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  1. I give up too! It you can't fix, fuck it! Bye
  2. First let me thank P.Q. and all who have taken time to pm me and express their views! The only thing I enjoy more than skydiving is the skydiving community. As it is now does NOT accurately reflect that community. From my experience skydivers are highly creative,intelligent, careful people not prone to drama,disharmony, or dishonesty. The public perception that jumpers are nietzsche-esk ego-tripping death seekers is as far from reality that is possible. My experience, for example, with the filming of the Honda UK commercial was an absolute eye opener; here were the absolute best RW skydivers in the world(I felt like a roadie at a Stones concert).I did not hear one -not one- derogatory slight or even a negative insinuation between the participants. The scene from the movie Dropzone where these overfed brutes attempt to whup up on Pete Nessip for sitting at their table is just plain hogwash. is a free service and provides some very useful benefits. I may be wrong in my belief that the general perception among most jumpers is that has become like a undisaplined gang of adolecents, best avoided. I'm not refering to SC or BF but the entire forum application. I challenge those who disagree to take 30 minutes to read Incidents or Safety and Training and not feel ashamed. My hope by starting this thread, besides just to vent, was to open a dialog on how to get to greater reflect the skydive community. Maybe riddler is right with the assessment that I should 'create your very own skydiving website,... et al.'For that matter maybe I should start my own cellphone company or fastfood restuarant,or my own highway system. Dissatifaction is the greatest impetus for change.
  3. I reluctantly logged in to this website again; this time to find more information regarding an injury at Elsinore. Once again my disgust boiled over and I had to ask myself: Why does this place cause so much consternation? Is it the 'queen bees' who control the forums with their snarky, socially dominant behavior or is it the aggression and gossipy behavior of groups of bullies hostile to outsiders, particularly in discussions where clique members band together against what they perceive as a threat? YES! The group dynamics are such that new members are being ignored, members or even forum staff are being attacked, it's time to do something about it. Arguments, complaining and general disruptive behavior are more symptoms of this website's clique problems. Their very nature is problematic to a skydiving web site or forum because of the perceived attitudes and treatment of members not within the circle(Wuffos) up to the point of causing a breakdown in the membership that can soon affect the success of this website. Not only is this unpleasant, it becomes expensive to the wesite in lost visitors and/or membership. News outlets and the general public consider to be representative of the parachutist community and to be the sport's definitve information source. If you don’t confront these toxic dynamics, exclusionary behavior will become exacerbated, causing turmoil among the skydivers and members that will spill over off-line and most likely result in extreme dissention. Confronting the “clique culture” is but one suggestion that will improve the situation at least a little bit, and at least temporarily. Here are some other ideas for dealing with some of the problems addressed here: •Set the example for your's members by welcoming all new members yourself. •Address problems as they happen. Don't allow a problem to fester into an argument or attack. •Enforce forum or site rules individually and consistently with all members. •Ensure the forum and site rules are specific, quanitifiable and clear to all members. •Try to involve members in events or discusions so that the membership is mixed. This encourages members to get to know each other better and helps dilute cliques. •Be nice. Changing the situation permanently will take persistence and a concerted effort. Dealing with the issues head-on will prevent problems from getting worse and affecting's web site and forums. Leadership is respected and expected!
  4. To clarify: Yes it was Incidents, and the anger came from Catfishhunter's post, but meanness and callousness seems to be the 'order of the day' everyday. Sorry for being a whiney-ass but my emotions were raw. That said; realizing that people are not machines and that your statements are going to be read by many should be considered. Blue ones
  5. I rarely come to any more due to the mean and hurtful things that seem so prevalent. I came today to find out about the death of a dear friend and was just sick.
  6. In Freefall!! 12:00AM--12:01AM 01/01/2000 Gold Coast Skydivers Moss Point Mississippi Thanks Mike Igo, Travis, Miami Mike, David Lane, Ron Walker, Kim, Kreg, and the rest. Beautiful evening, second night jump, pretty wild looking down on fireworks and gunfire.
  7. Damn, i believe you just converted me! Let's form skydivers against global misadventure. We can jump into all the really cool highly restricted airspaces and fast or set ourselves on fire or just be pains in the asses to the military industrial complex.
  8. Texas; go there on vacation, leave on probation! If you are a conspirator in a felony and a death occurs during the crime, thats your ass too! Texas is not the only state to have such statutes. This article by the Nation is not about Texas,or whether this young f%#K-up rates the needle, It is pure political dribble aimed at a complete abolishment of the death penalty nation-wide, and to rally the liberal rabble.
  9. Call the Police!!
  10. Depending on your preferences: the 'IHOP' is a regular house with a kitchen and many bedrooms of varying sizes. It is pretty clean and right at the entrance to the airport. If you want go primitive; the bunkhouse sleeps four per very small room There is a common microwave, fridge, and small restroom. Also camping is great this time of year. Ask for me when you arrive and I will put you in contact with some very cool folks.
  11. two words: airtec cypress scratch that! one word: Vigil Ba ha ha ha
  12. It's not as hard fast a tradition in the US as it is in other parts of the world... Did it for my hundredth. nothing like having your jewels being pullled off at terminal. Sit flying was tolerable but belly flying was *&%^$*. never again!! Bob Anyone remember the "mardigasbob half naked skydives at Quincy
  13. Image of Chad's last skydive! Thank you Chad, a gift you have given to me is to always be the better person, not to speak ill of others and be slow to show anger. You are a beautiful person. Chow for now!
  14. Greetings, Manifest at Perris is collecting donations in the office. Any questions or concerns can directed to Dan Cook at 951-657-3904. There will ba an auction on Sunday (5th) with procedes going to Chad's daughters. On a personal note; Chad was one of those blessed people, whose passing is a absolute shame. The loss of such a cool, talented, and genuine soul rocks everyone whom were fortunate to know him. -Bob-
  15. Dampen ha ha ! Man I am called Mardigrasbob not Alabamabob! Please; this string is serious. If anyone knows of someone who lives or is staying in thr City during Carnival please IM me or call Rollie at PVS. We will be renting an SUV and going to Gold Coast Skydiving Sat&Sun. --Please don't turn this string into a discussion on Mardigras v. Mobile/Katrina; start a new one in S.C.---- -
  16. Hey all! Roland the manifestor at Perris and myself will be comiing to the Big Sleazy for Thurs. 23rd thru Wed 2nd. We need a place to crash near the Quarter for that weekend. Hotels are booked! Will pay cash!! ---Bob---
  17. Our brother is not dead! Our brother needs his ass kicked, but he is still one of the living. The pain that his family, friends and searchers feel is much lighter than was feared. So this is a happy ending!! On the base code thing, it is my experience that criminal pacts are macho, adolescent bullshit. On a jump in New Orleans many years back; a friend and a POS were jumping one of the buildings. My friend jumped first, opened good and flew toward Canal St. As he crossed Canal the wind from the river blew him into a building about at about 30' and he hit the opposite building at the street. The POS booked! leaving my friend to rely on providence. A car full of party animals found him and took him took him to a suburban hospital. All is fine today but that POS is still active in B.A.S.E. So much for the code. ----------------------
  18. Only a heathen would cut down trees and decorate them with precious metals
  19. Way to go Mike! Give 'em hell!! Redneck mafias always change their tune when the Feds get involved. You guys will always be my "home" Dropzone. I"ll be back out there sometime soon! Give my best to Mike Brown and his family for me! I had the best of times at Gold Coast.
  20. Gonna ride it to Rantoul in August! MooHaHa!!!!!
  21. Shark 7-- 15 minute call!!!!!!!!!!! ----------------------
  22. Tom, you are such a slut! Leave some for the rest of us! -----------------------