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  1. Boogie not mentioned here. We barged in from AU to be welcomed with open arms and some of the best skydives ever. Thank you x
  2. Hi Dale, I'm afaid you have answered your own question there. Anyone with a spare $15m under the mattress could set one of these up. $AU looking pretty good at the moment but still a pricey option to import the US technology. If it happens here, Gold Coast is probably the likely location. It is a possibility, but don't hold your breath.
  3. I did a bit more searching last night, seems like AZ could be the go!
  4. Certainly looks that way at the moment! Virgin are also kicking off a new service to the USA too No tunnel time so far. This will be a first!!! Oh shame, more beer!
  5. We are looking for maybe 10 hours freestye tunnel time late this year/early next year. Any suggestions?? Malaysia is obviously closest but are we better off coming to the US? Any help appreciated
  6. It is awesome. Attach to helmet, line the bugger up. Autofocus, sports mode, 18mm and off you go. OK so the camera may take a fraction of a second to focus but its WAY good enough for me. I have had some awsome results with it on the ground, under canopy and in freefall. Exits are great, just chomp on the switch!! If you know what you are doing with a camera, chances are this thing will make you look even better
  7. Here is a different opinion! New canopies are a PITA to pack and if you are going for new gear too, you will notice the damage when you stack it a few times! Find yourself an older set of gear with a safire2/sabre2/pilot and put a heap of jumps on it. Easier to pack, won't matter when you land on your arse and you should be able to sell it for about the same $$ in 6 months or a years time. Chances are you will want to downsize around the same sort of time too! My 2 cents worth!!
  8. Deepseed in NZ sell them www.deepseedskydiving.co.nz I have one on my 400d, awesome I just have a UN quickshoe on my hat. (AU$50). Took it apart and drilled 4 holes in the base plate. Secured with 4 bolts/locking nuts and a metal plate inside. Seems pretty rock solid. If you want luxury, check out the liquid mount from cookie composites. Saw a few at Equinox last week, they look the dogs bollox! www.cookiecomposites.com
  9. Cheers for the offer Dave! It's safely strapped to my hat now, had to relocate the bear to the side though!
  10. Picked the beast up yesterday. Bl00dy hell, this thing is an animal!!! I thought our Olympus 3030 was the dogs bollox. Weather forecast says wind this weekend so looks like some ground based learning is in order, thinking of taking a course too. I haven't used an SLR for decades! Have done a search and seems like the sports setting on autofocus seems to work OK. It will only be for shots of the boss doing freestyle and fun jumps. What's the verdict??
  11. How did it go? I reckon I have found a storming deal for the 400. Twin lens kit, (Big zoomy thing for land based stuff), 2gig card, 2 UV filters & carry bag for AU$1750. Not jumping this weekend but would be
  12. Better off telling Sony to fu(k off and get another camera! Mine seems to be behaving at the moment and has temporarily saved itself from life with the children! Just a thought? Have you tried running a cleaning tape through it?