a stab at it. ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  3. Yup. I finally got to take my puppy out to the park today, he's too skinny for a dog sweater. It got to 60 in Philadelphia. There were still people running around with skullcaps and gloves on though. I guess they were just worried a last-minute artic blast was coming. ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  4. In my lifting cycles I do 6 or 5-egg omlettes. You gotta put a lotta pico or salsa on it though for me to eat that much eggs.
  5. San Antonio, Texas to Yellowstone National Park in the NW corner of Wyoming then from there drove through Montana and Idaho then back cross Wyoming to the black hills range in South Dakota and returning through Wyoming and Colorado back to Texas. 3 week trip with me, my brother and my dad. I got awesome pictures from it all. I went from 100 degree heat in TX to 20 degrees and 3 feet of snow in Wyoming and back in a matter of days. ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  6. I got friends in the gay mafia who can rip Gloria Steinhem to pieces. Most straight guys say stupid shit, but they aren't visceral enough to tear someone to pieces with their words. Guys are better off at pissing off girls with their (in)actions. Words: The #1 hatred is backhanded compliments about: hair, makeup, shoes, choice of color. For example: "Gee. That perfume is terrific. MUST you marinate in it?" Others that are almost as bad: "Gee you're so pretty. You look a lot like my ex girlfriend." "You're too delicate for that. Here, let me get that for you" (directed towards skydivas
  7. eccentric, non-thinkers don't need to base their contentions on anything! they just sit around in groups and talk about how bad things are/will be when their own knowledge and wisdom are based upon tv and maxim magazine. Or they get indie sources from Drudge and the blogosphere---the same people that brought to you the forged document scandal on CBS news. ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  8. No, not YOU stop whining (we know we can't stop you from doing that) I just hit reply cuz you were the last poster. ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  9. You're saying that extralegal prison killings of child molesters please you because you don't think the current legal sentences are harsh enough. Well, where is the line drawn? I am displeased by the weak sentences they give violent armed robbers. But I'm not in prison. Do I, too, get to kill anyone I feel was let off with too light a sentence, once he's out of jail (in my opinion, too soon)? Or is extralegal execution a privilege we reserve only for murderers who are already in prison for life? You are saying that vigilantism pleases you because the courts do not. There is no other way to call it. So where is the line drawn? Who gets to enact their own version of justice, and why (if you believe it to be the case) should killing child molesters be the exclusive purview of those who are in prison? -Jeffrey If you are convicted of child molestation, you are pretty-much going to face a big problem in prison--any prison. We currently don't have special child molester prisons to protect them from the general prison population, and we probably won't bother. Catch-22. You can't really do anything to say the government is murdering the child-killers by putting them in situations where it is well-known that their life is in immediate danger. ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  10. Yes. And let's also prefer hiring those who pay mortgages instead of rents. Obviously, you are non-committal to our corporate goals if you can't committ to a place to live. Do you gamble? I'm sorry, we prefer not to hire anyone in accounting who gambles. We'll need to see a copy of your 6 prior tax returns to see if you filed any W-2Gs. Who said anything about a socialist state? You get the same with fascist, too. ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  11. To add insult to injury, I just got one of those "free credit-monitoring offer" things from BofA today which I get at least 3x a week. Ok, I'll type just ONE pertinent paragraph from the back of the letter... If you decide not to keep your privileges beyond this one-month trial, which begins when you receive your membership kit, simply call 1.877.488.0086 to cancel. You will have paid nothing and owe nothing. Unless you call to cancel, Bank of America PriveSource service will automatically extend your membership for an additional eleven months at the $129.99 first year's Bank of America PrivacySource membership fee. Your membership will be automatically renewed at the $139.99 annual membership fee for the second year, and renewed at the then-current fee each year thereafter, billed to your Bank of America credit card account, without your having to do anything further, for as long as you wish to remain a member. Oh, I can't stop laughing. This company was plastered over CNN for losing data tapes that had millions of consumer records on it. Now they want me to fork over money to monitor my credit for identity theft. I am slapping a fruad flag on all my credit reports first thing tomorrow. I'm gonna see if this will block an employer from getting access to it. ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  12. Pfft. Alito is harmless. Stop whining. Harriet Miers was MUCH more scary. My jaw dropped after reading her bio. The lady that ran the Texas Lotto has any sort of clue about handling consitutional cases? WTF were the Bush people up to? At the time she was nominated, she was just general council to the pres. C'mon, that's like being Dear Abbey to the presidents own legal problems, that doesn't mean you can handle a constitutional court case. Oh and she wasn't even on the Supreme Court's list of attorneys who have been validated to appear before the court either. Mmm, yeah and she wasn't a judge ever before in her lifetime. A peanut farmer from Georgia can run this country, but he certainly couldn't do THAT sort of job on those qualifications alone. ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  13. It was rhetorical. I'll outlast that Celine Dion bitch. ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  14. exactly the problem... Drug testing does little to deter use and more to contribute to the use of 'harder', less detectable drugs and/or rampant alcoholism.. of course society and business seems to believe a legal raging alcoholic is a preferable result. Which is the crux of it. Most responses I tend to see fall along the lines of, "it makes for unproductive workers" or "they are untrustworthy". Usually people in favor of drug testing only fall back to the illegality of it when someone points out that an alcoholic is probably just as untrustworthy and unproductive than most casual drug users. The illegal nature of drug use definitely does not seem to be the primary concern for drug testing. In my opinion. Are their instances where drug testing should be done? Certainly. Every job? No. My last boss was an alchoholic, dude. And he's bipolar. I was the 6th person to quit after he started his last rampage. Of course, he's still working there, but he's running up a big bill with taking sick leave for hangovers all the time, and convincing enough people to quit so fast that work doesn't get done. Plus they can't afford to pay consulting fees to headshops anymore so now they're having to hire directly--which is a long... long... long process. Too many well-connected people smoke cigars and drink... so the LAST thing you are gonna see is screening out of those habits before employment. Cigarette smokers are an exception. You know have to smoke out in the rain, and soon enough you will lose your job if ya don't quit. There's a way around all this, and it's called self-employed contracting. Ya just gotta put up with paying Estimate Tax and buying your own health insurance.
  15. "Because if you're not doing anything wrong and have nothing to hide, you shouldn't mind." People have lost their grip on the notion that we should not have to live our lives suspected all the time -- by our government, by our employers -- and because SOME people don't care about the right to be left alone and treated as innocent, ALL of us end up subject to the things they don't object to. -Jeffrey (sounds paranoid now, but wonder if it will still sound paranoid 15 years from now...) "I'm sorry, your position is too vital. We cannot hire someone in this position who skydives." "You lie about your sexuality. How can you work for us if you aren't sure about who you are?" "Please sign this consent agreement for us to review your family's medical history. This is required paperwork for enrollment with HealthCareChoice BlahBlahBlah of Pennsylvania." Interviewer: "It says here your ex-wife was arrested in 2001 for _____" Applicant: "But, I divorced her in 2000!" "I'm sorry, but we are going to have to let you go. We can't have someone working with us who goes to an adult bookstore." Need I go on? ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  16. My biggest problem with Catholicism (and yes I'm a recouperating C) is unmarried priests. The Church was wrong to put this in place with the Celibacy Law (of 1139, jeez that is outdated) and it is still wrong today. Oh yeah, and several popes still had kids AFTER the law was passed. Modern times have put a stress fracture on the Catholic Church. Many young men wanting to become priests are sexually confused. They believe the Church is their salvation (which is wrong) and will protect them from temptation (again, wrong). Of course, this fight between celibacy and temptation is constant with these guys, I wouldn't imagine some psychosis is involved with that. The SOLE reason why this law is part of the Canon is that priests were willing away Church property to their descendants (wow, the Church gravely worried about money again... hmm a recurring theme?). To prevent this, married priests were frowned on and the pratice of allowing priests to marry was banished. This is less scandalous than when the Church was selling indulgences, but with all the money the Church is losing because of these lawsuits... they could keep their priests up in mansions and not have to close down parishes. Shit... Peter was married! -Recouperating Pragmatic Semi-Sorta Catholic ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  17. He was found guilty. Yeah, and he was sentenced. How would you feel if a kid was found with an eigth of weed on him, and given 90 days, and they just decided after the 90 days were up to just hold him for another 6 years? You'd say, "Hey! He was sentenced to only 3 months!" I don't sympathize with pedophile priests. They disgust me. But some of you people have such huge gaps in your ethics you disgust me just as much. -Jeffrey My friend Gary was caught with a tiny fraction of an 8-ball 3 weeks before Turkey Day, 2004. He has yet to know when his court date is. He is still in jail now. He can continue to sit in jail for another 2 years before a trail. Better not get caught with dope in Guadalupe County, fo sho. They throw the book at ya. I didn't know he was using, but his roomate did and told him to stop. He didn't. He's getting punished royally for it. But, hey that's life isn't it? ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  18. Life only means life if it's life w/o the possibility of parole. If it's just life, then you can guestimate about when someone could get out based on the practice of reducing years for good behavior, etc. Some judges put an extra tweak on the sentencing (like serving 99 years) in order to make sure parole is a far, far possibility. ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  19. complete and utter bullshit.. obviously you misunderstand what it means to be an American.. why not just admit you prefer a facist state? It's better to go ahead and kill all the Jews right now. You just don't ever know what they're going to be up to next. Jews also make good lawn fertilizer, too. ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  20. The Philadelphia Police Department is not the most brightest bunch on the block. FOUR times this year police officers where shot with their own weapons. One very disturbing incident occured on Market Street four blocks from me. A deranged lunatic was walking around Market St. NAKED and an officer put him in the cruiser. He managed to grab the officer's gun and take the police cruiser and then smash it into a SEPTA bus before he was shot dead to keep from causing any more chaos. I was here when it happened, it caused gridlock for about 5 hours while everything was being cleaned up. ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  21. She didn't present it. They searched her and found it. She didn't stop them from searching her luggage or obstruct them, either. The object she had is not illegal. It's weird, but it's not illegal. Had she ran into the airport screaming I HAVE A BOMB, then yes she commited a crime and can go to jail. But in this case, she did nothing. ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  22. I don't understand why you're mad at her. She didn't do anything wrong, and it is kind of frightening to me that flour could be "confused" with cocaine and opium. rl I think the problem started showing itself when they were finding traces of all sorts of different drugs. When you are caught, the lab has to identify the drug and the exact quantity of it in order for the DA to know what they can prosecute you for. Every time she turned around and asked what she was caught with, a different drug popped up. No, it's crank! No, it's heroin! No, it's rock coke! No, it's tina! She had a dumb defense attorney, she coulda got out of jail faster. ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  23. This was in the Philadelphia Inquirer a long time ago. What she did was stupid, yup yup. Federal agents are extremely trigger happy since 9/11 and what she did just invited them to fire at her. She might as well went into the terminal screaming IM GONNA KILL ALL YOU SUNNABITCHES! But, there was obviously no drugs here (after the retests), but it raised a very nasty problem. Now that we found her original test to be invalid, that just opened a big wide door for defense attorneys since she was misprosecuted on tainted evidence. It also makes the FBI and DEA look stupid since their labs can't keep their samples clean. ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  24. I'm a moderate. Alito is a much clearer thinker than old Rehnquist (I've read some of his minority summaries... they're very personal in tone). I probably will never vote for a Republican at the federal level of government again (just state and local), but he's a solid pick. Let's all hold hands and admit... Judge Harriet Miers was obviously a really bad pick and possibly a test to see if we could slip in a cronie after Judge Robert's outstanding success at getting nominated. ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  25. d) ok and IV) I like your numbering scheme ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.