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  1. Met him at my first (beer) Florida jump in 81 at Deland Spring Fling. He was not impressed by my Rodrigues Solution, I was impressed by his freefall skills, vertical separation for pull, and positive party evening events! Including watching him get booted off more than one event/DZ. So many years of his smiles, wedding to Tami, and more crazy times than I can count. Thank you, Scotty, HIM HIM F*&K HIM! Rule #1 of Skydiving: Safely Land An Open Parachute!
  2. Pat is flying free and is always in our memories due to his love of our sport, his words, books, and especially: If you have not read his books, they are available for download for free there. I was lucky to have flown (tandem) with him at the Pioneers 2014 event at Felicity, CA. Yes, a 5 way and a freefly skydance. The second jump is the memory held dear to me, 2 Freak Brothers dancing in the breeze, freefall and canopy. Sing the song of freedom! Rule #1 of Skydiving: Safely Land An Open Parachute!
  3. I have had only 3 cutaway/reserve rides on tandem since 1988. 1 on 360 and 2 on 375 VR. I knew how they flew since we jumped them as mains for 3 to 5 jumps before packing as reserves. I now have additional rig of Racer, like it since reserve is same size as the main. It has had 2 reserve openings with previous owner. No problems. Yes, I prefer straight line reserves and can handle the toggle pressure. I would always want a proven tested reserve instead of performance light toggle pressure in emergency situation. Rule #1 of Skydiving: Safely Land An Open Parachute!
  4. Well written and very timely for so many older friends renewing their participation in our sport. Larry's key points of not seeing the handle, canopy flight and packing are the same comments I get from many others coming back. Hope you apply for your Skydiver Resurrection Award! Chris Deli-Schlipp and Tim Long have a great program there.
  5. The Hrdlicka family has also posted on Facebook the place, date, and time of his memorial in Wichita. Damian was truly an exceptional person and friend. Living The Dream! Rule #1 of Skydiving: Safely Land An Open Parachute!
  6. Same here, met him again after many years. Bob had a fantastic time at the Reunion! Here are the links to the videos I made Saturday morning. 3 parts. Thank you to Texas Tom Weber and Pat Solar for waking me up so I could hear more of Bob's great true stories. Told in only the way Bob could. Rest in Peace and fly forever, Bob. Rule #1 of Skydiving: Safely Land An Open Parachute!
  7. Well said! Wish there were more spectators and cheering sections for the competitors. Had not seen Nationals since the 80's and 90's. Fascinating to see all the different disciplines and most especially the Awards Ceremonies every evening!
  8. I will always remember that smile and grin as I left the plane waving at my Freak Brother Brad. He always lead the way, sometimes to an awesome dive, sometimes to mischief and the late boogie morning. He organized my FB load in Freeport and I returned the favor when he decided to start jumping after a layoff. He did all that I asked to show currency and suffered through my training and hanging harness. He used my large gear and then purchased his own. He was making new friends at different DZ's and connecting with old friends. So sad to have to talk to his family about his last day. Thank you all for your words, prayers and support to his family. They are most appreciative of that! FB 1872 misses ya. God Speed, Brad. Rule #1 of Skydiving: Safely Land An Open Parachute!
  9. 3 of the 5 DZ's I worked at last year required a signed contract with my FEIN. I have maintained a type S corporation since 1988 for reasons shown me by my personal lawyer. 1 DZ also required access to my business bank account for electronic deposit as well as me writing 3 checks for services at that DZ. That was to maintain and prove proper Contractor status. I also have a current 7 page contract that I try to have negotiated and signed before working at any DZ. Appendix A states the conditions and payment type and schedule. All approved by my current business attorney. Ahhh, for the good ole days when cash and a hand shake was all that was needed.
  10. Ok, do not know who you are, but you just got me snorting beer as I read the last part. Well written and scarily accurate. Thank You! So if you need to add any alphabet numbers or need a reverse Mohawk at Redemption Boogie. Ask me. Git R Done! FB1872 Rule #1 of Skydiving: Safely Land An Open Parachute!
  11. I spoke up in opposition to that motion made by Tony Thacker to "End Immediately the Lifetime USPA Membership Application for US and Foreign persons". Yes, I spoke clearly and distinctly. I did not shout or ridicule or in any manner make a rude gesture in front of the Board of Directors of USPA. I did forget to pull out of my wallet my Kansas Lifetime Hunting and Fishing License. I am going to make a copy of my Hunting and Fishing License as proof and demonstration of success for USPA and continue to fight any further action by them to end Lifetime Member program. Raise the cost. As they did do. Always keep this Honor Program for those who wish to purchase it! Rule #1 of Skydiving: Safely Land An Open Parachute!
  12. When you have a broken suspension line, due to cascades, you now have 2 points of attachment gone from the canopy if it is broken below the cascade. If they are on opposite sides of the canopy, may be steerable. If they are together, the canopy may be not able to steer or flare at all. I had a tandem instructor land with 4 broken lines/8 attachment points gone. The canopy had a high rate of descent and no flare, just a higher sink resulting in landing injuries. He realized too low that he had a problem. After opening, a full control check of turns and full flare is essential to determine whether to keep it or go to reserve. Rule #1 of Skydiving: Safely Land An Open Parachute!
  13. Congratulations on your 1st cutaway. This past weekend was 2 firsts at the DZ where I work. A first jump cutaway and then a sunset load with a tandem instructor candidate making an intentional cutaway. Lots of fun rigging up the additional harness with 24 foot flat round canopy for him to chop. Yes, they do oscillate! Back in the day, we would have had enough beer to last through the next weekend from those events. Rule #1 of Skydiving: Safely Land An Open Parachute!
  14. Just found out the Drop Zone where I work has not done hanging harness training for the last 2 months. Hope to change that back to full training on the first jump course, refresher training, and transition training. They still use the SOS release instead of 2 handle system. I feel the full harness training is essential for safety and confidence of the student and instructor before the student jumps. Rule #1 of Skydiving: Safely Land An Open Parachute!
  15. snofun

    The Legend of Roger Nelson

    Met Roger at 82 Nationals, witnessed the Ottley incident, changed my student program to a Skydive Sandwich model. Roger began a whole approach to skydiving which is still continuing today. Sugar Alpha is just a snippet of the energy and talent and skill he shared with everyone! Thanks to Melissa for getting this book written and published.