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  1. For all the old timers that remember Anne and I. We met on and have been together for 6 years. We had our baby this morning at 0330am. We need some vibes as little baby Doll isn't doing so good. He's on a vent and in the NICU. His name is Charles. but we are calling him Chuck just like Chuck Blue. Anyway...just wanted the mighty Sangiro to know what he did!!! C ya later Marc
  2. But Chris since QL peeps ALWAYS follow the rules it would be impossible that on this load someone wouldn't have put their seatbelt on so it was obviously a mistake by the NTSB in there investigation of the crash. I think Noshit needs to realize that it is possible someone in back blew off the rules and didn't buckle up and contributed to the deaths of her friends just like Scott did by blowing off the obvious safety rules of flying a -20 on a hot day with a rolling start and half a runway. Marc otherwise known as Mr.Fallinwoman....
  3. Anything from Me first and the gimee gimee's. Fat mike rocks!!! Marc otherwise known as Mr.Fallinwoman....
  4. skymedic

    iPhone Apps

    I use Apple Remote, Supermonkeyball, MLB at bat, and one of my favorites is mobile fotos for flickr on the go. Also labrynth is fun too. BUT my all time favorite is the Shazaam as already mentioned SOOOOO cool to use in the car for our local college radio station that doesn't announce names of bands etc. Marc otherwise known as Mr.Fallinwoman....
  5. The law is the law. BUT the reason for this law is that far too often emergency workers are killed while putting there lives on the line. I've had a bag knocked off my shoulder by a car speeding past. literally a foot away from killing me. PLEASE pull over...if you don't you deserve to go to jail. In the past week there have been over 5 emergency workers killed by drivers not paying attention. Marc otherwise known as Mr.Fallinwoman....
  6. Interesting as I've not had an issue with my original 2 year old macbook. Works great every time. Marc otherwise known as Mr.Fallinwoman....
  7. I just don't talk to the bitch anymore...makes my life much much easier. Marc otherwise known as Mr.Fallinwoman....
  8. I was gonna say cricket....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Marc otherwise known as Mr.Fallinwoman....
  9. Registered April 15th 2001. FUCK thats a long time on here. 7 freakin years??????? Holy crap!!! Then: 27 years old married to a so so woman. Living in Sanford, FL. started skydiving at Sebastian March 6th 2001. working as a paramedic. My then 7 year old daughter was living with her mother in Cincinnati, OH. I just wanted to get out of my life. Now: 34 year old married to a great woman that I met here, Live in STL, MO. My now 14 year old daughter lives with me full time for past 4 years. No longer skydiving but dreaming of the sky often. Going to college. Working full time as a Firefighter/Paramedic. Loving life right now and seeing the future as brighter and brighter. HUGE thanks go out to Sangiro for this place. Without it I wouldn't be Mr.Fallinwoman First two are of Anne and I then Last one is of us now. Marc otherwise known as Mr.Fallinwoman....
  10. I've seen bullets take out cable lines.... Marc otherwise known as Mr.Fallinwoman....
  11. I take people straight to the waiting room more times than i take them to an actual room. If you call an ambulance for bullshit we will still put you where the bullshit goes. Chairs Marc otherwise known as Mr.Fallinwoman....
  12. Any idea on the economic footprint baseball has on our nation? That ultimately is why they care. And the fact that CHILDREN are encouraged to use steroids because their hero's use them. Marc otherwise known as Mr.Fallinwoman....
  13. Wow...not much gets past you huh? The idea behind "stock" cars is that each team/driver starts out with basicly the same car. i.e. engine, chasis, body template. Making the racing more about the driver rather than about the engineer as in F1. Marc otherwise known as Mr.Fallinwoman....
  14. Good luck man. Nothing too it. It isn't rocket science. Marc otherwise known as Mr.Fallinwoman....
  15. skymedic


    Loved it so much that I've seen it twice. LOVE Juno Marc otherwise known as Mr.Fallinwoman....