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    Jumptown Regulars

    What’s up man. I will most likely be there, and there is a lot of Jumptowners that don’t post much on Dz.com but they will be jumping Come on down dude you will have a blast. I wish they had the new program when I was going threw AFF. Don't be shy make sure you introduce your self. I'll be the dude with the big ass Red rig and the yellow red and black jumpsuit
  2. Darius11

    anvil needs jumpsuit advice

    I am 245lbs. About 280 with gear. I got a really really baggy suit for RW. And a normal suit for freeflying. It is impossible to stiffly with a really baggy suit. Most Suit manufacturers have some form of classifying their suits. Just lets them know you fall fast and need help slowing down. There are also jump suits that offer swoop cords that are attached to wings that will help you slow down. You will also slow down more when you jump a bit more. Give it some time.
  3. Darius11

    This man made me smile...

    This just Ffing rocks. Awesom. Thank you for sharing