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  1. Rest in peace Scott. blue skies PMS#551 I love my life :)
  2. does anyone know the balloon jumps schedule? just curious; I would like to stop by and check it out thx Keka PMS#551 I love my life :)
  3. sweet! come out and play!!! here are some pictures from last year! PMS#551 I love my life :)
  4. any results from the 1st day of CASL meet? PMS#551 I love my life :)
  5. PMS#551 I love my life :)
  6. In Brazil, they can start to jump at age 15. PMS#551 I love my life :)
  7. hi there! I can't believe I am missing all the fun there... oh well, soon enough I will be there with a new "family member"
  8. seems like it was hell of weekend! lots of fun! thanks for sharing the pictures! seeing those kids in the middle of big guys and gals.. is inspiring! way to go! congrats for the event! PMS#551 I love my life :)
  9. heck yeah. I'm all about breaking the law PMS#551 I love my life :)
  10. How to get back at a jerk? have you tried "jerking"off on him? dunno..for reall... out of ideas today PMS#551 I love my life :)
  11. keka

    UFC:79 Nemesis

    I'm Chuck all the way PMS#551 I love my life :)
  12. the painting is beautufl! congrats for such a talent
  13. that's pretty cool! did they get to have an interview with you since they mentioned that your an air addict!? PMS#551 I love my life :)
  14. look who's here!!!! yeah Jen.... that's a sweet new rig! very nice!!!!! congrats! I know you've been waiting for a while!
  15. nice pics! thx for sharing. Eloy is great! the paradise! I've been there twice and can't wait to be back there.
  16. I agree with you... very nice to know they're talking about the wind tunnel... but... saying that skydiving is a cheap sport and taking swooping as a "bad thing" ( like it was the only dangerous sport in life...), (as I read)... not too cool. PMS#551 I love my life :)
  17. if you go to SP gotta stop by Boituva; if you go to Rio, gotta go to Barra Jumping in Barra da Tijuca ( 5 minutes from the beach with the most amazing view!) Northeast is really beautiful too. have fun there
  18. sorry to hear that! well.. if you will be there anyways... give them a call. maybe you get luck to speak with someone there. good luck PMS#551 I love my life :)
  19. my 1st time in the wind tunnel (Orlando), I shared 1 hr with a friend. 2 minutes blocks...we had 30 minutes, a break and 30 more minutes. I could stay there for at least a couple of hours more. after that I went to Deland and made some jumps. my lower back got just a bit sore the next day, but it was not a big deal at all. have fun!
  20. Nice! have fun there... btw... since it will be your 1st time there.... you know the rules, don't ya?! yeah... they love beer on a Sat. evening
  21. you know you better show at the DZ with a pack of beer, right? PMS#551 I love my life :)