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  1. is anyone driving to the va100 way from north of new york city? i'm desperately looking for a ride down and happy to share costs. i'm also willing to meet a ride in baltimore or dc, although nyc would be ideal. thanks! .-.
  2. Well I guess I meant tailgate, not necessarily a Casa. I was trying to distinguish between diving from side exit and a tailgate exit. .-.
  3. Anyone have tips/pictures/video for the most efficient dive you can have from a Casa? More specifically, I'm looking for info. related to diving out as a mid to late diver for larger formations (30-100 range). Thanks! .-.
  4. Looking for anyone in, or close to, Manhattan that has an extra seat in their car for a skydiver and is headed to Skydive LI or the Ranch. This weekend would be cool, but also looking for rides throughout the summer
  5. I'm a C license holder and have been out of the sport for about a year now. How much is reasonable to pay for a refresher course w/jump? Anything I should review beforehand? .-.
  6. Title says it all. Looking for a reputable rigger in the nyc (manhattan) area. Prefer downtown/midtown. Thanks! .-.
  7. i'm new to the city and looking for rides to the dz from nyc. i live in the east village but am willing to meet anywhere reasonably close via subway (i prefer manhattan). if you're able to help me out, let me know what days/times you typically go, which dz, and where i would need to meet you. thanks in advance! .-.
  8. anyone know what kind of turnout there might be tomorrow at cross keys? more specifically - rw? .-.
  9. I won't comment on the discussion, but most child endangerment prosecutions involve drug use or crimes committed while the child is in the parent's custody. Parents are given significant discretion in choosing how to raise their children. The only time that discretion is called into question is for fairly egregious acts (skydiving COULD be one of them, but it at least involves some sense of judgment when compared to other acts). I was curious anyway and did some research...definitely nothing involving skydiving. I tried just about every other dangerous sport and nothing really on point. The only time it seems relevant is in determining custody after a divorce and that involved a child riding on the back of their parent's motorcycle. Ok - done with my legal rant. .-.
  10. Rather than having to post in Events, it would be nice to have a section specifically for sharing rides to the dropzone. although i'd be surprised if you guys haven't already considered this yet. .-.
  11. I'm living in DC without a car and looking to jump. I'd prefer XKeys or Orange, but it doesn't matter. Let me know, thanks. .-.
  12. I agree 100% with this... a skydiver exposes himself to the full extent of both "skydiving risk" and "general aviation" risk every time he gets in a plane. this is especially true considering that most fatal aircraft crashes happen on takeoff, and jumpers are seated in a less safe manner than other seated passengers (seatbelts are good and all, but how much is that loose seatbelt that's threaded through your cheststrap and the main lift web of the jumper in front of you really going to do?) Also, plane crashes are one of the few ways that a jumper can die in this sport without making a single "mistake". Harness training, canopy piloting courses, good equipment, a conservative wingloading, and safe canopy piloting practices won't help. That said, I still call it a general aviation accident, because the line has to go somwhere. And because I dislike the headline "10 skydivers killed in tragic plane crash" being used to sell newspapers... you'd never see the headline "10 tundra researchers killed in tragic arctic plane crash" Agree with all of that, but would add that, at least in my opinion, skydiving planes are usually older and have a higher probability of not being maintained properly. Although I could be very wrong on both of those points; especially the second. Any aviation enthusiasts care to weigh in on that? .-.
  13. I'm looking for a reputable rigger in the DC area; preferably by a metro stop. Anyone? .-.