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  1. You mean to tell me that the people required to give tickets, and enforce seatbelt laws, just . . . Forgot . . . To belt him in. At all. A lot has been made about about the seat belt policy, as if it was holy writ. The department implemented the seat belt policy on 03-Apr. It was sent out in an email to officers on the 9th, a Thursday. Gray was arrested at 8:39 on Sunday the 12th, 39 minutes after start of shift. As near as I can tell, the Baltimore police work a rotating 6 on 2 off/ 5 on 3 off schedule. So a good chunk of the force likely hadn't even seen the email detailing the new policy. Now if I was running the department I'd send a notification email a week before implementing the policy, but that's just me.
  2. I've been spending a lot of time in northern Italy and with relatively few exceptions I feel safer driving there than in the Philly burbs. The exceptions are: Stop signs- there aren't many and they don't seem to have any effect on traffic. Scooters: I assume that all riders have set out that morning to kill themselves, are carrying just enough gas for a personal funeral pyre, and are looking to me to euthanize (or at least thanize) them
  3. The news reports I've heard say it was a .380. These tend to have lightweight slides and light recoil springs. If you put a round into the barrel manually (not from a magazine) and ride the slide down the extractor can come to rest on top of the cartridge instead of gripping it. Then when you drop the magazine and rack the slide, nothing comes out. When you release the slide it will slam home and grip the round, ready to fire. Which is why the visual check is such an important part of the clearing drill.
  4. or we got a message 37 tears ago and didn't have the equipment available to decode it, or even capture it for later study.!_signal there are things about this signal that make my hair stand on end. It looks to me like there was something modulated onto the signal, and we missed it.
  5. Worst money I ever spent. I got one and I slept like the dead for the first 3-4 years we owned it. Then it started to lose firmness. and it loses it in areas where your weight is concentrated. I started to wake up in the middle of the night with my back spasming. When I decided to get rid of it, it was like trying to move a dead whale. Heavy, squishy, floppy and hard to grip. I'd avoid it unless you are willing to unload it in a few years.
  6. It looks like there was considerable logging activity above the slide and according to this article an outdated hydrology map may have been used to approve the logging.
  7. I know they're ironic. It seems like the media has a Mad Lib form for gun related reports. "Mr. ___(arrestee)___ was found in possession of ___(number of guns)___ and over ___(number of rounds)___ rounds of ammunition." If you don't fill in the whole Mad Lib, you don't get any credit. They do the same thing for skydiving stories. "Mr. ___(arrestee)___ was found with an arsenal of ___(number of guns)___ and a cache of ___(number of rounds)___ rounds of ammunition." Fixed it for you. Never forget to include the arsenal/cache wording.
  8. Second the Savage as the best value for the money. The accu-trigger models are in demand, but don't overlook the non-accutrigger models. Trigger adjustment on these isn't rocket surgery, and the minimum trigger pull is about as low as you would want to go in a field gun anyway. Note that the savage long action is really long, which can limit scope choices.
  9. It's 2 tables of sodium chloride. Actually, two tablespoons of sodium chloride (USP/NF), which means it meets the requirements of the FDA. If they want to sell in Europe and Japan, It will need to meet the requirements of those as well. This involves producing the salt in a facility constructed and maintained under current good manufacturing practices and auditable by the FDA & whatever other agencies that may drop by. The salt will require a number of laboratory tests to ensure compliance. This requires chemists, microbiologists, someone to maintain and calibrate the instruments etc. They will need to maintain samples of each lot on file for a decade or so to facilitate investigations. Since this is for an IV solution they will need to obtain a supply of horsehoe crab blood for endotoxin testing. The salt will need to be shipped securely to prevent tampering, and stored in a system that permits 100% traceability. The water will require similar, but more extensive testing. Don't even get me started on the bags. The bags will have to be filled in a sterile facility. The equipment used to make the solution will be clean, because this is checked each time prior to use. The qualifications of everyone working in the sterile area have to be kept on file. Each stage of the process is checked and double checked. During operations, the room will have to be monitored for the presence of bacteria. Samples will have to be pulled and analyzed during the run. Some will be set aside for testing in the future, to make sure things don't change over time. The final batch of product gets another round of testing for bacteria, endotoxins, particle contamination, concentration, pH, and a half dozen other items. Then it goes off to a secure warehouse where it is held until the paperwork is reviewed. Even once it is sold, there need to be people to investigate complaints about the product and track any trends over time. It isn't the salt that expensive, it's the not dying of sepsis part that's expensive.
  10. Three Mile Island is having similar tube-tube wear problems with their new steam generators.
  11. That's one way to get it fixed, any chance the trucker can take out the 520 bridge on his way back?
  12. 12317 is using Google cheating?
  13. Can you provide a link or reference to what you are referring to?