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  1. Looking to buy my first rig. Anyone with suggestions on size, make, used, new etc gear? I have 5000 to spend.
  2. Thank you. Hopefully my funds will go long before the end of the good weather lol
  3. Hey everyone! I just finished AFF and looking forward to meeting new people and many more jumps.
  4. Well after my MRI I have three herniated discs in my thoracit spine. 2 are mild but none the less herniated. Also a small compression fracture on my t12 l1. Its going to be a few months until any physical activity but I WILL get back on that horse!
  5. Thanks for your replies guys...my instructor didn't say anything about poor body position he actually tried to figure out who packed the chute last. He said my jump was great and that he did notice the hard openings but was wasn't on my behalf. I know its a 270 guys I've been using the same rig every time. I can't remember the model or make though. Now weather the lines broke be cause of hard opening or not I don't know. I just assumed lines broke from hard opening I could be wrong though . No video though.
  6. I've just completed my 5th AFF jump this past week and had experience my first hard opening. I was able to jump d-1 and d-2 in the same day. The d-1 jump went great, until I opened up. It was my first time having a hard opening. I snapped forward while my chin and nose was smacked by one of the risers. I received small abrasions but nothing major. My chute was good and my landing went very well. How ever my second jump went the same way but with a painful landing. ANOTHER hard opening and to my surprise a couple broken lines as well. I counted 2 broken lines but later I discovered I think there were actually 4!. The chute was square and stable but not so steerable. I should have just cut away once I saw the broken lines but I was nervous of cutting away. In result I landed in a field next to the airport I was at and my tail bone took most of the trauma. X rays negative nothing broken but very very sore!. I will not hesitate the cut away if I have any broken lines again. I was taught to arch right after you throw your chute out, is that to help prevent injury if you have a hard opening? How can you avoid hard openings? is it possible?
  7. Thank you everyone ...I actually finally came across usairnet.com...check it out!
  8. Hey everyone I'm trying to find a good weather app or website that can show cloud elevation as well as other important weather information for skydiving. I tried searching the forums first to see if anyone has talked about this topic first or not but had not luck....anyone?
  9. that is a great story! Go New Jersey!!!!