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  1. I think this is an issue where i hate both radical sides. Lets not pretend a baby is a pimple being removed and lets not pretend forcing someone to carry a baby is not enslavement. That's really the core Killing a baby Vs Enslaving women. Can we even say woman any more is that a thing to libtards? That's a whole other story. So to me the state can not have authority over someone's body. Mothers Choice period. Where the libs fall apart is they seem to think the state should have authority when its Vaccine's. Hypocrites Where the right falls apart is they should be the first to stand for individuals rights over the state...they don't here, Hypocrites
  2. Oh Bill here you again! your story is gospel to you, but the statistics of broken homes and how prevalent they are in the Black community is not! why my oblivious friend? whos is this Evil white man who makes all these fathers leave their children? Who is this evil white man who makes it happen over and over again? Did you read the paragraph about perception? I know YOU are above all judgments, but most humans will prejudge someone depending on experience and societal standards. It would be odd if i wear a kilt for example in the US or walk around in a grass skirt. Same guy in a suit is going to be viewed differently then the same guy dressed like a vagabond. When a cop pulls me over it makes a difference if i am listening to Beethoven or blasting FUCK the police. If i say hello officer how may i help you? gets a different reaction then, why the fuck you pull me over pig. Tell Neil i know how he feels because i get looked at more closely at all airports because regardless of being a citizen on my passport it says Born in Iran, Now i am no genius like Neil is but i understand why that is as i explained in the first post i might not like it but it would be grossly designios for me to pretend i don't know why. And there is no such thing as white privilege. Ask a poor white kid in a trailer park in a shitty part of town if the cops treat him awesome because he is white.
  3. I don't think there is a single group of people on the planet that has not been oppressed abused or treated unfairly at a time in history. Its terrible for sure but Victimhood is not the solution. It hasn't been for the other groups who were treated terribly and faced unfair situations in the past. The Chinese, Japanese, Irish, Italians, and on and on and not just in America all over the world, literally everyone has ancestry that's been unfairly abused. You can choose to make that your identity however i dont think its the wise choice. If you are not currently directly affected that means someone is not oppressing you right now, then get a job make better decisions and your life will improve over time, or at minimum you will improve your probability of success.. As for Racism, the question is what are you trying to solve? You cant invade someone's mind or control it, so as a society what we can do is not allow racist laws which i believe we both agree there are no racist laws on our books. Racism is not just a white Issue either, how many BLM protesters screamed your white so shut the fuck up! What you say doesn't matter because your white! The facts that these were tolerated by media and some apologists even praised this in our country is an extremely sad occasion in our history. We seem to have lost some of the principles that make this country great. If i say the next president has to be a white male that's the same statement as if i say the next president has to be a brown female, those two statements are equally ignorant. We want whomever is best qualified. As for your last paragraph about most people not being capable of supreme effort: Ok so what's the solution? Am i supposed to help them or is that their family's responsibility?, are you to blame or the people responsible for teaching the child the people who made the child? How can you or me be responsible for a decision that we had nothing to do with? And what do you consider supreme effort? This country thanks to the high standard of living even the poor have it better then most of the world. I dont think its supreme effort to work 40 hr a week save money live at your means not spit out kids until your ready and have a stable S.O. These are all average basic minimum efforts stuff and all under your control. If you do these simple things you can have a good life. What missing is these lessons of hard work , discipline, the value of education or acquiring a useful skill are not being taught at the home. Whos job is it to teach these lessons? Who is responsible for teaching how to behave, dress, and speak in society so you would be viewed in a positive light and not a negative one? i believe its the parents job unless you want a government official to take over which would be horrific in my opinion. There are many minorities who are greatly successful why is that? how do so many brown black and asians how do so many of them succeed while they started with less than even the poorest of americans? The answer is family culture, and the values someone taught them! The solution is hard and it takes self reflection from the communities affected to solve it for themselves. You make your community better on an individual one by one bases, sympathy about how pathetic you might be doesn't amount to jack shit, and blaming someone or scorning the people who point out the truth will not solve the issues but perlong them.
  4. There is no such thing as White privilege, it is a ridiculous idea that ignores reality and at best becomes a crutch, an excuse for failure. The idea is detrimental to all There is economical privilege period. In homogenous countries where they don't have the melting pot that we have in the US, guess what? people with money get treated better then poor people. That's the case now that's always been the case. I am not talking about bribes, Its stuff like being able to afford to live in a better neighborhood, there is generally less stress for everyone including the cops who patrol these neighborhoods compared to the ghetto. Add to that list all the things that wealth can offer and the the fact that having more money generally improves the probability of safety health and success for you and loved ones anywhere on this planet. There are plenty of poor white people with no privilege and plenty of rich minorities who get all the privilege its about $$$ Can we also admit that perception is something we all have and we all when presented with a new human make some prejudgments good and bad? Can we admit the way you talk, look and present yourself matters! or have most of us left reality!? Can you understand why at the airport me a middle eastern male gets randomly selected everytime by the TSA and the little old white grandma who is 78 doesn't....if you can't or have to pretend you cant understand that, know that i do understand and its not racism to me its called common sense. I understand that the biggest representation of brown,tan people like me in the past i don't know lets say 20 years or so is explosions Islam and death. Now i am glad that i live in a country where my rights are preserved and i am viewed equal under law, however it would be disingenuous of me to pretend to not understand why some people who don't know me personally might have some reservations or prejudgments......why do so many pretend not to understand this? However my biggest issue with the term white privilege is that it takes attention away from the actual problems. Like no fathers, no family unit, no values, no discipline! and gives an impression that you can only succeed if your white! which is untrue. Why is it so many immigrants who have come here with less of a foundation then even the poorest Americans, who also have to deal with the same system deal with racism and judgment dig themselves out of poverty? Why is it so many African Americans, Latinos , Asians and other minorities do outstanding in this country and are the picture of success? It's there families and the values they have been taught by them. It starts at home. The only way you can fix any problem is by being honest about the cause, not pandering in a cloak of sympathy thats detrimental to the very people you think you're helping Its been very frustrating watching the dialogue of this country in the past few years, I have read often white people who are coming from a good place make the dumbest statements, like We are such a Racist country!! I always ask them, have you been anywhere else? i don't mean on vacation have you ever lived anywhere else? do you know how people in europe pick any country on the continent feel about certain people? how about Asia? the Middle East? Africa!? you know where they cut your hands off in certain places if your from a different tribe? America is the least racist place on this planet. Work hard make better decisions sacrifice for the greater good of your family and you can have some privilege too.
  5. this is a good interview i feel like there is a lot of things assumed on the time line as Bill thinks and Dan kind of tries to clear it up.
  6. I didn't Vote for Trump. Honestly think a lot of people are playing the captain hind site game. I recall him being criticized when he closed the boarders, then it wasn't soon enough. As an independent i am more then happy with How POUS has handled this considering the information we had. At the same time Nancy P. can go to hell. The idea that someone would use this opportunity to slow payments to their fellow Americans so they could get some of their agenda in a bill is disgusting. This is not about you wining Nancy its about helping Americans NOW. As for Science deniers. There was a time i agreed with you and took great plesure in making fun how stupid some of the right was, for Ex.for wanting to say the planet was 6000 years old in science books.. idiotic!...........then the Left said hold my beer, lets pretend that there is no Male or female and well avoid all of biology all that we witness in nature so we can save some miseducated sensitive peoples feelings. We need more political parties. Right now Feeling are > then science for the left and Tradition has been > then science for the right. Sadly They both suck and there supporters you know the types who value their tribe more then facts and science are the fucking worst.
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    Hi Wendy Hope you are well. a sprayer is nice but you can use anything that can hold water and you can pour one handed. I have used a bottle of water on many occasions. Just pour the water down the but crack with one hand wipe and rinse with other and then wash hands. This is one of those things that's very funny to me. Because the idea seems so odd and nasty to my American friends they react the same way and make the same face as when i try to explain to my iranian friends that Americans wipe there butts with paper and don't wash until a shower. Culture is so funny on both sides. You see it with food all the time.
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    Just a PSA: No need for toilet Paper JUST WASH YOUR ASS!!! Wash your ass then wash you hands you will never go back to paper. Butt hole clean and then hand clean.everything clean... Your welcome
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    Covid19 I am very happy with how the government both state and federal have been dealing with this. I am delighted by how most people are acting and dealing with this. The general feeling i get is that we are in this together. There is no one to blame and being a dick isn't going to make things any better. i hear some grips but everyone needs to take a breath,the stress will only compromise your immune system. This is a good reminder that we aren't and cant be in control of everything. Some times shit happens and all we can do is our best. i read some of the posts and honestly don't think politics has anything to do with this. Stay safe and help when you can.
  10. For the record guns are designed to kill not to send you kiss's and hugs! that's why they shoot lead at high speed, its designed to kill and do the most damage. NO KIDDING, this might be different depending on where people grew up in the united states but access to guns has never been an issue when i was a kid here. We didn't have an ar 15 but we had guns with magazines that would allow you to shoot multiple shots.We didn't kill anyone! The problem is the intent and the lack of value given to human life. You have men who are constantly devalued, on media, in every commercial,the butt of every joke every criticism, specially white men and you wonder why these men under the influence of drugs (that warn of suicidal thoughts as a side effects among MANY others) might feel life is shit!! but yea its an inanimate objects fault The lack of family, fathers being more absent then ever nothing to see here. Hey how many shooters were on pharmaceuticals drugs? How many from broken homes? How many didn't have a father? I am sure you have solved the problem, its the Ar 15 being evil. Ridiculous! I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not." - Kurt Cobain
  11. yes OBVIOUSLY, however what actually effects this problem is highly politicized, so who determines what bears an effect on the problem? some issues as i mentioned cant even be discussed in a society where feelings trump facts. As is obvious from most responses. People get but hurt real quick here. You mentioned that kids being on drugs has been problem for centuries???? really a hundred years ago kids were on all these drugs for depression ADHD.... This is one of the problems, the lack of honesty. you know better but you act the part and ignore things i assume you know....just to fit your view Do you really not know the difference between weed the hipis smoked and the host of drugs prescribed to kids by doctors now?? this is what i mentioned in the original post which the responses once again proves. WE as a people will not find a solution because we are not willing to look, and as your so called point shows apparently no one understand nuances anymore. Abuse is different then discipline The idea that kids in traditional families due much better is nothing new just doesn't fit the radical left agenda, so it cant be discussed The fact that we have a lot less traditional families then we did in the past is not up for debate The host of anti-depressant, anti anxiety, and psychotropic drugs is much different then the 60s where people smoked a plant, not to mention rarely was it normal to take your drugs on the hour every day forever. Why do you pretend not to know the difference? no you don't teach kids how to deal with a problem by pretending it doesn't exist. Unless you are under the assumption that you can somehow take this out of human nature. Which like many traits can be related to many other aspects of what makes us humans and can have horrific results. Not to mention i don't know how you would achieve this word with no mean people? So again you approach the problem by measuring what has changed in the last 25 years in a none political manner you know the way science is supposed to be. Not directed at you Bill: if you lack the cognitive ability to understand what i am saying because of my bad grammar or spelling move along not interested in talking to you anyway! not everyone grew up speaking English i know your special because you did, and if a spelling and grammar is what keeps you from understanding an obvious point you have bigger problems cupcakes! I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not." - Kurt Cobain
  12. The only part i agree with is the scientific approach which i find impossible to do in the current environment and unfortunately this time its mostly due to liberals and there feelings out weighing logic. What has changed in the past 25 years? More kids are on doctor prescribed drugs then ever, but no media outlet will touch that. its all about an ar 15 Lack of fathers? and the demonizing of masculinity. We live in a world that acknowledging THE FACT that a mother CAN NOT replace a father gets you flames but off course a woman can do EVERYTHING a man can. Yea i wonder why so many men might feel worthless....Is that something that can even be brought up for factual discussion? No no support for young men any where and if your white well fuck you figure it out. No play time no freedom for kids. too many controls. what about religious morality? it doesn't have to be the bad kind i know many people who have learned good lessons like hey don't kill people from such sources. how about time outs and lack of discipline yes i also mean physical, it doesn't have to be abuse. it seems no one can understand nuances any more. We cant even acknowledge facts! scientific biological facts in the current environment. You know like there is a difference between males and females. That's has become controversy! How can you get to any facts in this environment of feelings trump facts? Most people and yes they seem to be mostly liberals cant acknowledge the facts about life that do not fit there utopic agenda. Guns have been around, Violent art has been around, Again the way to approach this is what has changed in the past 25 years or so? and our society needs to have the GUTS to actually look at the facts and acknowledge that the decisions you make matter! Family Matters! Fathers matter! morality matters! This no bullies BS is too much too. Are you teaching your kids to learn how to live in this world you know with ass holes and bullies? or a cartoon? Its not hard to see whats wrong, its hard for some to take responsibility and admit that they fucked up. What feels good often is not what leads to good results. hardships are needed specially for kids/young life is not easy! learn to deal your going to have to any way. I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not." - Kurt Cobain
  13. I cant call the shooter a wako i don't know enough about him. I think we need to be mature enough to acknowledge at times we can understand an action and at the same time condone it. People on both sides are frustrated for many reasons, there is a boiling point. No Civil war unless we keep talking about it and acting like it. Which i believe is the goal of our enemies, to split us apart. I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not." - Kurt Cobain
  14. Many!! that's why the ban because of terrorism makes no logic no sense, but people haven't changed they haven't learned shit. Are you Waiting to be called a traitor again for a few years then a few years after that everyone knows it a mistake but the dumb ones blindly supporting it still? I am! Whats going to be the WMD eminent threat this time. Pistachios politeness, Some Rumy the horror! the horror! I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not." - Kurt Cobain
  15. I agree with you 100% but i am Persian so obviously a little bias. I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not." - Kurt Cobain
  16. Just so you guys know i think the ban SUCKS I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not." - Kurt Cobain
  17. (not @Normiss) I feel like its GWB allover again. People acting like politics is football and being fans. Another war that's going to be branded as support the troops yellow ribbons for another unjustifiable war for false reasons. Kill a bunch of people and not just brown ones steal billions, devastate the economy..............i don't get it how many times do you have to watch the same trick till you catch on? The terrorists were Saudis mostly, the funding for ISIS is coming from Saudi? Why is it so many people are always so ready for war and make any excuse to justify it? Its the same idiots as the Iraq war crowd same tactics, same people who said GWB was smart.....it is groundhogs day I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not." - Kurt Cobain
  18. i see nothing has changed here, ill make it short. When a none Muslim commits an act of violence no one mentions that they are Christians Jews or whatever. However when any Muslim acts violent and barbaric the religion is in the headline. If you cant see these patterns for your self!!!!! Also we haven't been killing millions of people in Christain or Jewish countries we have been doing it in Muslim countries, and we have been doing it far before 9-11. Wanna a make a terrorist? kill an innocent mans family. This is not rocket science. I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not." - Kurt Cobain
  19. All you have to do is believe that they do and vote till one day it will be normal to have more then two options. It might happen this time as I don't think the candidates can get any worst but as they get more of the vote more will believe for a next time. I vote for them because I agree most with them. I am socially liberal more liberal then any left I know and fiscally more conservative then the most right wing guys I know. I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not." - Kurt Cobain
  20. I am usually negative trying to be positive and have some hope. I can't see how he is not the obvious choice. He is getting my vote even if I have to write him in. I consider a Hillary or trump win a loss for all of us. I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not." - Kurt Cobain
  21. Gary Johnson I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not." - Kurt Cobain
  22. This was fantastic...and very sad. I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not." - Kurt Cobain
  23. 60+ died yesterday in Pakistan -- mostly Christian women and children due to a bombing claimed by the Taliban. Do you attribute this attack to western aggression against Muslims? If so, do you think such attacks would cease completely if western countries stopped meddling in the Middle East? First its not about east and west its a species issue which i do not get. They call there murderers heroes we do the same its trible thinking and none of this will stop unless we evolve. I think we need to stay true to the morals we claim to have. Yes if we stop acting counter to our morals things will change in the long run decades of time must go by. one of the biggest issues is we are hypocrites. When we say we want democracy but stifle it when who we want is not elected it shows we have no morals and we lose any ground we have. But just to be clear it is not an American issue it is a most humans issue we just have the most power in the world, therefore we are the most capable and what we do and how we do it matters more. I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not." - Kurt Cobain