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    I Love My Wife

    I love my wife too. She doesnt jump nor does she understand why I would want to. She wont give me any money to jump with, thats on me. She DOES think I should do what makes me happy and doesnt try to convince me that I shouldnt be jumping. When I go to the DZ, she gives me a kiss and tells me "Have fun, just make sure that you come home" God bless my wife
  2. OK...I just wish I knew what it meant
  3. Blahr

    POP's Info ?

    Yup. It means you have managed to survive longer. That means you are cooler
  4. Yup. Maybe more than luck was involved. I choose to believe so. The guys were never caught. I deal with that by knowing that whereever they are today, its likely that their lives suck while my life ROCKS!! Long term effects? Yup. All good ones. That night changed everything for me.
  5. This is a great place for me to sneak in an extra post to increase my numbers where it might not be noticed. In a big, stupid thread like this!!!!
  6. Blahr

    funny video

    You should be ashamed of yourself
  7. Blahr

    XM Radio

    Whats XM Radio??!?
  8. Blahr

    POP's Info ?

    You old farts! I cant join your ranks for another 8 months
  9. Blahr


    Those are pretty big and klunky looking and it doesnt appear as if they have a good peripheral view. I use the over the glasses goggles by Flex-Z. They are lower profile than most of their type so catch less air, they are a sort of gel/plastic rather than the hard kind of plastic like Kroops so they are clearer, scratch less easily, and are more comfortable. They are clear all the way to your face on either side so the peripheral view is completely unobstructed. I highly recommend them PS I also have mine rigged so that they snap onto the outside of my helmet so I can have my helmet on in the plane but put on my goggles just before the green light. No fogging up
  10. Looks like you picked the wrong day to stop sniffing glue
  11. Yeah, except I didnt wind up in strange nightmarish scenes with bizarre people from my childhood trying to beat the shit outta me till I made up to them for my long ago wrongs I guess it would have been ok if Julia Roberts had been there with no shirt on, but I'm glad Keifer Sutherland wasnt there
  12. That event was actually unrelated to my drinking although it did take place during my drinking years. It was a robbery/mugging and I was not intoxicated on that occasion. Good thing too. Had I been filled with a depressant they might not have been able to revive me. The motive was a rather strong interest in my wallet. Unfortunately for the 2 guys that took it, I had about 5 bucks in there. Actually I suppose I could blame drinking since if it were not for my drinking, my marriage would not have broken up and I would not have been living where I was and consequently I wouldnt have been there that night waiting to get jumped by a couple of shitheads.
  13. I was stabbed several times. The wounds opened several arteries. The abrupt drop in blood pressure is what caused me to arrest. I was revived in the ambulance. Total time dead was believed to be greater than 5 minutes.
  14. I have a good one! Leaving out the gory details, A few years ago I was dead. I dont mean figuratively. Dead. On the ground next to my apartment building in a pool of my own blood with a bunch of nasty holes in me. Breathing? Nope. Heart beating? Not at all. Now I'm alive. Everything works. No holes. All the blood is on the inside. Howzat for cool?
  15. My feeling was always "If its enough to actually make a difference in your finances, its a decent raise."
  16. whether its good or not all depends on what its 4 or 5% OF 5% of 20K is only a thousand dollars. Whats that? $20.00 a week before taxes? Not that great. 5% of 80K is four thousand dollars. Not bad.
  17. My rig sits on its own chair in its own room. It has a private bathroom, a large screen TV. I takes its meals up there since it only likes to come out when we go to the DZ
  18. Ahhh. The panties thread is back on top over my peanut butter and jelly thread! My faith in humanity is restored!
  19. Blahr


    I'm a UNIX System Administrator and I work from home.
  20. Blahr

    PB & J

    There ya go! A woman after my own heart! Creamy Skippy globbed on thick is the way to go!
  21. I got more responses in my peanut butter and jelly thread than you did in your panties thread. I find that to be very surprising
  22. Blahr

    PB & J

    For sure. Its not the mess that concerns me, but rather its the fact that when its melting you cant get as much on there
  23. Blahr

    PB & J

    I hope for your sake that she really glopped on the stuff cuz man, thats the best
  24. Blahr

    Ode to caffeine

    BAH!!! I see no real quantities of caffiene here!
  25. Blahr

    PB & J

    You cant make a sandwich in a FOOD PROCESSOR, man!!! Are you nuts???!? Peanut butter and jelly sandwich...pudding!