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  1. pattersd

    Another CX100?

    sort of yes, if the original recording is done to the camera's internal memory (not to an installed memory stick) you can plug in a memory stick and copy the clip from the internal memory to the memory stick. then you can take the memory stick out and plug it into the second camera. I don't have the camera here so I can't tell you the menu's to go into to set it to record to the internal memory and the steps to do the transfer, go explore they aren't that hard to find. A search on here might even turn up the steps.
  2. pattersd

    Lost Prairie Wingsuits?

    arriving sunday afternoon, probably too late/tired to jump till Monday
  3. pattersd

    Tracking GPS data devices

    try a search, its been discussed here numerous times before.
  4. I should be seeing you there. is the well trained monkey going to make it too?
  5. pattersd

    dual record sony feature?

    I have a cx7 with the hypeye D pro and the expansion kit. you can take a picture while recording video. trunk did a nice job.
  6. pattersd

    RRS L brackets for 350/400D

    I have the XTI with a RRS L bracket and lever clamp, and the way I handle this is to not slide the L-bracket all the way in. The L bracket is offset from the center of the clamp less than a 1/4", and you are losing about 1/8" of effective clamp length. route the cable so it exits at the top of the camera from the L bracket. I can attacha photo of it set up this way on a tripod later this evening, if you want.
  7. pattersd

    Wingsuits at Lost Prairie

    I'm interested. I'll be getting there late sunday, so starting Monday I'm in.