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  1. skymedic

    First shots with Nikon D80 :-( mean sis right?
  2. A) Yes you should be being signed off as long as you have PROVEN proficiency...not just have completed them. B) also known as a flat is a minimal loss of altitude turn. using both toggles to turn in one direction. Do a search for flat turns...we have several threads on the subject. C) Tunnel...but that's just my opinion. and you know what they say about opinions. D) as in??? flaring? yes Turns? yes E) Yes...this is why you practice stalls above your hard deck F) would not. stay at full flight untill it is time to flare G) yes...but then again...if you have a ram air can really land long as it's safe.
  3. skymedic

    Anyone know how to make a tube?

    Yep..i've made one. French seams are your friend.
  4. skymedic

    Help! iMovie/sony DCR HC-40

    How are you connecting it? Firewire I hope?
  5. skymedic

    removing cypres

    There's really nothing to tell ya. Pull your reserve handle and take the thing out. it's just not that complicated. just make sure to take care of your reserve when it's out. don't abuse it or let it lay in the sun(even in your house) to bag it up and take it to your rigger if your gonna jump while your rig is getting maintenance.
  6. skymedic

    Clueless and Need Advice

    yep sounds like a good deal to me...just make sure a rigger takes a look at it. also make sure you can handle a 170...ask your instructors before you buy that. it will be alot quicker compared to student stuff.
  7. skymedic

    Harness Integrity Look it up yourself....
  8. skymedic

    large container, small chute

    what kinda of 190 reserve, what kind of 190 main? line types? older jav , new jav? J4K 176 – Raven II ZP up to 190 J4.5K 193 – Raven II ZP up to 210 J5K 218 ZP up to 240 these are for current sizes....I think a J5 is too big for you safety wise...but best idea is to call sunpath. Derek and the guys and gals down there are great people who will tell you exactly what will and will not work.
  9. skymedic

    Price For Hornet 150

    I'd say closer to 600...considering most hornet owners love theres and they are a good dependable canopy...
  10. skymedic


    funny thing is I wasn't going to buy a safire when i did. It was a few weeks before WFFC and I needed a canopy fast. This canopy happened to be for sale at Square 1 as one of there used Demo fleet. they said it had a relatively new line set and just a few holes. I really didn't care about what color it was. well this was the start of my journey with the safire. my first 20 plus jumps I got the snot slammed out of me...on opening and on landing. I just could not figure this thing out. it was making diving off heading openings. the flare was awful(so i thought at the time). well then I learned that I needed to start psycho packing the canopy. this helped tame down the slammer's to a more acceptable level. I still had off heading openings now and then. But I could handle that. then I finaly figured out the sweet spot of the flare. I went from standing up 2 out of 20 to standing up almost every single landing and even having the thing pop me back up into the air. this was just after one of the low jump# skygods at the local DZ told me the safire has no flare...even thoug he had never jumped one in his life. the canopy literaly lifted me 10ft plus back up into the air which I rode out and landed on my feet nice and softly. Well then a few weeks after making a post about the slammers HooknSwoop PM'd me about a mod that he does to help slow down the openings and improve flare. I finaly got the mod done after waiting almost 6 months. well let me tell you. I now have a few jumps on the mod and the thing is just awesome when it comes to openings. nice SLLOOWWWW snivels the way I like them. I have none of the diving tendency's like I had before. it is realy nice not to cringe when I deploy like I had before at times. On the Bottom end I have mega flare. it seemed to me that I am not even using half of the available flare. I am sure I can swoop the thing much longer than I am. I am more than capable of shutting it down any time I wish. for an extended swoop or a nice and short flare to a full stop in a relatively small space. to sum it up, I love my canopy, it is a ton of fun in the sky, turns are great with no oversteer, easy to stall and recover, recovery arc is relatively short(which is fine with me right now), I'd definately recomend the mod be done for anyone with the safire, it really does make a great canopy better.
  11. skymedic


    I have recently purchased one of the new versions of the time is ALOT thinner than the older ones...but is still simple to use. only the BoP can be changed...the minimum main pull is set and the "your about to be dirt" tone is also set.....Very loud...I can even hear it in my mindwarp...just an overall excelent purchase...and the price of 135$brand new was great too...