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  1. Thank you god, for giving so many good things in the last 5 years that I'm able to bring jumping back into my life again after 8 years.... Thank you for my sons!!!
  2. Well, as some people like to tell us, If no one is presently observing that pilot chute, it might not actually exist at all until it comes out of the container where we can once again observe it into existance :-) If it doesnt exist, how can it be cocked?
  3. Congrats Scott :-) Have one on me (not before you jump though!)
  4. USPA's rules, that most DZs agree to follow, specify that the legal age of majority (18 in most states, 21 in a couple) for tandem, and 16 for solo. Why would you be allowed to jump solo at 16 but have to be 18 to do a tandem? That seems kind of backwards.
  5. Hi Jen, Just my 2 cents. I started jumping in 1989, made about 60 jumps between then and 1995, then stopped for 8 years. I was poor and couldnt afford to jump much so I was only making 1 or 2 jumps per month and staying away long enough in between so that I was all full of fears again by the time I came back. I've never felt such a barrage of mixed emotions in my life. One minute I'm totally psyched to go, the next I'm so nervous its absurd. I went through this almost every time I went to jump. If on occasion I had anough cash to make 2 jumps in a day I was totally cool after the first jump. All my nerves were before the first jump and in the plane on the way up. Once I'm out the door its pure exhilaration all the way to the ground. What was worse was this was a Cessna and I always seemed to get stuck in the hole where I could only stare at my shoes and think nervous thoughts. I hate the hole! Now I'm coming back after staying away for 8 years. Am I scared? You bet your ass I am :-) I'm still coming back though because for some damn reason, I just HAVE to jump! I KNOW what awaits me outside that door. The fear sucks. I wish I didnt feel it. But I'm not gonna let it keep me from getting out the door. Out there its all good! This time I make enough $ to come more often though so I'm hoping that my nerves will give me a break once I get back in the saddle. Today I am scared and nervous. Its been a long time. But I'm gonna take a refresher course, study my procedures, do an AFF style refresher jump, and start living again. I hope it helps knowing that you arent alone in being scared. It sure helps me to talk about my own fear :-) Knowing that YOU are scared helps me to deal with my own fear. In almost every situation in life, weather its skydiving or deciding what you want to be when you grow up, if you let your fears make your choices for you, they almost always turn out to be wrong. Think hard. If skydiving isnt right for you then stop. No shame, you gave it a fair shake. 4 jumps is more than most people will ever do and it takes a lot of guts to make that step. Just dont make the choice out of fear. Base it on what you WANT. Cheers, Chris
  6. To assume that anyone with a lot of jumps is incapable of learning anything from a less experienced jumper is just plain silly. Assume nothing about the people you jump with regardless of the numbers. I have a lot to learn at 68 jumps and I listen to everyone. I HOPE that when I have 1000 jumps that I am still listening and learning even if the person talking has only 150.
  7. My mom thinks its great. She came out to the DZ and not only did she watch. She did a tandem too :-) She'll never do another jump again but she took a big step to try and understand what was floating my boat. My dad thinks I'm a freak and cant comprehend it at all. Thats ok though. I comprehend enough for both of us
  8. Having just read the thread re: why do you hate pullout I have to ask a question thats burning through my mind. I'm coming back from an 8 year layoff and I have no idea what that thread is talking about :-) Whats a pullout as opposed to a throwout? Whats a pud? whats a floating pud? Why yet another deployment method? Is it better in some way? Sincerely, Chris
  9. Are you talking about "Parachuting: The Skydivers Handbook"? I see this book on Amazon. I'll grab a copy based on your recommendation assuming that this is the book you are referring to :-)
  10. Hello, Is there a standard practice for buying and selling equipment so that both buyer and seller are comfortable? For instance, if I was buying a used complete rig through the classifieds, would it reasonable to request the seller have a rigger at their DZ go over it and send me their qualifications and findings prior to money changing hands? Thanks, Chris
  11. oh.... it's so so SO different... you'll love it.. no more RV. No more RV??!? heheh :) As long as the corn roast is still on!
  12. Sorry I guess a bit more info would help :-) A license with 68 jumps total
  13. Can anyone give me any details regarding a Hornet? I'm returning from an 8 year layoff and a PD 190 was what I used then. Never tried any zero p or ellipticals. I'm weighing in at 220 lbs now (bodybuilding, not eating!) Would a Hornet 210 be a good choice or a bad choice for me? Thanks, Chris
  14. >>from your A # i'll assume it's been a few years.... Yep, got my A in Sept 93 and stopped jumping in 95. Making a comeback in Aug or Sept and am definitely gonna pay a visit to the Poconos >>there's now a hangar with padded packing area, >>classroom at the DZ, rig racks, lockers, and the 2 >>most kickass cessnas i've flown in. 182 and 185 right? There was a 206 as well back in that day flown by a guy named Jake. Is he still around? I wont ask about Don and Darlene as I'm sure they are there! >>you should visit.. it's swell
  15. Watching Cliff, Woody, and Norm do it on Cheers! I figured if Cliff Clavan can do it so can I!!!
  16. Cant speak for any DZ cept for the one I trained and jumped at 8 years back. Above the pocono's in PA, at the time called Northeast Pennsylvania Ripcords At that DZ a pin check prior to jumping was the norm. I never once got into a plane there without getting the once over. If nobody volunteered, I asked someone to check me out. I was frequently asked as well. It was SOP. Havent been there in 8 years but I'd bet it hasnt changed. I cant really say for sure about the "experienced" jumpers there. I was a newbie. I did learn the follow the practice asa student and continued after I got my A license. I'll be jumping again come September and if the DZ i go to doesnt do it automatically, I intend to ask for a check. I see it as a case of taking resposibility for your own safety so even if its not SOP at your DZ you can ask. My guess is that whoever you ask will happily look you over even if its not policy.
  17. Quotedid a search and came up with this one. Hey thanks :) This is way cool!
  18. QuoteI performed my last skydive to date on 12-15-02. That's 167 days go, today. Dude, I TOTALLY feel your pain. I stopped jumping 8 years ago for the exact same reason. I was terminally broke, divorced, a piss poor job, and child support. I had to sell my rig to pay bills. Man did I hurt but I just pushed it down deep and dealt with it. Now IM BACK!!! I've almost saved enough cash to buy a rig and I plan to start jumping again in August or Sept. Now that I know I'm coming back each day is an eternity. Hang in there brother, your day will come. Until then you might be better calling your jump on 12-15-02 your "most recent" rather than your "last". It just feels better that way :-) You probably wont have to wait 8 years either Cheers, Chris
  19. WOW, 150 jumps in one weeked eh? You musta been tired!
  20. Hey, I did my first 60 or so jumps at your DZ. Maybe I'll come back for old time sake and bring my tent :)
  21. I have noted the same tendancy to push. However I do believe that in most cases its because they want you to make your jumps while your training is fresh. I does get stale if you wait too long.
  22. oops, there it is! Curse me for an unobservant fool! Thanks!
  23. Hi Folks, Can anyone point me to a simple chart that graphs simple freefall times? ie: Exit at 13,500ft and pull at 3000ft = X seconds freefall Obviously there can be no difinitive answers as fall rates vary for a lot of reasons. I, myself, happen to fall like a block of neutronium and thus have to wear a circus tent to do RW I'm just looking for average times for average fall rates. Thanks, Chris
  24. Hey all, Just back from an 8 year layoff and, unlike virginity, I think you can return to being a wuffo if you abstain for long enough. OK, here I go. This term didnt exist (as far as my experience went) 8 years back but I'm seeing it everywhere now. Whats "freeflying" ?? Does this relate to using objects/boards etc to generate more lift and horizontal speed? If yes, how is this different from skysurfing? Do I sound like a wuffo?? Cheers, Chris
  25. Hello all, I'm returning soon to the sport after an 8 year layoff and I have a few questions :-) 1. Is there anywhere on this forum where people are selling good quality used gear? 2. Can $2000.00 buy a decent (used) complete rig these days or am I SOL until I get more cash? 3. Is it normal to be THIS nervous after a long layoff? I feel like a first tandem student again. Cheers, Chris