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  1. I have, I was in Ecuador and it lasted way to long :( I was sitting on the toilet yaking into the garbage.
  2. Just wanted to shout out to all the ladies that were on the record with me this weekend I had lots of fun. Saturday just before sunset, just in time for the party, the record was set. 43 Women came together to set a new record Canadian Women's Big Way Record. Guy Wright organized it. Sorry I don't have any pictures
  3. I have to agree, life is more blissful when you don't realize your stupid.
  4. Has anyone else been paying attention to the Second Cup fiasco. Apparently they changed their cup sizes to match starbucks, but as the company is franchise's they are stll using the old cups. So if you order a small it's actually bigger than the large size.
  5. dammit. I just played it for 3 hours.
  6. That's neat, maybe with a image of a body implanted in the ground.
  7. For people interested, here is the link: Planeterra ..I'm not sure Skyride is a company that ANYONE would want to work with...
  8. Were planning a fund raiser by getting whuffos to get sponsors and then do a tandem for Charity. They're going to give them a t-shirt and are open to suggestions of what to put on it. Anyone have something clever to use? Kinda like "I survived a Skydive for charity."