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  1. I'm getting back into the sport after a 5 year break. I was excited to check out Tracy, because they opened after I stopped. Having jumped there a couple times now, I can say they are a wonderful outfit. Small DZ/family feel, but a turbine and lots of loads. Large landing area and the staff are great. I have a friend who will be doing aff soon and that's where I'll be sending him. It doesn't hurt that they are probably the closest drive for you too.
  2. Hmmmm. Ok. I guess you are right, round doesn't really matter. It just ruins my idea of a perfect stand up landing in front of the babes on the beach as the plane streaks fire into the ocean lol. My instructor in the back uses a back rig, but I thought the front seat only removes the lower cushion. I'll have to check next time. I also run the seat in the full aft position, so I'll need to check spacing. My knees love to clip the dash. Also gotta see how far back I can get the stick. The stop seems to be determined by the size and density of your genitals. I have a flight Wednesday, I'll report back my findings. Thanks a bunch for the help!!
  3. Hi all! Been awhile since I last posted, and about a year since my last skydive. I have started persuing a career in aviation, working towards CFI (still a long way off). I have started doing aerobatics in a super decathlon, and the rental rate is $20/hr more to borrow their rig, hence I am considering buying my own rig. I may only break even, but it would be nice to have a square instead of round. The rig I would need would be a seat rig, although passengers use a back rig. I noticed that bail out rigs run the reserve cable housing up the mlw, rather than over the top like sport rigs. I am used to punching out/down, any issues with strength having to pull up? Basically I was curious what seat rigs are out there, and if any are more appropriate to previous skydiving experience. Also, what kind of pricing can I expect (definitely used haha) Thanks all! Micah
  4. Get a large, tall beer glass or something. Put some of the sample in the bottom, add water about half way, shake vigorously and place under faucet. Add water and let the dirty water run off the top, the flakes should stay at the bottom. do this until you have just flakes and sand. Let dry, and at this point you will probably need to screen it. I thought of another way you can test it... get a very hot flame, like blowtorch or the like, and use some steel tweesers to insert a flake into the flame. The color it burns will tell you a lot. (Or if it doesn't burn this will also tell you a lot)
  5. Can you dissolve the dirt out with water and concentrate the flakes? If you can get the flakes isolated you can do some testing. You could establish density, which would go a long ways towards figuring it out. Also, certain metals have simple tests like magnesium reacts with vinegar... You could also see if it is conductive, might eliminate some possibles. Just some ideas...
  6. Here is a story to show you what cops are like here: Man gets stopped at a drunk driving checkpoint. Officer walks up to window, man driving car states "I refuse to answer any questions." Cop asks if he has been drinking, again man states "I refuse to answer any questions." Cop gets his superior, who comes to man and says "The officer who just spoke with you said he smells alcohol on your breath. Step out of the car." Guy is FORCED to comply with a breathalizer, otherwise his car gets impounded, (several thousand) and he gets a DUI (about $10,000 on average I have heard). The guy blows a .00 and gets the name and badge # of both officers, and makes formal complaint. (Of course nothing happened.) The way of cops in America: If you think someone is doing something wrong, but don't have probably cause, lie and search them anyways. THIS is why I will open fire on anyone coming into my house without announcement, even if they look like cops. Sure they will get me, but that was going to happen anyways most likely. Might as well make them rethink how they do things, if they are getting more officers killed with no knock than properly announcing themselves....
  7. I hope there is a G3 helmet out there I don't know about... lol
  8. There are a few good ones I have. A friend and I sometimes fill out each others log books and those can be really funny. Some memorable ones: Jump 130: (Filled out by my friend) Chased out Lee and 3 others to build a round, while Mike the "Hero" followed. Took someone's foot to the eye and lost a lense. Built round...... (I remember it being like those 3d glasses, with one super tinted and the other one gone LOL) Jump 159: 2 way train exit and horny gorrila (My friend drew an elaborate picture of me missing a shoe) Bastard Mike robbed my shoe. Note- Remind Mike he owes me a new shoe. Jump 184: Solo, worked on side body moves. Went through clouds, NICE! Someone added this after (not sure who): Cloud busting is an FAR Violation. Grounded. LOL! Jump 186: Got my 4 Stack award. What a sick jump. P.S. Crew dogs are fucking nuts. Jump 191: 5-19-11 Place: Hollister. Aircraft: B-17. Gear: Lightning 193. 2 Way CRW. Exited bomb bay doors, coolest jump EVER. Those sure were some good ones. I'll have to grab my friend's log book and post some pictures of what I drew in his, there are some funny pictures.
  9. I can't fault the property owner... He may have tons of hazards on the land and doesn't want to spend all afternoon guiding the van to the area, or worrying about passengers breaking their ankles walking off of his land... With lawsuits the way they are, you can't blame him.
  10. I was going to say I have seen the golf ball dimples... What about making the tail portion out of easily broken foam? Any real snag or force and it would just break....
  11. Totally agree with everything said... If you will be in the east bay you can drive to the top of Mt Diablo for a nice view. If you like garlic, check out the stinking rose in SF. If you like hiking, North bay is good, so is south bay (Santa cruz mts, check out big basin, or if more time Big Sur). If in downtown sf pier 39 is fun, also plenty of great bars and hang out spots around town. Do you like beer? Hard Stuff? If you like beer there are a couple places you shouldnt miss, likewise for hard stuff. SF has a bar with the largest collection of tequila outside of mexico (I loved Casa Noble) there is also a giant rum place but I haven't been. Tons of breweries around, If you love beer, Lagunitas is in the North bay, and so is Russian River (a must....). Toronado in the city has TONS of great beers, stuff you won't find anywhere else. Hate Ashburry is a fun place to walk around and check out nick nack shops (and head shops). Just depends on what you wanna do. Anyways, have a good time!
  12. Agreed. Cops should HAVE to identify themselves, at least when asked. I like the idea about calling 911 to confirm.... I would probably inform them that I was armed, and until I had proof that they had a warrant, would open fire if anybody kicked the door down.... Nobody better kick my door down and expect to live LOL. Cops who do not provide proof, or at the very least announce who they are, are simply strangers with guns.... If I looked out the window or door peep hole and saw someone who looked plain clothed and had a gun in their hands, I would probably shoot first. Police NEED to make it clear...
  13. Yeah Yeah Yeah. That was sure painful to watch live. The game tonight was brutal, the refs let a lot of things slide, we should have had quite a few more power plays. We also had tons of very close shots, I think we hit the crossbar like 3 times and fanned on empty net opportunities... It was a bad luck night. At the start of game one, I was saying to myself that I hope we win just one of the first two away games, because I can sure see winning both home games coming up. Time will tell!!!!
  14. How did I miss this thread??? Sharks finishing up the season well, I hope they keep this momentum going!!! Nice work Kings last night.... I dislike the Kings but hate Vancouver haha.... Sharks play game 1 against the Blues in just a few minutes, I can't wait!!
  15. Hey at least they only femured. It could be worse: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yoy_qIJGqYw
  16. The video is down, got a new link? I watched it a few days ago though, does anybody know if the wingsuiter who hit the water at what looks like bridge day lived? You can't even see a canopy, and he only gets the pilot chute out about 1 second before hitting the water.... Man.
  17. I got this in an email, very interesting stuff. Keep your eyes moving! Lack of motion Induced Blindness was presented as a flying issue, but one can also miss things (pedestrians, motorcycles, other cars) while driving, so, keep your heads and eyes moving. The below link is a great illustration of what was taught about scanning outside the cockpit when military pilots went through training they were told to scan the horizon for a short distance, stop momentarily, and repeat the process. This was the most effective technique to locate other aircraft. It was emphasized repeatedly to not fix one's gaze for more than a couple of seconds on any single object. The instructors, some of whom were combat veterans with years of experience, instructed pilots to continually "keep your eyes moving and head on a swivel" because this was the best way to survive, not only in combat, but from peacetime hazards (like a midair collision) as well. The most dangerous target is the one that has NO apparent motion. This is the one you will hit without evasive action and also the one you will NOT see as presented below. This advice had to be taken on faith until technology produced the display linked below. http://www.msf-usa.org/motion.html
  18. Man I have been laughing my ass off for the last minute or 2. When I saw your thread, I was wondering where you were when this happened, and then I saw your username. I said to myself "Jersey, fuck that place sucks even worse than I thought. All those commercials for that dumb reality TV show, and now this. Thank god I don't live anywhere near there." THEN I see after opening the thread, that this actually happened right in my neck of the woods!!!!! Hahahaha. Funny how that works out.... I don't live in Oakland, but have been there enough times to not look forward to the next time. Where do you live? You said San Mateo county+ walking to the beach, so I am guessing Half Moon Bay? About CCW.... Not gunna happen. I live in San Mateo county as well, and if it was possible to get one I would have one already haha. Glad you are alright man!
  19. A friend of mine dressed up as Walter for Halloween once, and we had all seen the movie so many times that it was a riot, he was dropping tons of great quotes all night. You are entering a world of pain!!
  20. Haha, don't worry I got my motorcycle permit when I was 15 1/2, and now I am 26. I have had a bike this whole time, and ride as much as I can. I just sold my 2000 RC51 a few months back, and still miss it, but this new bike certainly helps. So yeah, probably 100-150k street miles and countless dirt bike hours, and I have only had one at fault accident, a low side at 10mph in gravel. I got hit a couple years back by a guy in his car who wasn't looking, and needed ankle surgery, so I know all about the risks riders take.... I would say that I am very conservative when it comes to riding, but that doesn't mean I don't like to open it up every now and then when the time is right... Living in the bay area means I have tons of beautiful twisty roads close by, and motorcycles are the only way to enjoy them properly! If anyone ever heads out to the bay area with their bike, send me a PM and I can show you lots of fun places to ride. AggieDave- Weren't you the one who said you figured out a way to attach your phone to your gas tank, and were posting to DZ.com while you were on duty??? About the BMWs, they are sweet bikes! When I get older I am sure I will be heading in that direction, but for now I will stick with the sport bikes as long as my body can tolerate the aggressive body position. A friend of mine who is one of the fastest riders I know has a Ducati 849 (I think, it is a couple years old and white) as well as one of the BMW 4 cylinders which he bought shortly after they came out. He totally rips on that BMW.... Bikes with softer than race suspension usually do the best on actual roads, because they can maintain their speed through bumps, while super stiff bikes will be hopping all over the place... My friend's BMW can just fly through all sorts of stuff. I love the on the fly suspension adjustments too.... Anyways, I will do my best to take it easy for awhile and get to know the bike before I really push it hahaha. P.S. I hope to do some track days on this thing soon!!
  21. Well I definitely didn't think that it was going to solve every collision, or even most. I just know for sure that I have read about enough collisions in the incidents forum where one or both of the people involved didn't know another person was there, and didn't see them. I'll try to dig up some examples when I have some time.
  22. I have been wanting this exact bike (05-06 GSX-R1000, this is an 05) since they came out. Lots of great features, big horsepower, very light weight (435lbs with a full tank of gas and all fluids). I bought it from the original owner, and he put on some very nice extras, some of which I would be doing anyways which saved me quite a bit of money. Full exhaust system, power commander (allows you to tune the air/fuel mixture) as well as some other small engine changes upped the power of this guy to 165hp to the rear wheel.... That is like 30+hp more than my toyota pickup truck! Anyways, I couldn't be happier. Anybody else out there ever manage to get their dream vehicle? (obviously setting your sights to a reasonable level helps achieve this... hahaha) Edit to add: I had to make the image tiny to meet the max size requirement, bummer. Here is a link to a picture of what it looks like (not my bike though) http://www.mcnews.com.au/Wallpaper/Suzuki/GSXR1000/2005/gsxr1000_yellow_rhs_1024.jpg
  23. I think that my need to try and do many different things is what brought me to skydiving. I think almost every person here did their first jump because you and a few friends talked each other into it.... Why not do the same with other fun stuff? I am just not content to do one thing all of my life...
  24. What do you mean by that? I figured big ways would be a good place for these to be used at first, due to the density of canopies in the air, as well as everyone in the air being in the same group, ie everyone would have the device, not just some of them...
  25. I completely agree, I don't think it would help. Besides, it looks like they knew the other guy was coming towards them the entire time, so telling them the same wouldn't accomplish anything... This system would be helpful when you cannot see the other jumper, like swooper vs student or something. The swooper would know that someone was within a couple hundred ft, and that if they can't see them, then they should not start their turn...