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  1. i dont have a bedside drawer, but if i did im sure there'd be all sorts of contraband in it
  2. does anyone have any experience with these?? any information about them would be great, characteristics and what not.
  3. u talk to much but u already know that
  4. what cd's were they, i hope you burned copies first..
  5. our class size was roughly 10 i think.. fairly large.. and yeah i plan on finishing my aff. just waiting for a mate to make a jump and catch up then we'll be jumping every week or so
  6. yeah bar the second tandem for sure, just get stuck into it.. where abouts in sydney are you from nic??
  7. yeah i was on that one, it was pretty packed eh.. lainey was with me, and dave, but dave didnt get to jump coz hes a dumbass and forgot his little book and had to drive back to sydney, y the time he got back out there the wind had come up and he missed out.. we're gunna head back out on wednesday.. might do stage two then
  8. did stage one of my aff this morning out in Picton in Sydney.. what can i say that already hasnt been said, fkn awesome {",} gunna go out on wednesday for 2nd jump. trying to work out what i dont need that i can sell.
  9. im from sydney but u already knew that tengos
  10. nice one. im doing my AFF out at picton late feb. cant wait catch you out there sometime
  11. where abouts in Oz are you from?
  12. whats up kids AFF 29th of feb see u punks there =)