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  1. Also remember some cultures tattoo's can be a part of who they are ! Billy-Sonic Haggis Flickr-Fun
  2. yes he was get that a lot here Billy-Sonic Haggis Flickr-Fun
  3. Urban exploring Russian occupants when the GDR Sanatorium Abandoned Russian base Billy-Sonic Haggis Flickr-Fun
  4. More PC correctness, Oh please save us from these idiots . My Daughter will be starting her University place, with a view to teaching this year. Think she would rather be called Miss than some choice words used, that is said these day against teachers by their students. Its got nothing to do with anything but politeness, which is not a bad thing to re-enforce in children. Billy-Sonic Haggis Flickr-Fun
  5. hardly watch tv at all these days Billy-Sonic Haggis Flickr-Fun
  6. Marshmallows make the most of the blaze, anyone got a long stick Billy-Sonic Haggis Flickr-Fun
  7. Best wishes to her on a speedy and trouble free recovery
  8. Take up urban exploring. Do some hairy sites' where you play cat and mouse and or get chased by security or Police. Then if ........ and it is a .....if you make it back to the car. After the adrenaline rush, you then have to drive home. Christ all you want to do is sleep Billy-Sonic Haggis Flickr-Fun
  9. One of the locals I contacted said that there have been some photographers that were victims of those gangs, with their gear stolen and some minor injuries while shooting the Packard Plant. Personal security is a significant concern for these shoots and has been on the other Texas urban exploration photoshoots I've been on, it is something that the other photographers in my group and I take very seriously. We also take serious steps to provide protection for each other. Regardless, thank you for all the feedback, having made contact with some of the suggested people from the thread I've learned that basically there is no legal access since the property owners really don't care unless they're going to make significant money from a commercial shoot. There aren't any people or organizations providing a fixer service or organizing anything like this, which is too bad since I think that could be a serious side-gig for a local pro-photographer. Well, I guess I'll get back to focusing on access to the Baker Hotel before it gets redeveloped. well here was my last place a power plant that only closed April, to be changed from Coal to gas but they had already ripped out most of the turbines Turbine Hall During Dark Daytime control room still connected pipe dreams Conveyor feed into the plant Billy-Sonic Haggis Flickr-Fun
  10. Dave you not a member on UER perhaps some explorers from that area might be able to help you out. Never really had legal access sometimes takes the fun out of it Me and my exploring partner are off to Germany next month and non of that will be permission Billy-Sonic Haggis Flickr-Fun
  11. Bitchumen on hot summer days and Coal smoke from all the chimneys from where i spent my early childhood in Glasgow Scotland. Billy-Sonic Haggis Flickr-Fun
  12. pincheck


    well the white stuff has arrived up north as well Tony
  13. fist couple is when she was seven and we had just got her from the cat and Dog rescue centre. couple from winter 2010 she is getting old now and really should slow down but its trying to tell her Billy-Sonic Haggis Flickr-Fun
  14. Not a problem we have in Scotland but surely it would be better to fix it ?. I had one where a Seal went i just popped out got a replacement unit drained it fixed it !. Same this week with the irritating bloody washing machine door. Door lock sticking (age), so ordered the spare paid about $20. Got it by post 3 days later fitted in 30 mins Including Tea break job done. Now works every time, first time. Saved about $400+ for a new machine same level Billy-Sonic Haggis Flickr-Fun
  15. See as i say each person deals with it differently. I don't even think of them subconsciously as far as i am aware. I don't feel the need for them regardless of the situation, its just not a part of my life anymore. For which i am grateful but as i say smokers nearby doesn't bother me. just deal with it the best you can