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  1. On the discovery channel right now. One job is a tower climber. quite entertaining. Check it out
  2. Corey You live in an area with very limited objects and most of them are very hot. You will find it very hard to get the locals to take you out, there are not many good sites for beginers. Just because u have a certain number of jumps it doesn't mean you are ready for base. Base is no picnic, people see the videos and think it is a piece of cake. But truth be known its dangerous and people die. The people you jump with have to trust you, and you have to trust them, because when things go wrong, they are going to be the people who will save your life. Even if you take a fjc, you prob not going to get anyone to take you out. It's just this area is very fragile right now. I know people have mentioned michelle jumping, but she a different case. She spent 18 months ground crewing, found a mentor and i have nothing to do with her jumping. she has great knowledge of the sport, and its ethics. Don't take this personally its just how it is right now. Gary
  3. Please PM me Don't wanna burn anything
  4. Ok heres one from my "what a night" evening enjoy Gary
  5. Last Night Was Sick First we hit one of A's 600ft 3 of us Me, Rich, and Dave Went home packed back up. Checked the winds, seeing that it was good for a building that hadn't been jumped yet. It was 290ft with a nice landing area, we had tryed twice before but the first time we had bad winds, the second time we were made by security. But this the third time was perfect, we waited for the workers too leave. about 3.30am, we snuck around the remaining forman, and on to the stair case. bolted up the 28 storys. got to the exit point threw some paper. Great no winds Perfect. Geared up. gave each other gear checks, and now we are ready too go. The great thing was this was Daves first building, and it completed base for him. Over to the exit point, Dave went first, I went second. We both had great jumps. I love the visuals of jumping in the city. We landed and a cab driver screams out "You guys need a cab?" LOL gathered our stuff, down some stair to the car, and then we were out of there. I'm so jacked right now 2 objects in a matter of hours and one new object opened Man It was a awesome night. Gary Harbird
  6. Hey Jimmys pretty cool. send him an email, and i'm sure he can sort it out. thats if u really brought a copy Gary
  7. Is trespassing on a construction site, a felony or a mistaminer? note: The building is owned by a private company its not state nor city. I hear different things. Have not been able to fine a law. Please help me clear this up. Thanks Gary
  8. I think lots of alcohol was involved in this post :)
  9. Hey Guys Recently 3 guys were spotted on one of our local A's at sunrise by a hunter, The police were called, but the guys got away. Well The police reported it to the antenna company, and now all of our local A's. Owned by the same company have motion sensors on them, They have 2 sensors on each antenna, and they face each other. Is the a way around the Sensors, or are we gonna set them off if we climb on the outside of the A, off too the side of both of them. Any help would be appriciated. Thanks Gary
  10. So who got one. Me and my friend hit our favourite 450ft A In between family stuff. Anyone Else Gary
  11. Dude its just a ladder, it's not rock climbing, come jump one of my As and i'll show you :)
  12. I can do 1050 in 20mins I once did 500 in 6 mins because my friends didn't want to wait for me at the bottom. Gary
  13. Here monday through friday for the next 2 months any locals want to show me around, I don't mind traveling Thanks Gary Harbird
  14. thanks you rock Gary Harbird
  15. Who are the artists of the 2 songs on this video thanks Gary Harbird