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  1. scottjaco

    How Much should I pay for a used Vigil?

    Well, how much did you end up paying for it? The DOM doesn't necessarily mean it was sold to a customer right off the assembly line. It could have sat in a box for six months before it was sold. Remember, Vigil's do not have a lifetime limit, so there is not a critical demand for customers to get the newest units. Cypres2 is a different story. Since you only get 4 years per cycle, people demand fresh units before shelling out $1,200
  2. scottjaco

    Perris gets a Porter

    It's good that they have a smaller plane for when they can't fill the twin-otter. How many people does it hold? Is it brand new? Is it faster than the super otters?
  3. scottjaco

    Eloy Christmas

    It's the Christmas boogie and I hope they enforce a 90 degree rule this year.
  4. scottjaco

    Panic Attacks

    You are new to the sport and this sort of thing is common. Remember why you are there. Visualize the best possible outcome. Stop focusing on what might happen. It's all in your head and fear is a thought process that can be controlled with practice.
  5. Perris probably is the best bet for you. It’s open during the week, which makes it ideal for travelers. They have the bunkhouses & restaurant on site. It also has a wind tunnel you might want to check out.
  6. scottjaco


    Ever thought about contacts?
  7. scottjaco

    reserve cuttaway

    If it were me, and I had enough altitude, I'd hook knife the reserve lines and deploy the main.
  8. I hope that's not your only rig? is it?
  9. scottjaco


    Everyone at Perris asks me about my altimeter. It has an operating range of 20K feet, is very easy to read in freefall and has protrack features like exit/deployment altitudes. Not much more expensive than an analog altimeter and more reliable because it's self calibrating with no moving parts! One thing I don't recommend is using this altimeter on a night jump, the display is not "high contrast" enough to be visible in the dark, even with a mini glow stick taped to the side. Use an audible if you are jumping at night, I didn't have one at the time so I got to count and pull, it was a very interesting experience! All in all, it is very reliable!
  10. scottjaco

    The Havok Helmet

    I used to wear these Ryder goggles, they would give me tunnel vison. I decided to get a full face helmet because I wanted unrestriced vision. I demoed some oxygen helmets from square 1 but I didn't like them because there is no chin strap and the velco headband slips off in freefall making the helmet very unsecure! I almost lost it doing a sitfly! The oxygen visor flip-up mechanism is cheap, you have to bend the lens to get it to pop up!. The Havok is a much better design!(and the same price as an oxygen). It has a chinstrap and the entire face shield flips up, not just the lens! This makes it easier to talk to people on the plane without removing the helmet. The face shield is secured by a ski boot style binding so you actually have about 100 teeth securing the helmet in the down position. As a result the helmet is a slightly larger profile than the oxygen but is still perfectly good for freeflying. I haven't noticed any problems. In fact it's a huge improvment for freeflying because of the high speeds, you don't have the wind sandblasting into your face! Bonehead is right across the street from Skydive Perris,CA so it isn't hard to get service! The helmet has 2 very secure external audible ports. I like having them on the outside because I get a more acurate reading, matching my wrist altimeter. The carbon fiber finish is awesome, I might add that the face shield also has the carbon fiber finish. The picture of the helmet that you see (on this review) has some kind of older finish on the faceshield, the new ones aren't like that. Mine is all carbon fiber/black. It even gives you the option of "baking" the padding in your oven, which then molds to the shape of your head. The "Havoc" is much better looking than the "Boomerang" fullface that Bonehead also sells.