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  1. andy2

    Quasar II

    I really love my quasar 2. I bought it used so I have no comments on the customer service on the ordering end but I have attempted to find answers to a few of my questions and come away slightly dissatisfied with the way I was treated (slow to respond via email, hard to get someone on the phone, etc). Though the times when I did get through people were willing to help. The container itself is AWESOME! I love it. I feel very confident in it performing even in highspeed freefly dives. The riser protection is great and the reserve pin protection is rock solid. A great container.
  2. andy2


    This is a great helmet. I've jumped quite a few demo helmets before settling on this one. Very good comfort (although ymmv - everyone's head is different). I think I would continue jumping this helmet if only there were internal audible pockets and not the external ones. But a really good helmet overall. Oh yeah, the skydial is a POS, but the helmet still functions fine without it.