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  1. MattM

    Paraclete XP Indoor Skydiving Championships Matt
  2. I've been through about 10 cameras and I just cut it off and burn it with a lighter so it doesn't fray. Maybe I'm just lazy. Matt
  3. MattM

    Chuck Blue...

    I know I earned mine. Where do I pick it up? Matt
  4. I never figured it out if it was excess brake line that caught or the actual toggle itself. Either way, I'm super religious about stowing brake line now. No photos of my helmet, I'll grab some soon. Matt
  5. MattM

    Gaffer's tape Matt
  6. Just wanted to share my story about my ringsight getting friendly with my toggle. Shooting 8-way during one of our training weeks out at Raeford.... During my deployment I get glance of my right riser getting out in front of me, which I never see. Promptly, my head is pinned looking up at line twists and a yellow toggle wrapped around something on my helmet and hitting me in the face. After a few revolutions, which is speeding up rapidly since I'm jumping a velocity, I figure out my toggle is hooked to my ringsight. At this point the load is huge and I can't reach up to try and clear it and my next thought is to chop it since I have broken nylon screws on my ringsight easily before. I chop it, the canopy breaks free, and so does my ringsight but is dangling by my cameye which I had a small piece of tape holding it to the ring. My helmet has a cutaway handle but I chose to possibly just lose my ringisght instead of my entire helmet. Had I not had a clue what was snagged, I would have went for the helmet cutaway for sure. So please, use nylon screws. Look over everyones camera helmet and make sure they are using them too. If you see anyone with metal screws, do whatever it takes to make sure they don't jump that helmet. Make sure the ringsight is free standing, don't tape cameye lights to them. ALWAYS stow excess brake line. Ok, enough preaching for me today. Be safe! Matt
  7. Matt
  8. MattM

    XP rules the world!

    Thanks! :-) True, we have some plans to make that better soon. Feel free to do that, get with me and I can show you how next time you are here. Plugging directly into the video server will be a little faster than pulling it over the network. Matt
  9. MattM

    ParacleteXP SkyVenture Update 2

    Make a trip to NC, fool! Matt
  10. MattM

    ParacleteXP SkyVenture Update 2

    It will be before December. Matt
  11. MattM

    ParacleteXP SkyVenture Update 2

    First flight video: Matt
  12. MattM

    ParacleteXP SkyVenture Update 2

    first flight was made today! Tim (the owner) was first in, then Kirk, John, and myself. We only had a few minutes but we were glad it was cut short, it was 120 degrees in the chamber! The louvers will be working by friday to cool it down. Video posted in the morning! Matt
  13. MattM

    ParacleteXP SkyVenture Update 2

    new construction video is up. Matt
  14. MattM

    ParacleteXP SkyVenture Update 2

    We have 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60 minute blocks. They range somewhere around $27 on up. Hope this eases your concerns. Matt
  15. MattM

    ParacleteXP SkyVenture Update 2

    We are "1 month plus" (I'm guessing) from opening. More information will be put up as we have it - which means the information on our site will start growing a lot here soon. I don't know where you pulled that figure from but we currently have a 1 hour block for advanced skydivers for $750. Pricing information will be released soon. I hope that helps. Matt