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  1. koz2000

    icarus website down?

  2. koz2000

    r-max vs pd126

    Are you sure it's a 132. Maybe I'm misinformed but most of the R-maxes are 118,128, 138, etc... I've got a few jumps on R-maxes set up as mains, and they have a lot of power in the flare and fly quite well. Both are great reserves. I've got a ride on a PD143, & PD126, and they also fly great. I don't think you could go wrong with either.
  3. koz2000

    Reserve Repack card

    Paragear has them Item S7310
  4. IMO I think one of the best ways to make someone feel relaxed is to be professional. We have one TM at the DZ who makes the corny jokes, says inappropriate things (told a preacher to say "holy shit, holy shit" on exit) , and pretty much everyone doesn't like doing jumps with the guy. No bragging but most people I have taken said they felt very comfortable jumping with me. Try to show them things on the ride up, talk to them about why they wanted to jump, explain how most people are nervous on their first jump (it's natural), tell them what to expect. Listen to what the passenger says, especially under canopy, don't keep spiraling down when the passenger says stop, if they like it and you have the altitude, do it. Whatever you do Please don't tell them or people who have come with them that you can "cutaway" a bad passenger. A TM told the mom of the passenger that he could cutaway the student if he was causing problems. Naturally they had a cutaway, and landed off the DZ. It took a lot of convincing that her baby wasn't dead. It was definitely a black eye on skydiving.
  5. koz2000

    The Oldest AFF student I have ever jumped was...

    We had a guy in his late 60's come through the AFF program. It took a about 15 jumps but he finished and now has his A. He just bought a rig. But he broke his foot on a landing a few weeks ago but he still comes to the DZ every weekend.
  6. koz2000

    Old-style Time Out audible... help!

    If I remember correctly it's a Duracell 2CR11108 6 volt 28L . It looks like a minature D-cell. Instructions? only the first (highest alarm can be set) one button makes it go up, one makes it go down..
  7. koz2000

    Canon 30D Question

    A 15mm Sigma lens works pretty well but the 14mm Canon lens is a better quality. (this translates to roughly 24mm). As far as the switch, the Adidt remote switch is avaliable on ebay for pretty cheap, then you'll have to mate it to the conceptus switch http://www.craigtrimble.com/d60remote.htm is a pretty good description on how to make the switch
  8. koz2000

    Any thoughts on Bonehead Mind Warps?

    They fit pretty much on size. The Mindwarp (the new version) is an awesome helmet, very comfortable, and functional. You can "bake" it to get a custom fit. Look on the website for details. The best thing to do is go to your local gear store and try one on. Some people have narrow heads and some people are fat-heads (or have a round noggin) The head measurement is just a starting point.
  9. koz2000

    Vector II Good or Bad

    Ummm, good or bad in what respect? Is there any reason that you're specifically looking for the Vector II? The VectorII was a good rig in it's day and if you're going to stay on your belly (eg. no freeflying) then it's a good rig. The biggest problem is that it has a lot of velcro which is not as secure as tuck-flaps. It would be best to talk to your instructor about it. I wouldn't hesitate to use a VectorII as a student rig. But unless money is a huge issue, then look at the VectorIII, Javelin, Mirage...
  10. koz2000

    Free fly pants

    Firefly [url "www.flitesuit.com" ] Flite Suit [/url] [url "www.ouragansuits.com" ] Ouragan [/url]
  11. koz2000

    Time-out dytter

    I'd look at the Pro-dytter from L&B. The new price is $119. It's smaller than the Time-out. I don't think the Time out has been made in a number of years.
  12. koz2000

    Belly mount!

    Bonehead doesn't sell their belly mount any more (that I know of). Try contacting Jason Bell at [url "www.vertical-visions.com" ] Vertical Visions. [/url] He's also on dz.com as base428. He makes a variety of mounts.
  13. koz2000

    AFF instructor information

    An experienced AFF instructor should have a wealth of information. The course director usually has a video collection of AFF dives gone bad. Each CD has his own method he likes as far as the ground course. Contact the course director that you're going to and ask him.
  14. koz2000


    I got the opportunity to jump the Blade at the CSS Easter boogie. Beezy had several demos and I made jumps on a 98 and 108. My exit weight was approx 225lbs. The openings- long long snivel, great if you've got a camera. It does not wander or search for a heading. The toggles give quick turns. The risers have very light pressure and long diving turns are quite easy. The rears easily leveled the canopy, however I didn't feel I could stay on them as long as a x-braced canopy, but transition to the toggles keeps the swoop going. The material was very easy to pack, but it would be slightly bigger than comparable sizes due to "winglets" I only got to make about 10 jumps on the two sizes, but from those jumps, I would recommend that if you're in the market for a Crossfire2, Katana, etc... you should give this canopy a try.
  15. koz2000


    I've jumped two Fusion's a 170 and a 120. At a lower wing loading the Fusion is docile and forgiving. It has a good flare and light pressure on the fronts and toggles (I haven't tried rear riser landings with either) The Fusion 120 is an excellent choice for wingsuit or camera flying. It has very good carry for AFF-I's getting back from long spots. At the 1.85 wing load it is very snappy and a fun "easy" canopy to fly. Front riser pressure is heavy after a 360, but it then responds well to harness input. Give this canopy a try, it's worth it My experience 1000+ Velocity 90-103, 500+ Stiletto 120-150, 400 Xaos 27 88-103, then a few on Xaos 21, Fusion, Nitron, Katana, Blade, Cobalt, VX, Crossfire2, Safire, FC Rage, FC Pro-series, Sabre2, Spectre.