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  1. Send them a telegram Must admit the BPA office staff are superb on the turnaround of membership renewal Once got it done in 3 days by post Billy-Sonic Haggis Flickr-Fun
  2. perhaps the person doesn't wish to jump in the UK which is why he is not a member ? there are still jumpers (UK residents ) who are just not interested in jumping here. In Which case it might be just a case of taking out a private insurance that covers them for that period ?. That would also depend on just this trip cover or year round cover ! quite a few variables to think of Billy-Sonic Haggis Flickr-Fun
  3. Perhaps where you jumping Russia Mik but the guy was talking about New Zealand. Where the temp he quoted was pretty much like Scotland at altitude. where i have jumped through winters in the passed and went out the door at 12k @-40oC. Spending about 45 secs in freefall with gloves was not a problem but floating about while working your way down under canopy for 5-7mins @say 15mph forward speed at a subzero ground temp is where you will feel it. Seen one experienced jumper land and unable to remove his gear due to Numbness after forgetting his gloves. Not something you do twice Billy-Sonic Haggis Flickr-Fun
  4. To be honest your not there long enough to suffer cold in freefall, Always found it was when under canopy to the ground you tend you feel it. I find hillwalking gloves crossover/work well and are not expensive either. Just make sure they can be secured, are wind proof and not to thick where you still have good feel of your handle. I buy mine from local climbing, hillwalking store. Billy-Sonic Haggis Flickr-Fun
  5. Make sure you have good insurance cover for jumping to cover you bud have fun
  6. this popped up A fatal error has occurred: Unable to connect to index server: at /home/dropzone/ line 1048. Please enable debugging in setup for more details. Billy-Sonic Haggis Flickr-Fun
  7. The More time you spend in the air in freefall, the longer your time Perception becomes it just tends to expand. Perhaps due a reduction in the anxiety and tension you feel as a new jumper ?. Billy-Sonic Haggis Flickr-Fun
  8. What Craig said is true mate, buy your stuff in the states its a damn sight cheaper than here. Something you might consider is doing AFF across in the states
  9. Dubai is the new kid on the block and is trying to make a name for itself and gain a certain exposure level how that goes is anyone's Guess. My advice for you would be to contact your federation and see what requirements are needed for your licence hereI haven't checked it as i don't have the time. It may give you locations of DZ in your area or around the country. Would also recommend seeing if there is a local independent website like this in NZ or Aus to gain experiences or gain lumper/ instructor information. As already mentioned elsewhere here i would consider Australia for its location and language as well as lifestyle similarities to where you live. Remember Dubai is a different country, different religion and beliefs with a different way of dealing with people. Some people tend to forget these things which is when it goes wrong. Billy-Sonic Haggis Flickr-Fun
  10. 38 Birthday treat for first static-line followed by Aff 6 months later
  11. I would highly recommend Scotty Milne he is a well respected AFF instructor who runs his own school and does courses wherever the Customer wishes. he regularly travels abroad for the sun and reliable weather
  12. Hi Mike i sent you the pm with Links mate so it may help you static line tends to take longer than the 18 jumps i believe. which is why i binned it, as i never got onto delays and was short of patience for freefall. To be honest 18 sounds about right for A AFF course but the bpa website will give you full details on what's required. As its been a long while since i did it . you will make mistakes i always looked down instead of up and at the instructor as i left. Just have fun mate
  13. My advice would be to concentrate on your dissertation and university, that's more important
  14. There is a guy called Sergie in Scotland who i think is a dealer met him before he became one few years back he speaks English and may be able to help or if you join the group uk skydiving gear for sale he advertises there good luck Bud, hope that helps
  15. Ohhh that's warm . If you hillwalk you will now about layers and layering. This is best thing, a number of thin base layers is better that one big thick one. I would say best place to shop is a outdoor shop that specialises in climbing hillwalking etc. As they develop gear specifically aimed at cold environments. Not everything can be transferable but a lot can especially gloves or thermal layers developed to trap heat, Run any ideas you have past the experienced guys jumping around you first Billy-Sonic Haggis Flickr-Fun