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  1. People make fun of me that I have lips that look like his Take that wherever your imagination wants to take it. ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  2. TypicalFish is better at doing the man porn than I am. I did notice that after I posted that shower scene, he followed up with one. ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  3. I leave on a multi-month haitus... only to come back and notice that all the female skydivers are still hung up on the manporn. BTW my nekkid photos are on here... on a couple different of (hopefully deep buried) threads. ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  4. Getting to Glassboro from New York City (and then either biking or getting someone to pick you up from the DZ) would be a PITA. If the PATCO extension existed now... this is what you'd have to do: - Go to Penn Station - Take AMTRAK to Philadelphia (or part B) - From 30th Street Station, you have to go OUTSIDE... then get on the Market-Frankford subway to 8th and Market - From 8th and Market, switch to the PATCO subway - Ride PATCO til the end of the line That would take friggin forever! Part B - if you're too cheap to do AMTRAK - From Penn Station, take NJT to Trenton - Take SEPTA (Philadelphia's train system) to 30th street You can get to CrossKeys from New York City if you can get a cabbie to drive you there once you arrive on the train in Philadelphia, but the cost is pretty high. There's also the Chinatown bus which gets you to Philly, then from Philly you'd have to have a way to get to the DZ which is about 10 minutes away over the bridges. I'm not sure if NJT has a bus which stops at the dropzone, but I suspect it might [anyone know?] For Philadelphians, especially for the gigantic young student crowd (Philadelphia has more colleges than Boston does) who have given up their cars--CrossKeys will be easier to get to. Maybe CrossKeys could help out and run a call-in shuttle to the train station? I am psyched though that at least one DZ in the country will be reachable by public transit. Not everyone here can pay for skydiving and also super-high auto insurance [PA and NJ are horrible states to own a car in] ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  5. I wouldn't say it's good... but it's different and I'm paying into my retirement 10x faster than I did in Texas. If/when I ever move back and it's still cheap down there I'll be rich! It's amazing how much some people make... a union janitor makes more up here than an VP at companies I know way down there... but then the prices for everything are over double. My car costs (it's paid for) were about $11,400 the year I moved up here if you add-in 3K for repair work. Now the poor thing collects dust in a garage in a hole in South Philly and gets temporary insurance when I need to use it. Glad to see you still here. Oh wow and my post count is low low low. I'm a friggin' noob! ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  6. Bizzzy! Well that and recouperating a long time from a nasty shoulder injury that put me out... then life changed and got more fast-paced. I went to living in the country, to suburbia... now in a high rise apartment and I might get in my car once every month or so... at best (gas prices? what are they now? I hear people talking about them a lot).. I decided I'm getting back in this summer. I can't ignore the fun across the river from me. Will be buying a new rig, going back to my original canopy type (Sabre-2), etc. The gym has paid off--I've avoided surgery and haven't had a shoulder-failure in 2 years now. ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  7. So... who gets to the DZ other than hitchhiking, a rice burner motorcycle or ratty-ass Ford Fuckus or the pickup with the gun rack on it? How about taking the subway? Glassboro township (next door to Cross Keys) might get a sweetheart deal if the cards fall correctly. The Governor of Pennsylvania just signed a deal with the almost-but-not-dead Gov. of New Jersey which includes extending the PATCO train (it is a subway in Philadelphia, runs over a bridge, and then runs as an elevated to Lindenwold, NJ). PATCO says it will extend the line into the center of Glassboro, which puts it within walking/biking distance of Philly's^H^H^H^HNew Jersey's favorite DZ. This will be cool. I can get current again at XK and not sit in traffic in the hood (Camden) to do it. I use most of the subways in Philadelphia now as it is. I wonder if I'll start seeing skydiving ads on the train in a few years.
  8. Ok ladies.... and guys... WHO is your dream guy? Mine was Marc, that fat f***. Bleah. ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  9. GIT DOWN! ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  10. Hey shuga! ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  11. Here's something more appropriate for your kids (at least with your teenagers) ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  12. This sounds like snoop. Plus it's funny as sh**. ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  13. Don't you wish you could pull this off at work? ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  14. Yeah, it's priceless ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  15. And he's back, in Hollywood!!!! ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  16. Including all the boobies and penises (heh, including mine) on this site I think the white house is gonna have some fun just looking at ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  17. At least he's incapable of beating is wife/girlfriends/insignificant-others anymore. San Antonio newspapers used to almost run daily specials over his antics when he was fully ambulatory. ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  18. Yes, the PORNKITTIES! ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  19. Making a guess since I haven't been able to visit the site, given the context, it looks like they're using Mster as an abbreviation of "Master," which is a formal address for a boy age 13 or younger. It's out of date (the only people I've ever seen actually use it is my grandmother and Miss Manners), but they may be using it to indicate the age of the person being addressed. Rare to see it abbreviated like that, though. Now, "MSTer" usually has something to do with MST3K. No honey, they're using that title to denote transsexual/transgender peeps. Look at the abbrevation a bit HARDER. ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  20. If you wanna know what gay rodeo is all about, the IGRA has an event in Austin every year. I think also in Dallas but I'm not sure. San Antonio has/had no such thing. Of course, we all know San Antonio is THE place for PROFESSIONAL rodeo and is also where THE cowboys and vaqueros lived, unlike all those yankee wannabees up north and in the gay-ass Rockies. ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  21. (psst I think this is SDSM, am I right?) ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  22. Many thousands of people in New York City, England, and Australia were not using their guns for anything "dodgy" when laws were passed that said, "You must turn your guns in for destruction or we will imprison you." So yeah, it's exactly true that we could be doing nothing "dodgy" with our guns, and this technology could be used to round 'em all up when the government feels that it wants to do so. Of course, they'd probably be in for a fight. (Hopefully.) - You can own a gun in New York City. You just can't bring them INTO the City. Which basically restricts you to buying them when you are there. There are sport shooting clubs in NYC, 3 in Manhattan alone. The most popular one is right in the middle of the gay mecca in Chelsea. Likewise, in Philadelphia you don't even have to bother with registering with the City as long its registered with SOMEBODY. Pennsylvania has the least restrictive gun laws and the most friendly to the NRA. I live in Center City and have a rifle. If I want to take it somewhere, I just have to put it in its case, call a taxi and take it over to my garage. Oh yes. Pennsylvania is, technically, a BLUE state. However there's a lot of red and blue people sleeping around to iron things out. We also got more NRA members per capita than all you people down South. ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  23. I think GPS is the wrong technology, since you would have to have some technology in the gun to transmit the coordinates (over what, cell frequencies? seems like a lot of useless chatter). A better technology here would be high-power RFID. The tag is encrypted with the same serial number that is on the gun, so if the serial number is ever scratched off it can still be identified, plus it would make it a LOT easier during a legal search and seizure to find the gun in a sweep as the RFID tag doesn't need power and only "wakes up" when the local transmitting antenna is nearby. A police cruiser could easily be fitted with software on their CDPD or Cell-capable laptops they ALREADY have in their cars to verify that weapons in transit are properly registered to their owners and would make recovery of stolen weapons easier. Guns that are smuggled would be easier to locate. It's important to use high-power RFID and not low-power tags since it's easy to "snuff out" the tag. Gun manufacturers already have several places in the stock and handle to embed the tag that can thrart most gun modification. ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  24. Mmm. Where I live (Philadelphia), can you do all the above, and can believe it... you can still smoke! Right next to the Liberty Bell! What is this world coming to? Think of the children! ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.