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  1. When I started jumping a (now) friend who started jumping at the same time was so scared on a couple of jumps that she had tears running down her face in the plane. She always got out and she overcame the fear. She now has hundreds of jumps. My advice would be to push through it - everyone feels fear. I did my first jump in 7 months a couple of weeks ago, and I was really scared. It's nothing to be ashamed of, the more you jump, the less fear you feel. Good luck!'s largest skydive gear store
  2. We have 3 of these in Australia too - Picton, Warnervale and Nagambie. Awesome planes all round.'s largest skydive gear store
  3. Someone asked a group of us a few weeks ago if we think we'll ever stop skydiving, and even without thinking I said "yep". I know I won't be skydiving forever (but I also know my boyfriend will be, which is fine) - right now, and for the past year and a bit, I don't have the money to compete in 4 way, which is all I really want to do. I've got my tutor rating now, but I'm just not getting the same feeling anymore. I know for sure that if I could do 4 way I'd stick with it (I like to be the best I can be at anything, and it's really frustrating knowing the only thing holding you back is money), but at the moment I just question whether the risk is worth it when I'm not absolutely loving what I'm doing. So yeah, I won't be doing this forever - but I also feel like I'll go back to it one day (I'm only 26 now, so maybe in another 25 years I'll have more money to invest in the sport).'s largest skydive gear store
  4. I check in the order of: Leg straps Chest strap Hackey there & pilot chute not protruding Cutaway handle Reserve handle (go through EP's one last time) Reserve pin (check myself) Main pin (check myself) Door opens - one last hackey check before exit.'s largest skydive gear store
  5. Hi George! Welcome to the forums and to skydiving! I jump at Picton regularly. How did your course go in January? I see you're up to 8 jumps now, so I'm assuming all's good. I'm sure I'll see you at the dz. Nic.'s largest skydive gear store
  6. Hey FW, welcome to the sport! I've haven't ventured to Nagambie yet, but know lots of the regulars there from around the place - you'll learn so much from those guys so stick around! I jump in Picton, Sydney (which also has heaps of awesome skydivers!). Good luck with the rest of your AFF (don't worry about repeating levels, I had to repeat Stage 7 and heaps of people have to repeat a stage at some point!). Chrissey, I saw you over on the skysurfer forums ( for those that haven't been there yet)! Welcome again - I still haven't got around to meeting you!'s largest skydive gear store
  7. It's pretty scary seeing the ground coming from that angle! Glad you're ok (now!).'s largest skydive gear store
  8. Thanks for the laugh Dave!'s largest skydive gear store
  9. Does anyone have any good photos of (big, obvious)tears in a canopy while in flight? If anyone does, please contact me and I'll give you all the details of what we want to use them for.'s largest skydive gear store
  10. But we still need money to try to win those prizes. I think I'll sit back and be a cheer squad for the winning team this year. For those interested - I do take bribes to cheer for the 'best' team.'s largest skydive gear store
  11. Welcome back to jumping! Sorry to hear about your accident. How many jumps have you done since you've been back? I bet it feels great to be back in the air!'s largest skydive gear store
  12. Welcome to the forums and the sport! AFF can be pretty scary, nice job on taking control of the situation. I've only heard good things about Nagambie and there's a lot of talented jumpers there to help you out with anything you want to know. Have fun!'s largest skydive gear store
  13. Aww man, looking at the new dive pool makes me want to do more 4 way sooooooo much. It sucks having no money.'s largest skydive gear store
  14. Yeah, but it's usually said with a little jest in the tone. That article makes it seem like we get out and fly at each other and see who's lucky enough to survive the jump, just to go back up and do it again.'s largest skydive gear store