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  1. "Normiss - so used to being told to 'put that in your pipe and smoke it', he does it pre-emptively." 'buttplugs? where?' - geno
  2. "Baksteen demonstrates his aerial agility aptly by attaching a wing to a brick." 'buttplugs? where?' - geno
  3. Apparently they've known about it for years - it's only since the ease of seeing aerial views with sites like Google Maps that anyone's complained. Besides, the swastika symbol means peace anyway. It's used all over the world in a non-offensive way. 'buttplugs? where?' - geno
  4. You know, it's nice to see how many of you Yanks stick up for your soldiers. I'm truly proud of what our soldiers do for us in our name (well, usually in the name of the faceless politicians), but it's a real shame to see how few in the UK seem to care about supporting our troops over here. It's sickening to see how badly treated our troops are - terrible pay, no benefits, crap accomodation, outdated and shoddy equipment.. and the sickening thing to me is seeing how many brits just say 'well, they knew what they were getting in to when they signed up, they should stop complaining'. Makes me just want to hit them! 'buttplugs? where?' - geno
  5. souleh

    Counter Strike

    Reckon they'll finally hit a release target for TF2 then? 'buttplugs? where?' - geno
  6. souleh

    Baby Bunnies

    Ummm...? I can't say I've ever really been in a survival situation, so no. I mean, ya take a fresh rabbit, skin it, chop him up, and put it in a (preferrably) slow cooker with yer veg etc.. leave it to stew for a few hours, or pop it in the oven as a casserole... yummy Edit: oh yeah, see what you mean now. I wasn't really referring to the survival bit, per se.. 'buttplugs? where?' - geno
  7. souleh

    Baby Bunnies

    That was my experience. The only reason to eat rabbit is when you are in a survival situation, and the alternative is starvation. I went to a survival school 100 years ago and the common thought there was that to digest rabbit used a huge amount of water in the body. The gain wasnt worth the water loss. Dont eat rabbit. Pah, phooey. Rabbit caserole tastes gorgeous. Especially when they're freshly shot and go straight in the pot 'buttplugs? where?' - geno
  8. You don't *technically* pay for them. Your package would cost the same with or without them. They pay the carrier for the bandwidth / stream directly, and fund themselves with those 2.2 billion.. erm... people. What do they say? A fool and his money.. (Yes, I realise the lost revenue could result in higher package prices.. but just as likely, the slots would be filled with more 3rd rate shopping channels anyway) 'buttplugs? where?' - geno
  9. If you have no interest in watching, and haven't seen the shopping channel, how do you know they aren't trying to force God down your throat? And how come all those darn religious channels can afford to run, yet there's no hope in hell of a decent independent film or tv channel being able to start? Oh, yeah.. right. I think I just answered that one. 'buttplugs? where?' - geno
  10. Try some real british beer (ale). None of your yankee 3% lager crap thankyou! Miller lite indeed... psshh 'buttplugs? where?' - geno
  11. I dunno.. I always try to answer my phone, or at least return calls. I don't like it when you say that to someone and they call you constantly and abuse it, but I do try to stick to my word. I've played taxi plenty of times when friends have lost their wallet and got stuck in town after a drunken evening, given floorspace if they're locked out, lent money etc. Dunno, that's probably not what you're really getting at. 'buttplugs? where?' - geno
  12. Doh, feel your pain on that one! Chin up though, it'll be great once you finally get to Paris.
  13. Harry Potter?! How old are you guys? 'buttplugs? where?' - geno
  14. Oh, you'll be whining about your lack of bladder control next! 'buttplugs? where?' - geno
  15. I guess it's like that chemical registration list (or whatever it was) that I recall reading about. Something like the FBI wanted your universities to log, register and submit details of many many chemicals, most of which weren't particularly harmful. When it was realised this would get in the way of smooth operation of the dept's, they banded together and objected to it. Suffice to say, that list is now smaller! 'buttplugs? where?' - geno