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  1. seriously...what drives you or your friends towards landing your canopy as fast as possible?
  2. My curiosity was to find a best practice DZ and understand what sets them apart. And like you mentioned, there must be a small dz out there might have something cool running at their place, so I am hoping people will start bragging about it ;) I have not seen a lot of DZ's but I agree that Skydive Dubai's video dept is top in terms of gear and content output. Having a dedicated video department, full-time editors, top non linear systems puts them "above the rest". Though having all the bells and whistles does not necessarily make you the best in the game.
  3. Which DZ you think has the best video department?
  4. is this a spike or is a constant speed under a maneuver?
  5. What the max descent rate you have logged under your canopy? What is the max you heard of?
  7. As far as I am aware FAI considers a world record something that has been done in a competition. from 37 to 35 the difference is 5.5%
  8. Definitely something new cooking at Skydive Dubai
  9. we did at our dz maybe 4 years ago, back than they had some stability issues was pretty good as marketing tool but pretty shit for the cameraguys (you need to spend extra time for putting the video online) i really don´t know how it is now hope this helps
  10. according to This is both optical and electronically ...and is lighter than a CX 100 to which camera are you comparing it to?
  11. any setups experiences with this cam?
  12. zenitar 16 mm everything is manual, no mo re electronics to fuss around you learn it and works like hell
  13. did order a lineset for a xaos 21 took them like 5 motnhs for delivery, no communication in between
  14. nice, you got the most out of my post back to the main subject like i said you should definetly define what you want from the canopy in very clear terms we are very lucky to live times were custom needs are an available option, just pay the price for it
  15. XF 119 - 500 jumps XF 2 99 - 800 jumps katana 97/120 - 12 jumps Neos 84 - 1000 jumps i can call myself an Icarus 'fan', and that is mainly because i am a p%^sy when it comes to openings and my back , and Icarus really knows how to treat this well obviously from your selection XF will open the best, now you need to think about what you want from your canopy i got a neos 84 more than a year ago, and man believe me that is a canopy i am not going to sell EVER! amazing openings, super stable wing, long recovery arch and pretty good response on rear risers for getting you out of the corner i do longer swoops with it than some guys with 'serious' crossbraced wings out there (but that is mainly for knowing the wing very well) i consider this model to be the perferct workhor(s)e for a guy that does more than 1000 jumps a year on his own rig katana? no thank you, is juts a mushroom with sharp name where are you jumping? trying them is your best bet