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  1. Anyone out there know where to find a reasonable price on basic rigging tools or better yet, happen the have any rigging tools for sale? www.okanaganskydive.com
  2. My wife is taking a Rigging course this winter and we are looking for a good all around machine. She is already very good at sewing and we have several industrial machines designed for lighter fabrics. We need something to do the heavier work. We are looking at a used PAFF 138 that does straight, zigzag, and double stitch, or a new singer 20U that does straight and zigzag. Anybody out there have any thoughts or advice. Thanx!! www.okanaganskydive.com
  3. Great people in Cuautla. I have been doing my winter jumping at this DZ for four years now. Year after year they have treated me like family. The same group of people organize the New Years Boogy in Puerto Escondido. This is my favorite event in all of my skydiving. I am consistently amazed at the way they always make sure EVERYONE is having a great time. I recommend these guys to skydivers of every level.
  4. Can anyone on here tell me their opinions on what are the best full face helmets on the market for someone not so interested in flying a cam. It is for my girl who has 11 jumps and an hour in the tunnel. www.okanaganskydive.com
  5. Can anyone tell me the best full face helmet for someone not so interested in flying a cam? I want to buy one for my girl who has just 9 jumps and an hour or so of tunnel. www.okanaganskydive.com
  6. Does anyone on here know anything about this tunnel for sale in Argentina? Has anyone flew in it? Alguien sabe algo acerca del tunel que venden en Argentina? O alguien ha volado en el? www.okanaganskydive.com
  7. meh!! still nothing Ive spent an afternoon downloading programs, reading reviews and doing google searches got to be someone out there that has gone through this before? www.okanaganskydive.com
  8. nope. Doesnt seem to find the .mts. I even tryed changing the search to ".mts" trying another program... www.okanaganskydive.com
  9. thanx for the comment. I tryed running that program and it didnt find the files? I was wondering, have you done this before with the files from the cx100? www.okanaganskydive.com
  10. Hi everyone, We just had an internal memory on a cx100 accidently formatted :( It had some rather important customer videos on it. Does anyone out there in dz.com land know of a way to recouver that data? recovery software? thanx in advance for any help!!!!!!!!!!!! www.okanaganskydive.com
  11. the PC is a 64bit system with 64 bit OS. It has the new i7 processor. I am having a hell of a time working with this cameras. I tried doing the thing on the vlc forum. I couldn't get past step 2 or 3? Anybody know the best format to render to. non of the edited video wants to play properly either. VLC looks terrible and Windows media plays it "ok" but the audio is out of sync? I just need reasonably good video to burn tandem videos. Doesn't have to come out in Hi Def. I would imagine just recording in standard definition would be the answer to this but I am now stuck with about 20 vids that need to be edited and burned to dvd. www.okanaganskydive.com
  12. I am having some trouble viewing these files. I have the latest version of vlc fully updated on a 2.7 gig pc with 6 g of ram. It is playing just the video poorly with no audio. Can anyone help me with this? www.okanaganskydive.com
  13. strange, my VLC does not play my MTS files from my cx100 www.okanaganskydive.com
  14. Just spent my first weekend jumping with my new cx100 top mounted to my cookie helmet via a liquid flat lock. I am now trying to edit my footage and my Abobe Premier Pro editing software is not reconizing the .MTS files. Do I have to get Sony Vegas to edit these files or am I missing something? www.okanaganskydive.com
  15. Wondering if anyone out there is using the cx100 for handcams yet. If so I would like to know how the video performed and how the camera is secured to the glove being that the camera body is about the same size as the lens. Elastic type straps maybe? Thanx for any advice or ideas on this. www.okanaganskydive.com