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  1. Ok, I've been jumping for 10 years. got 450 of them. when I was a 100 jump wonder, my fear pretty much subsided. I was very relaxed in freefall and learning some good RW. But now it seems to be getting worse. A lot of time I;m just plain scared shitless. I do a lot of solo's because I'm so nervous I can't remember the points to turn. I sometimes almost have a panic attack on the ride up. then there are times I'll drive all the way to the dz, sit in the parking lot for an hour, then leave because it just doesn't feel right. What happened to this being second nature to me?
  2. Can anyone recommend a semi eliptical canopy that is not as slippery as a pilot. I demoed a pilot and love the way it flies and lands, but it's about impossible to get in the bag.
  3. probably around jump#20. I couldn't see the plane until jump #4. I had this spinning problem during freefall training so I couldn't see my instructor, or the ground. the jump before graduation when I finally conquered that problem the tunnel vision went away.
  4. its just a matter of choice. if you want a check in the plane, its a good thing to get one. personally I check my own before I gear up and my flaps are tight enough I don't want anyone touching them once its closed. I just check my hackey to make sure its still where it belongs before I leave the plane.
  5. eml

    viper question

    greetings, just wanted to know from anyone experienced with a viper. can you get out of line twists with them, or do they tend to go into a wild spin like a stiletto.
  6. I don't know the if glide path, the mfg. of the 1982 manta I used to jump recommends it or not, but I rolled it up past the tabs and stuck it deep in the center to get good soft snivels. maybe its just a tough canopy, or maybe I was lucky, but it took it for 10 years without any problems. I have since switched to a triathlon which opens soft by simply making sure the slider is covering the cell openings.
  7. eml

    Fear in Freefall

    you're experience was quite normal. during a lot of my student jumps I was told to pick a heading on the ground to make my turns with. I was so nervous and with tunnel vision I couldn't see the ground, or even my instructor, only my altimeter was in sight. I've found even now if I fixate on the ground I can see it coming up fast and get nervous. Its a whole lot more relaxing to look at someone else in freefall and of course your altimeter. just glance at the ground to see where you are in relation to the d.z. don't worry, the fear turns into mucho fun. its good to be at least a little nervous because being complacid kills.
  8. I tried on several rigs before I bought and personally I though the reflex was the most comfortable, has a pop top reserve with the catapault, and a handy little flap that covers the bridle. but ultimately its what you like best.
  9. eml

    rolling the nose

    rolling the nose and stuffing it in the center cell. this has produced snivels without complications for me for 9 years. someone stated this is really bad for the center cell putting pressure on it. even so, this is common practice by jumpers and packers alike. input and opinions please.
  10. a lot would depend on how you care for your rig. If you keep it in the trunk of your car exposed to temp and humidity changes, I would stick to the 4 month cycle. If you take it home and keep it in a controlled environment the yearly one would work. I am not condoning breaking uspa regulations by stating that. I don't go over 6 months because being a life and death situation, I wouldn't want freebag hesitation (which I had with a regular repack) and cypress batteries have been known to leak.
  11. eml

    7 & 9 cells

    ok, snivel, no snivel, a pack job controls that. the question was about glide. since a zero p glides better than f111, wouldn't a zero 7 cell glide similar to a f111 9 cell?
  12. eml

    7 & 9 cells

    is it safe to say a zero p 7 cell, having more drive than f111, but being 7 cells has the drive similar to a f111- 9 cell?
  13. eml

    buying online

    if you want to demo a canopy before buying it, does the seller trust you with it as do manufactuers? what the norm for this situation?
  14. as long as you do what you're supposed to do religiously, like pack with attention to detail, full gear checks every time,practice reserve procedures on the ride up, stay aware of altitude,watch everyone at breakoff to assure you are tracking away from them, keep your head on the swivel under canopy, and most of all have fun! Be a defensive diver, Don't get complacid about any of that, and you should have a fun, safe skydiving career.
  15. eml


    I've always been a little unclear about procedure for a horseshoe. I realize the boc will be in a very awkward position crunched up against the reserve. Can you realistically find the hackey, bridle, or something to get it cleared. If all attempts to do this fail do you cut away and hope for the best?