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  1. Although the type of meal he had fixed up/ordered gives a clue, I think at 19, he's probably still too young to know if it's b/c he could be gay. ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  2. I would think the NAACP would be all over this one, except that (for now) these checks are mostly relegated to higher-end desk jockey jobs. Your average supermarket clerk is not going to get a credit check before being promoted or allowed to work that job, even though he/she handles cash. Once this practice spreads to say, 45-50% of employers... I would see how this "lockout" is going to anger more people. For now I'm fighting on my own and just not giving my permission to have information I believe is unnecessary from being disclosed to people who I have no idea what THEIR reputation is for handling that information (i.e. trustworthiness). ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  3. Are you a genteel gentile? Click here to find out. ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  4. It is a sad fact you piss them off, they call an all out war, you kill terrorists that bomb the streets any where in the world, they call another all out war. They kill each other effortlessly, it's all cool........ Egypt, for the record... hates Iran. So does Turkey. I doubt they would do anything. Saudi Arabi definately doesn't want Iran having nukes and would definately not do anything, either. Iranians are not arabs, and it's not an Arab country. The predominant language is Farci and they consider themselves to be Asian. ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  5. All drag queens and students must register. I definately don't want to be in a building where there is loud dance music at all sorts of hours and college students constantling going in and out of their apartments all the time and lodging all sorts of crap down the trash chutes. ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  6. Usually you only have to report this to the company that is doing the lab work, NOT the employer. HIPAA forbids the lab from telling your employer you are HIV positive. If you are HIV positive, you have applied and gotten a job, and found out that HR has let people know about your status and you haven't done anything that would indicate to anyone you work for that you are HIV, then you have a wonderful civil lawsuit on your hands. The employer isn't even allowed to know the medications you are taking if they didn't ask you. The lab asked you, not the employer. The information you give to to the lab is protected under Tier I of HIPPA (Health Information Privacy and Portability Act). You should also RUN, not walk, over to HHS's Office of Civil Rights and file a civil complaint. Provide the name and address of the employer, and the name and address of the lab which did the drug screening work. HHS will not reveal your identity to the employer until after they have completed an investigation, and you CANNOT be fired if the HHS takes action against either the lab or your employer. ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  7. Anyone running a country that tries to convince to the world openly that Israelis should evacuate to Alaska is probably hopped up on some very cool mind-altering drugs... probably from their neighbors up to the north (like Afghanistan maybe?)
  8. In America, you are completely allowed to shoot yourself in the foot. And I agree completely with that. However, there was this thing, called laisser-faire economics which we practiced in the United States for over a hundred years or so that seemed to work out dandy until the concept of the Corporation came around in the late 1800s. Prior to this, it took an act of legislature to create a corporation, at the time when legislators were more concerned about individual rights and not the interests of corporate shareholders. It wasn't until speculation in the 1920s went out of control, collapsed and put almost EVERYONE out of work did we realise that maybe this wasn't such a good idea. We still need corporations, but some sort of regulation to keep the markets from redlining and killing off everyone's source of income in order to live. After all, citizens tend to get angry and upset when they can't earn a living... and they sometimes do things nasty like overthrow governments when you bring enough of the population down into abject poverty. ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  9. While looking at my latest Experian report that the employer who denied me the 2nd interview for (they were kind enough to send it to me VERY FAST after I emailed them a copy of the FCRA clause which states I have a right to the copy of the report they pulled)... I looked at the record and noticed that: - They can see two other companies that are COMPETITORS which I interviewed at. (yup, employer inquiries show on your credit report and they DO count against you.) - They know I have DirectTV and judging by the amount on the account, they know I have the extended package to get at the sports channels - They know I workout at Bally's - They know I like to shop at H&M - They know I own at least something from Dell computer (possibly a PC or laptop) worth two-thousand dollars - They know the make/model and VIN of my car (it's on the report, can you believe that?) - They know I have closed a lot of revolving debt accounts ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  10. There are FAR, FAR, FAR more functioning alchoholics operating the handles and levers of corporate America than there are potheads. You mix bipolar disorder and/or depression with this and you get a very unstable individual. Of course, I'm sure at the office it's easier to keep yourself clean until quitting time, go drink and then go home and beat your wife and kids. Employers don't care about alchoholism, if they did... they would try to find a way to test your liver before you applied for a job. The only way they would notice if you had a problem is if you had a DUI conviction while as an adult recently (and if your job doesn't require driving or you don't work for a insurance company, most employers will just ignore it). ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  11. Nah, I can get rid of all of my hair. And I mean *ALL* of it. Why cointanly I'll submit to a test!
  12. Didn't you know homelessness was a crime? They're little satan-worshipers and scum of the Earth. I mean, someone who can't find work and can't even pay rent is just deplorable. They should be exterminated for garden fertilizer. Next on Sally: Seniors on SSI and SSA and Medicaid: Why They Should Stop Bitching and Shut-Up and Get a Job at 9:30 EST, 8:30 Central. ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  13. No detox works against a hair test, which is what more and more companies are starting to use these days - mostly because of detox kits. Hair tests can also tell if you WERE stoning up and just got straight for the interview.... That's easy to get around. Just go get a wax and go shave your head. And I am NOT about to let an employer have access to my pubes unless they're gonna give me a free blowjob FIRST. ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  14. I wonder if someone torches the Westboro Baptist Church, if that would also be an act of God for His wrath against Humusecshulls. ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  15. To you and many others maybe. For this Catholic the church becomes more relevant everyday.
  16. Sounds like a cool ministry ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  17. At least they got their 80-something virgins. What's more cooler than being stampeded to death at an Allah concert? ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  18. Well he did it. Now we know. ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  19. San Francisco? Oh pah-leeze. That's only because the homless have to fight with the panhandlers (who are on doll and NOT homeless) all day long. But this is also the same city that has Starbucks across the street from another Starbucks. I remember having to stay at the Hilton in Union Square, no smoking of course, it's CA. But there was a special smoking area with air filters in the hotel because you take one step outside with a lit cigarette and you have to fend off the homeless and panhandlers with a broom. ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  20. The psychology behind this is far more complex than you realize. Some women are able to walk away. Others die trying. Some are so battered down by years of abuse, they have no idea where to begin. We are creatures of habit, and "the devil that you know is better than the one you don't" didn't become an adage for no reason. It used to be that couples in domestic violence situations were sent to couples counseling. It is now known that this escalates the abuse. It is not a situation in which "it takes two." I could write for pages on this subject, because I know it very well. But this isn't the thread for it. rl And then you have women who bottle up their rage and then explode. Remember the dentists wife in Houston who was so pissed off at her husband she ran him over with her brand new car, repeatedly? You go girl! ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  21. And you don't want to mispell, "blatantly" like that. (Although I doubt most congressmen's aides will notice.) -Jeffrey I think I fixed it before I sent it out. I had to modify it for the different address. I'll bump this thread when I hear back from the aides. ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  22. On a final note (and then I'm not arguing about this anymore)... thank goodness for the Catholic Church in the times before Martin Luther that it wasn't stupid enough to adopt celibacy everywhere... like these people. Who knows if Protestantism would even exist had they did that. ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  23. I have the feeling that the Church is unwilling to get rid of the silly law because it would have to admit to err for the last one thousand years. In support of your argument though... when priests could be married in the times of the bubonic plague, the Church did have trouble with priests willing Church property to their children. But during those times, both the Church and its priests were highly corrupt. ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  24. I hate getting into arguments in what Jesus said, but from your own text and from, In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus states, "Some are incapable of marriage because they were born so; some, because they were made so by others; some because they have renounced marriage for the sake of the kingdom of heaven. Whoever can accept this ought to accept it" (19:12 NAB). This is an invitation from Christ to live as he did, and there can be nothing unacceptable in that. Ok, translation from Aramaic not-withstanding and the narrarator's interpretation as support, this is NOT a mandatory edict from Jesus to not have a wife. Further: The fact that marriage is not the solution to pedophilia can be demonstrated by looking at the statistics. Per capita, Catholic priests do not have a higher incidence of pedophilia than do married clergymen. The reason why you don't hear as much about the other cases is because of the anti-Catholic bias that permeates the media. Yeah, we all know Ted Turner is the Anti-christ and hates the Pope. Ok, let's move along that nasty little comment to... The Vatican recently released a statement that said that the vocations crisis is ending. In a statement released on March 30, 2000, Catholic World News service reported from the Vatican: "The worldwide crisis of clerical vocations has ended, according to the prefect of the Vatican's Congregation for the Clergy." Only because a lot of expensive parishes have shut and dioscese that were despereately in need of boundary changes have finally been reorged. The Church is still in a big money crisis thanks to all the lawsuits and reduced membership in the last 10 years. ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.
  25. Bzzt. Wrong. I'm not digging any hole whatsoever. Period. I didn't apply mandatory marriage, either. I'm saying the Church should get rid of a stupid law that prevents good people in the church from wanting to become priests. The Church of England allows priests or any level of clergy to marry, and you can get a pass from Rome to become a Catholic priest if you are already married and you are a priest from a split sect. Of course, when the wife kick the bucket, you can't remarry if you still want to be a priest. Orthodox priests can be married, provided they were married before they were ordained. Go read this: ____________________________________________________________ I'm RICK JAMES! Fo shizzle.