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  1. From the KLIA Airport, take the ERL express train to the city. That should cost you RM$35 one way and get you in town within 28 minutes. Then you can take a taxi from there. Or you could ask what is the direct bus from KLIA to Genting. From the airport to Genting will take about 2.5 hours. You can just walk in an fly. They open from 10am until 9pm. RM$50 gets you 2 minutes. You have to buy in 2 minute blocks. Hope that helps.
  2. Can you post a picture of the helmet?
  3. While awaiting the arrival of a new BlackJack 280, I've been reading a lot about setting the DBS. Since most of my jumps will be slider off with delays of 1 to 2 secs, this is obviously very important. I wanted to ask, if you have black lines, how do you mark the area to insert a new loop?
  4. Thanks, I try that out and see how it works!
  5. I'm using Pinnacle version 8. I've used Adobe Premier as well with the same unsatisfactory results. Where can I get Tmpeg? Not sure how to check what bitrate I am using for the do I check that?
  6. I was just wondering how people usually capture DV footage from their DV camera. What I normally do is to just plug in the firewire cable into the camera and run that straight into the hardisk that goes into my laptop. The problem is that the quality is sometimes good and sometimes bad when I render and output to VCD or SVCD. What I mean by that is that the picture is a little blurry and distorted. I paid a visit to a computer shop and the salesperson sold me the Pinnacle Studio DV Mobile package which comes with the software and a PCMCIA card where you plug in the firewire cable which runs from the camera. Apparently, this way, I am able to capture hardware codec and get excellent picture quality. The old way meant that I was just capturing software codec and that's why the quality suffered. Now I haven't yet tried this new piece of hardware but would like to know what everyone else has been doing and if I have been duped in buying something that I really don't need. Thanks!!
  7. Just wondering who's coming down for the boogie next week?
  8. Any chance of viewing a scanned copy of the page(s)?
  9. doesn't seem to work.....
  10. Where can one get a copy of the Continuum BASE video? Is there a website? Thanks!
  11. Were you wearing ankle braces? Sturdy boots when you had the accident?
  12. Maybe I had a bad batch of Sony tapes but I just found with the cheaper quality Sony tapes it seems to be more blurry than others....
  13. I've got a whole bunch of skydives on a Cruiselite 220 and I can never land the damn thing properly. I always end up on my butt!