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  1. melushell

    Real Xstream video maker. Anyone using it?

    we did at our dz maybe 4 years ago, back than they had some stability issues was pretty good as marketing tool but pretty shit for the cameraguys (you need to spend extra time for putting the video online) i really don´t know how it is now hope this helps
  2. melushell

    RAWA website dead ???

    ...... or a phone number? i just have their fax number
  3. melushell

    Skydive Center Spa

    I have been to SPA for their headdown over Spa boogie. Well everything was absolutely AWSOME The DZ looks great, full of personality, all the options u might think (I love the manifesting system (each person has a card with a bar code and they just scan the card and u are in, easy to use easy to track-also the PC software that announces the load :)) Really nice camping area, great planes, restaurant, skydive shop, showers, huge covered packing area, great green landing area, free wireless internet and of course THE STAFF, ohhhhh THE STAFF which I give a big thumbs up and a big thank you for making everybody feel like home. High professionalism and multilingual, huge positive vibe, really international DZ, u can find people from a lot of countries. well this is one of those DZ's that u just fall in love the first minute u enter there and NO SKYGODS, even tough the skill level is really high. The only thing that "bothered" me was the weather, well being positioned in the north of Europe sometimes rain kindda bothers. A really positive impression and I was really sad for leaving Spa If you are around, u gotta pay a visit and your impression will be better than after reading my review ;)
  4. melushell

    Skydive Salerno

    HEY all skydivers i am from romania and i participated in salerno's accuracy competion. best skydivers ever we felt there like in a true family.Best people ever, they made all their effots for us to feel perfect. Hope to be back there as soon as possible,and all i can say is Skydive salerno is the best. Viva marius