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  1. I follow the manual. What if you slide the chest strap down a bit once you have connected your passenger if you see it's a bit too high?
  2. Anyone have experience from tandem skydiving with people with no legs (no legs or part of legs at all). Is there a harness design that works?
  3. I think they will make one more album and it will rock! They will be back!
  4. Anyone who regularly takes photos with the Gopro3 now? There was an issue with the Gopro3 not producing as good photos as the Gopro2 (in the 2 per second setting or something)?
  5. Try to buy a learning book (not a too interesting one). Study a language or something, like listen to language learning podcasts and your brain might decide sleep is easier.
  6. Me to. Or rather from Crown Lewis...same person I beleive because same sort of email....
  7. I agree. regardless of RSL/Skyhook or not- have a cutaway on your camera helmet!
  8. If you get someone to film your landing, if you know your exact altitude for your first turn and then calculate your speed using hight and time? Personally I used input of back risers as stop for the timing. Or if you can decide exactly how long it takes to cover say 700 feet up higher and then calculate. Must be possible with Optima or Neptune? (performing 360s while timing) This is what I did (the first option) but I was my own idea so maybe ask for some advice about this first. (If it's a stupid idea I'm sure someone will point that out below soon....)
  9. I don't think it is the wrong way around on my rig, there is some other problem. How about if I ask someone to put one more layer of webbing on like some have have on their legstraps?
  10. Here is one more.. Thanks for your input guys. Edit: There is no tension on any of the pics the rig is sort of laying on it's back.
  11. Hi, My rig has CWH 2 PARTS FRENCH HARDWARE With issues that I hope I can sort out.
  12. Thanks- will have a look in a few days I'm not using the rig at the mo. For the other posts above- I have tried all (including contacting UPT) except for cleaning the hard wear and will try that next. I had riggers look at it with no result. I put waxthread through the webbing (sent pic to UPT and they said OK) but don't think that is a good solution really longterm. I did not put the webbing wrong through the hard wear! To the person who ask who I am- PM me and I can let you know, but cant see why that matters...
  13. I have a problem with slipping main lift web on my Sigma Micro (2011). I was advised to wash the webbing in warm water but that did not help. It slips about 2 inches every jump o both sides.