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  1. I dunno.... that "FREE" download is a bit rich for my blood Thanks quade.. I'll check it out. ----------------------------------------------------- Sometimes it is more important to protect LIFE than Liberty
  2. I am new to videoing, and I just picked up a Sony PC-109. It comes with some edit software, but i was wondering if there was anything better out there. I am not looking to spend a lot of money!! If you wouldn't mind could you list programs (pros and Cons) as well as approx price? Chris ----------------------------------------------------- Sometimes it is more important to protect LIFE than Liberty
  3. Ally, That is not always the case. If you read the incidents forum you will see recently a student at the ranch was killed under a manta 280. I learned on the same equipment. In hindsight, they are very big very slow chutes, however, still Lethal if you try to land in a turn. This student did do a 450 degree turn, but there is noting to suggest a 90 low bank wouldn't have done him in. This was not an attempt to downsize or swoop, simply either loss of alti awareness (Doubtful he was in his patern) or something scared him, maybe trees or runway.... It is always better to hit the trees or go downwind than to bank it into the ground. Onething I will say, I was NEVER taught what a FLAT TURN was as a student.... I think more emphasis should be put on them!!! Chris ----------------------------------------------------- Sometimes it is more important to protect LIFE than Liberty
  4. Simply stated if you turn your chute in a typical one toggle turn your forward speed increases dramatically. This is no big deal at altitudes above 1000 Ft. Depending on your canopy and weight, and several other factors, there is a recovery time between stopping the turn and your canopy flying straight again. Turning too low can cause you to strike the ground at a high rate of speed. The bigger the chute the more forgiving, however, almost any chute can kill you if you turn too low. Often it is taught that you can give a full toggle input above 1000ft. Between 1000 and 500 you can give a half toggle input, and below that a 1/4 toggle input. Speak to your Instructor they can tell you everything you need to know. Low turns are important for beginners to understand, and ways of avoiding them are just as important. ----------------------------------------------------- Sometimes it is more important to protect LIFE than Liberty
  5. Yes, what Skyhigh said. Hey my instructors were great, I listened and wasn't stupid most of the time, but again seeing it happen had much more of an effect on me than the instuctors telling me. Plus, I may not have been your "typical" student. In my progression I saw some students do stupid things even though the same instructors I had told them the same things. Chris ----------------------------------------------------- Sometimes it is more important to protect LIFE than Liberty
  6. I am not sure if it has been brought up before, but I was wondering what everyone's take on this was. I was a student a few short years ago, and I am still a low timer. I remember in my training being warned of "Low Turns" and what they can do. I was trained at the Ranch by Nikki, and Guy Wright, 2 great teachers that I learned a lot from. However, hearing about a low turn, and seeing one are two very different things. I was always paranoid about turning low, but it wasn't until I had about 30 jumps, when I saw someone's parachute beat them to the ground. (Some how they lived...) Watching that with my own eyes had a profound effect on the way I approach landing. I feel it has made me a great deal more aware and conscience of what CAN happen if I panic. Recently a student died at the ranch from an apparent panic turn or loss of awareness. We hear about it all the time. I was wondering what people's opinions of showing videos of low turns (burn-ins) to students would be. By students I mean anyone past Tandem, and going through a program. Maybe it would work like a "Scared Straight" type show. Obviously we don't want to scare people away from skydiving, but maybe we can bring the realities of this sport to the attention of newbies to instill on them some sort of awareness of the danger of Low Turns. Thoughts comments??? Chris ----------------------------------------------------- Sometimes it is more important to protect LIFE than Liberty
  7. I am a newbie, and I wouldn't do freefly activity of any kind without equipment which is safe for that activity. If you really want to play around, maybe the DZ would rent you FreeFly friendly gear ... Just a thought. ----------------------------------------------------- Sometimes it is more important to protect LIFE than Liberty
  8. I am a meteorologist... Nice pics!!!! I have never heard the term wave lift before, but I will explain what it appears to be. It does appear to be a small scale gravity wave affecting the LCF (lifted condensation level). This is quite common when there is an inversion in the atmoshpere. Consider the top of the inversion like the surface of water. It will "wave" as these pictures suggest any time there is a disturbance in the stable layer below the inversion. Typically you will see this happen in the winter, but on occassions turbulence enduced convection (Cumulis clouds) may cause waves in the stable layer. It is fairly rare however, because it is difficult for convection to occur in a stable atmosphere. There must have been some VERY cold air aloft above the stable layer inorder to cause the Cum clouds to form. I have seen this before, but like I said it is not very common except in mountainous areas where orographic lifting forces leewaves/gravity waves. Chris ----------------------------------------------------- Sometimes it is more important to protect LIFE than Liberty
  9. I can't get the origional one to open either!!! ----------------------------------------------------- Sometimes it is more important to protect LIFE than Liberty
  10. I only have about 45 jumps... Got my own gear at #29 and have packed about half of those jumps. I have no problem paying a packer.... If I plan on doing several jumps that day sometimes it is worth it to pay someone to do all that physical work for me. Maybe it is because I smoke too much, but packing is a lot of work and it is very tiring if you aren't used to doing it everyday. So, I will usually pack my first jump of the day, then pay for the repack, then maybe pack the next one... I don't think it matters if someone pays for it or packs themselves. I think I am helping someone make an extra buck on the DZ by having them pack it. I have been told that packing chutes on the DZ is one of the most lucrative under the table jobs out there :-) $5/pack 30-40 packs on a big DZ a day, 5 days a week = a lot of free jumps or $750-$1000 per week in a perfect world. More realistically though it is real busy on the weekends and one can plan on making $250- $500 if they only work weekends .... Just what I have heard. ----------------------------------------------------- Sometimes it is more important to protect LIFE than Liberty
  11. Thanks, If you know of any sites or anything where I can find more info it would be verymuch appreciated
  12. BACK TO THE ORIGIONAL POST: Is the jumper responsible to pay for a main he cuts away and looses even if he didn't pack it, the DZ did. OR should the DZ factor into the rental price the risk of loosing a chute once out of every 2000K jumps or so? Hypothetical situation-> DZ policy is the jumper pays for the repack and a new main if it is lost. Now let's say you are the packer and there is a newbie who has been a reall asshole around the DZ. He has been giving you a hard time ETC... Isn't there the risk that someone packing their main may intentionally shrow a small mal in there or maybe a major one. OBVIOUSLY this would be big time illegal and unethical, but don't you leave that option open (revenge) when you make the renter responsible for buying new equipment? Chris ----------------------------------------------------- Sometimes it is more important to protect LIFE than Liberty
  13. This was the only info I could find, but it has been like this with no update for over a year: Chris ----------------------------------------------------- Sometimes it is more important to protect LIFE than Liberty
  14. (I am assume this goes in Gen Skydiving) A while in talkback there was thread on this, but I can't search there right now.... Anyway. There was talk Skyventure had a tunnel opening in NJ in 2004. I haven't heard sh** about it in over 8 months. Does anyone here know anything about this tunnel? Are they still going to build it? What is its ETA. This would really be great for us up here in the Northeast, and I can't wait to have a tunnel around during these long winter layoffs. Chris ----------------------------------------------------- Sometimes it is more important to protect LIFE than Liberty