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  1. BlindBrick

    Paraplegic wingsuiting

    If you go for the leg retraction, you need to make sure that both sides stop at the same point in the case of a jam. I'd hate to get fixated on jammed kit and not realize that the uneven weight distribution put me into an unnoticed spiral. -Blind
  2. BlindBrick

    R-Max owners... a question

    Figure it as one size larger than it actually is for pack volume. The way the fourth line in a group is reenforced really adds to the pack volume. It's a shame they got such a bad rap from the older Ravens, I wouldn't trust anything else but my R-Max. -Blind
  3. BlindBrick

    Big Boys and Wings

    Any of these big guys fly Prodigy's? I ordered one since I've got low #'s and it was recommended for beginners. I'm beginning to worry that the small wing might not be big enough for my fat ass. (6'0, 300 lbs) -Blind
  4. BlindBrick

    Phat vs. Skinny, or Perceived performance

    Yuri, could you scale that to 330 lbs and assume a Prodigy? I have this feeling I won't so much glide as plummet with style! -Blind
  5. BlindBrick

    Cheap battery powered glow sticks

    You can get a version you can turn on/off and change the batteries on at Wal-Mart of about $2.48. They are in the sporting goods section. -Blind
  6. BlindBrick

    Senior Rigging Courses Kansas City area

    Call Fiesty at SD:MO. He occasionally puts on a course if there enough interest. Mt. vernon is aout 2.5 hours from KC. -Blind
  7. BlindBrick

    MC-4 Spares

    That's good, becuase you can't. Due to liability concerns, the company now refuses to sell to anyone other than military. As much as I choke on saying it, check with Ralph at Western Parachute Sales. He's got a good selection of military surplus gear. Just be aware that he's the type where calling him ulttra shifty might be an ungrade over what people usually call him. -Blind
  8. BlindBrick

    RW Suit

    Kris makes an excellent product and backs it up with excellent customer service. My suit was damaged in shipping and not only did she fix it fast, but she had tossed in some mods I had asked about free of charge. I would defiantely consider doign business wiht her again.