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    Gary Peek

    Services for this weekend. Ash dive tbd
  2. MakeItHappen

    Gary Peek

    Gary Peek was found dead in his house yesterday morning. Concerned neighbors asked for a wellness check because they had not seen him around in recent days. Gary took an early morning walk every day. A few weeks ago Gary was in a car accident were his SUV rolled 4 times. He was treated and discharged by a hospital. No one knows, at this time, if this had a relationship to his death. Gary was a long time USPA Central Regional Director. In fact, he had the longest tenure of the current board members. Gary served on the Safety & Training committee during several of his terms. He chaired the Constitution and Bylaws committee last term. He was a strong advocate for the needs and concerns of small DZs and many were in his region. Gary also served on the Group Membership committee during several terms. Gary was also a prolific speaker at the PIA Symposiums. He gave talks on various subjects, including opening forces that he measured with custom strain gauges and recording devices that he engineered. He was also one of the test jumpers. One year he made a bunch of itty-bitty LED circuits with a 555 timer chip that could plug into expired CYPRES batteries and give a light show with blinking LEDS. Gary was well versed in the happenings at every DZ in his region. He called, emailed and visited the DZs frequently. After he bought his Cessna, he was able to visit the DZs more often. Gary posted in rec.skydiving and He wrote several articles for Gary was instrumental in getting me a gig as a load organizer at the WFFC in 1996. He also recruited others as LOs for the WFFC. After I bought an arduino, Gary helped me with my tinkering with microprocessors. He even brought back issues of Nuts and Volts to the board meetings. He told me who the the best electronic component distributors were. There are a bunch more stories about Gary and the board, electronics and jumping. Gary Peek will be missed by many, as he touched so many people's lives, whether you knew him as a jumper, an electronics guru or board member. Blue Skies Gary Peek. RIP
  3. MakeItHappen

    USPA Board Meeting

    No update about the meeting is on yet. That is usually done Sunday night. Anyway, the following motion was adopted: Move to add to SIM Section 2-1.G.1.c “On any student jump, the supervising instructor or both instructors if a two instructor jump, must submit a completed incident report to USPA within 48 hours if any AAD was activated on the jump. No disciplinary action will result from this self-report." Please let me know how you would interpret this new BSR. .
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    USPA Board Meeting

    As usual Lisa hones in on the real issues. As I said earlier, Wadkins told me each time that the motion came to the plenary session (3x IIRC) that it was only if the student's aad fire or a tandem aad fire that was required to be reported. If he has changed his story since then so be it, but I was sitting next to him and asked this Q each time. What you are not being told is that if someone does not report the aad fire they will be subject to disciplinary action. And -- this idea/concept of anonymity is in the area of la-la land. Generally, the incident reports are anonymous. However, if the case of these aad fires HQ has to keep track of who reported the aad fire in order to verify that Joe Jumper did file an aad fire report. Then there was a comment, by someone, who I don't remember, that said if we end up with a bunch of aad fires from the same instructor - well then we need to do something about that. That tells you two things: not anonymous and there will be a disciplinary action. It used to be that Is got additional training. Now they get a 1-6 against them and some sort of suspension and then possibly additional training months later. The reason I voted against this motion was because USPA may be putting the I in a place that puts "OMG I'm gonna be sued" vs "yeah USPA needs the reports". Anyone that owns a DZ or is an I, that has to deal with this, would more than likely follow the advice of their attorney. Their attorney would advise not to send any report in to USPA, thus putting them into the potential disciplinary loop of USPA. .
  5. MakeItHappen

    USPA Board Meeting

    That's right.
  6. MakeItHappen

    USPA Board Meeting

    That's what I would think too. After asking, no report is needed if the I's AAD fires, as long as the I is not acting as a TI on that jump.
  7. MakeItHappen

    BOD Meeting July 2018

    Steve- I do not know how much or which skydiving organizations have donated to the museum. You'll have to ask the organization. I will posit that it is extremely doubtful that they are donating on levels of several dollars per member. Rich & Ron- USPA generally does not take roll call votes. On this particular motion no one even voted by name. The exact motion is: Motion 14: 13-9-0 Passed (Mr. Berchtold) Move to establish USPA as the Host Country Affiliate of the International Skydiving Museum & Hall of Fame in accordance with the attached specifications titled “USPA & ISM Host Affiliate Specifications-2018.” This represents past cash donation of $25,000, past in kind support of $87,200, future in-kind support of $34,200 and $25,000 per year for 6 years. This totals $296,200. The vote count is 100% correct. Both the president and secretary count and confer the tally. The vote count is recorded in real time. If you want to know how each board member voted, you'll have to ask them directly. ... .
  8. MakeItHappen

    BOD Meeting July 2018

    Here’s my take on the museum motion. I am on the BOD and am the USPA secretary. Jim McCormick gave a presentation to the FB at the summer 2018 meeting and one about a year earlier. I’ve known Jim since the early 1990s. He’s a professional speaker and made a living at that time by giving motivational talks to corporate clients. He’s an excellent speaker and very well organized in his presentations. Jim gave a presentation at the summer meeting that was a sales pitch- not a motivational speech. It was sprinkled with motivational tactics, as well as, sales tactics. The pitch was to get USPA to agree to become what the museum calls the “Host Country Affiliate” (HCA). The HCA is a new thing, I have never heard of it before. I am listening to this idea and thinking that for the greater portion of the past 18 years, USPA has been trying to rid itself of the ‘USPA Museum’ moniker because so many members thought USPA was synonymous and the same as the museum. I thought to myself that this was strange and probably wouldn’t fly just for that reason alone. Jim goes through the rest of the presentation and eventually presents a cross-comparison chart of annual donations for several countries. I don’t remember what countries he used, but they were some of the larger skydiving/parachute organizations from around the world. There were columns for donation levels ranging from $10K to $25K. The breakdown of this chart implied that if country A gave an annual donation it would be something on the order of $4-9 per member of country A’s skydiving association – even at the lowest donation level. When the column for USPA was listed it worked out to be a fraction of a dollar per member – even at the highest donation level of $25K. USPA membership just eclipsed 40,000 members. I don’t know who comes in second, but it is a distant second, maybe under (or well under) 10,000 members? The pitch basically said USPA “only” had to donate a fraction of a dollar per member when these other countries would be donating several dollars per member. That’s a false assumption because these other countries would mostly likely NOT be donating at those high levels. I thought that this was so obvious that everyone would see that. Then the USPA treasurer said that USPA could not afford this, even at the lowest level. We have just raised dues this past January and that brought us to be even in the forthcoming years. But for some reason, 13 of the current board members voted to saddle USPA with an unplanned expense of $25,000 per year for the next six years. Nine board members, including me and, as previously noted, Gary Peek, voted no. The good news is that this can be changed at a future board meeting, provided you elect people that actually understand USPA’s business. I also want to say that Jim McCormick was 100% honest, did not deceive us in any way, and gave a great sales pitch that worked on several board members. The current state of affairs is that now the “International Skydiving Museum” is now the “USPA Museum” because USPA is the “Host Country Affiliate”. I think that the museum zigged when it should have zagged and all of this will be rectified in the near future. ... .
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    Vacancy USPA Pacific Regional Director

    FYI: The current Pacific RD is resigning effective 11:59 pm PT Thursday March 1, 2018. A USPA member from the Pacific region will be selected by the full board at the next regular meeting that starts on March 2, 2018 in San Antonio, TX. If you are interested in serving USPA members as the Pacific RD, then you need to be nominated by a current board member. Here is a mini-tutorial concerning board vacancies: - read the Governance Manual - make sure you know who will nominate you. - realize that it is the full board (minus the vacancy) that elects you, not your constituency. (This time.) - attending the next board meeting enhances your chances of success tremendously, but does not guarantee success - contact information for all BOD members is on the USPA web site and in Parachutist - send your information to the full board - ask your constituents for endorsements Good Luck to all that apply. If you have any questions, please ask. .
  10. MakeItHappen

    USPA N&E Agenda

    I want to thank everyone that replied with comments on these issues, all zero of you. I will pass on these comments to the N&E committee and FB at the next meeting. .
  11. Really?.....Really? OMG that comes from the USPA site---- We are fucked now. .
  12. MakeItHappen

    Greetings World Team Members,

    Even tho BJ & I do not see eye-to-eye on every issue, specifically the 10.6M dollars involved with the Skyride issue, I have to give credit to BJ, in that he has the ability to say 'Fuck you' in the most polite way possible. Not saying that is necessarily the best way to handle it, just saying he has that ability. .
  13. MakeItHappen

    Gus Wing 4/23/2005

    Every time we have an earthquake, I think of Gus. Hey, it's not what you are thinking. Gus followed me to a tranny shop in Sacto, so that I could drop off my truck. We were driving back to Skydance when the Loma Prieta quake hit. I was driving the DZ van and it swerved all on its own on one of the overpasses near downtown. I dropped him off at the Plainfield Station bar so he could watch the world series. Back at the DZ I learned that we just had a big earthquake. .
  14. MakeItHappen

    Inn at Orange jumps

    You now what would make a nice video too, would be to edit that sequence with modern day swoop accuracy landings, kind of switch back-n-forth. Landings back then and now are about the same. .
  15. MakeItHappen

    Lodi Jumpers

    Lodi is off of 99 not I-5. .
  16. MakeItHappen

    The future of skydiving?

    Fast Forward to the Year 2050 .
  17. MakeItHappen

    Flat track fall rate

    Your numbers or anyone's numbers don't mean jack. The best way to find out if your tracking is flat enough is to have a vidiot go level with the base and watch you (an outside person) track away. When the picture shows that the trackers gain altitude on the base, then the trackers did good. Sorry I don't have video on hand to show you, but I've seen it many times before. .
  18. MakeItHappen

    Style and Accuracy - men vs. women

    It mainly comes from the historical legacy. Many years ago the number of rounds were different. Men had more rounds and women had fewer rounds. This is similar to the current rules in tennis that have different number of sets per gender and also to the golf tees offs that have the women tee off closer to the hole than men. It's all based on a long sordid history of marginalizing of women. Believe it or not, but at one time women were not 'allowed' to jump at some DZs. .
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    Pillow handles folding under MLW

    For the cutaway handle you can put a twist in it to get it to turn outwards. Take it off the velcro, twist and reseat it. Make sure you twist it so that the handle moves outward when fastened. I don't know if this will work for the reserve handle, since it only has one cable. .
  20. MakeItHappen

    A better way out of line twist!

    I tried this this last weekend and it worked like a charm! Got out of a couple of line twist fast than ever! I just want to get it out here so hopefully more will see it and maybe learn a better way to get out of line twist! Also from him There are a couple of BG vids on this too. But from the limited vids I've seen, IIRC it only works well when the canopy is not diving. And one potential hazard is that you might release one brake by accident, that might complicate the situation. It does look like a promising alternative, but the 'gotchas' have not been identified yet. .
  21. MakeItHappen

    Question about FAI licenses. .
  22. MakeItHappen

    Tandem Parachute Team World Record

    How much of someone's donation makes it to the charity? .
  23. MakeItHappen

    Caterpillar Club

    The best bet would to ask people from Irvin Aerospace (now part of Airborne Systems) or Switlik. They probably have original pictures. .
  24. MakeItHappen

    Dive Plans

    Try this .
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    It is a volunteer position. No one is paid for the time they invest. the only compensation BOD members get are: - airfare to/from BOD mtgs - accommodations at BOD mtgs - per diem of $35/day at each BOD meeting - $120 for phone calls to members each year - RD can also apply for up to $500 of expenses for travel to DZs in their region. .