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  1. Nope, its not my birthday. Just entering an "ornery" period of my life.
  2. Well, its 37 years late but I have finally entered my "terrible two's" Now, any time anyone (wife, kids, boss, parents, etc) ask me to do anything I will simply yell "No!" and run out of the room
  3. Blahr

    Pics of Paige

    I got the same thing. No pictures.
  4. I'm not either one of those idiots
  5. Of course. Additionally, when measuring my total body weight, if I'm standing up I dont include the weight of my legs. Since they are holding me up their mass doesnt count
  6. Right, but take most of the water early in the day. You dont want your bladder waking you up after you finally got to sleep
  7. There is no chemical substitute for regular, vigourous exercise. I had an insomnia problem a few years back. It was bad. Sounded a lot like what you are describing. I credit 2 things for helping this 1. Less fat in my diet 2. Regular, hard workouts. Once I made these things part of my daily life I started sleeping 8+ hours a night and felt SOO much better. This obviously wont help you in the short term, but keep it in mind.
  8. Tried the Arnold press. That rotation under load causes me pain. So does vigorously throwing out my PC though. But I do it anyway I have no AC joint at all though. They actually removed it to keep the bones from grinding and causing spurs.
  9. Another good way to relieve that shoulder pain is to use overhead dumbell press for Delts rather than a barbell. Better workout for the rotator cuff too. I stopped the military press altogether in favor of dumbells. Not as good for the ego cuz you need to drop the weight a little, but much better for the shoulder This one change helped the shoulder pain more than anything else.
  10. I hear ya, I seperated my right should a few years ago, and its been giving me hell ever since. I went nice and heavy on flat bench yesterday and now today my shoulder is screaming at me. I've changed up my grip and width a bit, which is helping a lot, but I think its just something I'm going to have to live with if I want to lift heavy (and I do). You know whats weird, is on flat bench, too little weight really fuckes with my shoulder, if I'm lifting something moderate, like 225lbs, it feels good, if I'm lifting something lighter it hurts, if I lift around 300lbs, it starts to hurt. My shoulder is weird. Same issue with me. Seperated the right AC joint a few years ago. On-going pain. 2 surgeries. One solution thats helped me is while doing flat bench, when I lower the bar I stop when my upper arms are just below parallel to the floor. I dont touch the bar to my chest. I lower the bar SLOWLY and stop it about 2 inches above my chest and then push back up. This accomplishes 2 things: 1. Keeps constant tension on the pectoral. This provides a better workout. 2. Doesnt over-stress the joint by taking that upper arms too far past the mid-body while under heavy load. As long as I do this and am very careful with regard to the form, I can go heavy without suffering. I always enjoy a couple days of pain after maxing out which is why I dont test my max very often, but short of maxing out, going heavy isnt a problem. The formulas are pretty much on the money in my experience. I can knock out 10 reps at 260 lbs right now without experiencing any pain and for me, thats something. Some folks will claim that you have to go all the way down to hit the full range of motion. Thats crap. Those last couple inches only stress your shoulder joints unnecessarily.
  11. Has she been diagnosed as epileptic? If not, please keep in mind that all seizures are not caused by epilepsy. This could be something entirely different and she should see a qualified doctor or neurologist immediately. What good trying to preserve driving privelages if doing so puts her life (and others) at risk?
  12. Trying to develop your Bootie Strategy? I just got a new RW suit with booties. I'm not that far in advance of you. If I'd gotten the suit at 28 jumps I would have used the booties.
  13. Blahr

    KEWL or cool????

    I think "kewl" is EXTREMELY annoying Sorry, you DID ask
  14. Yeah, thats a GREAT idea!!! That way, any time someone hijacks a plane all the passengers can make certain that EVERYONE dies! Who will hijack a plane if everyone always died??!? NICE IDEA!!!!
  15. Too bad it didnt bite their little peckers off
  16. Blahr

    Just married!

    Congrats on your marriage! "Bleah" on your food caviar and fois gras pate Yukk
  17. I used to smoke 3 packs a day. I dont know what that equates to in jumps now cuz I quit 3 years ago (cold turkey) and I know the price has gone up since then. I'm pleased to say that I have no idea what they cost now I'm sure that a bunch of jumps per year though!
  18. You wont have a huge amount of sucess trying to bulk (add muscle mass) and lean out at the same time. The standard practice would be to bulk for a couple months pushing HARD with the weights while getting a lot of protien and carbs (calories) use the creatine during this phase and make sure that you drink a LOT of water. Next, after a couple months, take a month or so to lean out reducing your caloric intake (keep protien high and reduce the carbs), adding more cardio and you can try the ripped fuel during this phase. Stop using the creatine during this phase. The idea at this point it to try to retain as much of the muscle you gained as you can while stripping some fat. If you do this right you can hold most of the muscle but you will not be able to add any during this phase. This is a VERY simplistic version of my routine. Theres quite a bit more to it than this. I tried to stuff the most basic concepts in here in a couple paragraphs
  19. That'll be one nasty arm after a while. Especially with that spit all over it
  20. Blahr

    I AM STOKED!!!

    Good point...but I'd rather have a sleeve over than a collar in tow.... AAAARRGGHHH! It a NECK LOCK!!!!!! I'll be wearing this shirt for the rest of my life
  21. Blahr

    I AM STOKED!!!

    I have been lead to believe that it WANTS to open. That should be all I need...right?
  22. I used to play Everquest a few years ago. Blahr Raventhorne was the name of my main guy