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  1. pattersd

    Post your Camera Helmet .....

    My new camera setup with a Cookie G3, two go pros with hypoxic turned on indicators and a cut away system. It's almost snag proof and the cutaway is simple replacement of the webbing on the fixed end of the original buckle. It is a piece of webbing fixed at one end, the opposite end has a hole that a loop of shock cord passes thru a hole in the helmet a hole in the webbiing and a closing pin off an old pilot chute goes thru the loop, the closing pin is attached to a loop of wire off an old bonehead cutaway and the padding Velcro holds it in place. If you copy this, be sure to inspect the shock cord loop for wear occasionally.
  2. AnalMike DrDive Happychick & Jim Lady Diver Monkycndo NWFlyer Pattersd Shell666 SuperDean & Stephanie TallGuy I think this 16 for me, maybe I'll pull out the log books and check.
  3. pattersd

    Stupid Pedestrians

    so the really important question What happened to the twelve pack of Coronas?
  4. pattersd

    The Inaugural US Wingsuit Team

    Does this mean we have to start calling him Captain Scott now?
  5. pattersd

    Zulu by Aerodyne - new canopy

    I did about 5 jumps with a demo zulu 150 flying my ghost. all the openings were on heading, even when I tried to see what would happen with bad body position. I purposely went for the pilot chute with just the one arm and did not do much to counter the roll and yaw, just enough to keep from going all the way over into a barrel roll, so my shoulders were very uneven at line stretch, I just squared up my hips and the opening was on heading. All the openings were quick and smooth. It really likes to harness steer with the brakes set. I was advised not to jump it with my venom, I would probably want to get another 50 jumps on one before jumping it with a big suit. I had no opportunity to see how it flew in line twists.
  6. pattersd

    have you cutaway your wingsuit wings?

    yes, broken zipper, stuck zipper and separated jammed zipper.
  7. pattersd

    Need A Good Rig Bag!

    Osprey Porter 65
  8. pattersd


  9. Evening of the third, or the fourth.
  10. pattersd

    FFC with new canopy

    C- for someone on their 1000th wingsuit jump, the odds are still only 70-30 you stick out the right wing.
  11. pattersd

    Rolls Royce info

    Maybe you should just drop in.
  12. I'll see you there!